Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Execution of Chavis Carter

On Saturday July 28, 21 year old Chavis Carter was found dead in the back of a Police patrol car in Jonesboro Arkansas as the result of a gun shot wound to the head. The official story given by the Police was that he committed suicide with a gun that he had hidden on his person, despite the fact that he was handcuffed the entire time and was thoroughly searched before he was arrested. Given the absurdity of this story I figured that this was an open and shut case. But just like the cases of Trayvon Martin and Rodney King, I was dead wrong. An investigation into Chavis Carter's death was concluded earlier this week and it was ruled a suicide even though he died from a shot to his right temple. Once again the authorities and the media have created their own alternate reality having absolutely nothing to do with the truth.
The whole world saw Rodney King get beat like a dog by a gang of Police. Excuse me, if someone beat a dog the way Rodney King was beaten they would have been arrested and charged with assault, so I can't really make that analogy. The fact that he was driving drunk and acting grown in a Hyundai does not mean that he deserved to be pummeled within in an inch of his life.
An unarmed Trayvon Martin was gunned down by an over zealous neighborhood watch psycho for doing nothing but walking down the street, and his murderer's guilt is still in question as far as the authorities are concerned.
There is always an attempt to assassinate the victims character in order to influence public opinion.
Every misstep in Rodney Kings life after the incident, was documented, placed under scrutiny, and reported in a "we told you so" tone as if Police could have looked into the future years earlier and beat him because of who he would become. Mr. King may have represented the only African American male image seen by certain segments of America, and if he was seen as severely flawed and or lacking in integrity perhaps all black men would be seen in the same light. This is just another example of cultural conditioning.
It has been widely reported that Trayvon Martin had disciplinary issues in school as if it is a relevant issue, and warranted his being shot in the back.
When Chavis Carter was arrested and searched all the Police found was marijuana, not a weapon. Since when is marijuana possession punishable by death?! The facts in these cases have been ignored mainly because Black life is of little value in this country unless you are someone's cash cow. Innocent until proven guilty just doesn't apply to us in this country. Sad but true.
I've been a black man in America for 41 years and I have managed not to get into any real trouble both by the grace of God and the rules that I live by.
#1. Always carry some form of ID, not being able to produce "pedigree information" is a crime in some states.
#2. Do what ever the Police ask you to do as long as the requests are reasonable.
#3. NEVER volunteer information. Answer only the questions that are asked.
#4. Always keep your drivers license, insurance, and registration current. This is self explanatory.
#5. Don't act like the guy your favorite rapper says that he is or was. Chances are, he's a fraud.
#6. PULL YOUR PANTS UP! You Don't want to look like everyone else. It never helps to fit or portray a stereotype. Perception is everything and you want to be perceived as a non threatening exception.


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