Thursday, August 30, 2012

Artur Davis, Back Stabber!

What kind of man says that he supports you, sings your praises in public, endorses you, and then not only turns his back on you but, says that you are incapable of doing your job. Artur Davis, back Stabber, modern day Benedict Arnold, and the GOP's latest Uncle Tom.
Artur Davis is a 44 year old former member of the US House of Representatives from Alabama's 7th district. He served in that capacity from 2003-2011. He failed at his attempt to become the first Black governor of Alabama in 2009 because he alienated African American voters by not supporting national health care reform, and not meeting with certain community organizations. He recently changed his affiliation to The Republican Party.
Davis was an early supporter of President Obama in 2008 and gave one of the nominating speeches at the 2008 Democratic Convention. He was also one of the national co-chairs for Obama's 2008 campaign. But in 2009 and 2010 he was the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus to vote against The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A huge contradiction considering the fact that this bill basically defines Obama's presidency.
Davis once said that, "Obama will lead and inspire the free world," and then at the Republican National Convention this week he turned his back on him. In a rousing speech that only a turn coat could give, he said that he represents the 6 million people who got it wrong in 2008, and then Davis went on to say, "Thank you for welcoming me to where I belong. He even borrowed a page from the Tea Party handbook and said, "Let's take our country back." But he never said from whom. I guess he didn't learn anything from Herman Cain, or Michael Steele who were both used, turned out, and banished into obscurity. This is obviously a personal, and political move with a ting of bitterness, maybe even jealousy. It has never been a secret that there are some prominent African Americans who wish that they were in Obama's shoes. They've had aspirations of advancing in the world of politics but were often held back by their own dalliances, short comings, or indiscretions. We've all heard one comment about wanting to cut Obama's balls off, and we've heard others make harsh criticism's without offering alternatives. There have even been a couple who went out on tour, critiquing the President with nothing to offer but an exercise in self aggrandizement. So while I am surprised, I am not at all shocked. The "crabs in a barrel mentality" still exists.


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