Sunday, August 26, 2012

Intelligent Design, I Know Jesus Is Real

After years of misinforming and miseducating the public, scientists have now come up with the theory of intelligent design. Some Scientists theorize that due to the intricacies and in depth design of the universe and human beings as a whole, there has to be an intellectual architect who was essential in it's planning, creation, and function.
When I first heard about this "discovery" and did some research, I was thrilled. My entire life I, like most people have been subjected to Darwin's theory of Evolution. Charles Darwin's Theory held that an organism continuously evolved over many generations to form a new being, and the earth itself came into existence out of nothing. His most famous example was that of a primate evolving over thousands of years into a human being, mainly because of the similarities in physical form and brain development. This theory totally contradicts what we are taught as Christians and true believers, and the danger of such a theory is the fact that it questions the very existence of God. When attempts are made to reduce the detail, creativity, and supreme thought that was put into forming the universe, and human existence into mere happenstance, that does not give God the glory.
Although the theory of intelligent design is a refreshing change of pace, those of us who know the Lord, and were brought up in church already knew that Jesus is real. We already knew that our creator is the grand architect of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. I never have and never will need a scientist to validate the existence of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He has proved himself to me too many times, and evidently he is proving himself to the world.


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