Sunday, August 19, 2012

Should Married Couples Have Single Friends?

It's a tough question but in all reality my life as a married man is so much different than that of a single man that I cannot relate. My responsibilities will not allow me to go to a club and make it rain. I'd be too busy thinking about using the money that I just tossed up or tucked into a G string to pay the electric bill. Besides my wife does the budget so the $30 in singles that I just wasted on a stranger would raise suspicion at home. Not that I have a desire to do such things anyway, because I know that once I got married I had to rise to a new level of maturity and commitment and give up certain things. I would expect my single friends to accept my way of life whether they understand or not but, it has been my experience that the very nature of friendship is relative to things in common. If there is no common thread we can remain acquainted, but friendship is another issue. Even the friends that seem understanding may be green with envy. "They smile in your face and all the time they wanna take your place! Their back stabbers."
Relationships with single friends seem almost impossible to maintain for women. There seems to be a natural inclination among most, to be anything but ecstatic for their girlfriends new found happiness in matrimony. They make late night phone calls not giving consideration to their friends home. They encourage their friends to magnify flaws in their mates, and some so called friends may even attempt to make someone else's man their own. You don't have to cut people out of your life, but you do have to set boundaries. If those boundaries are not respected, there is obviously no respect for you. Should a married couple have single friends? There are rare instances in which maintaining a friendship with a single friend is possible but not realistic.


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