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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-30-2014)

They say everything is big in Texas, apparently that also includes doses of crazy too!

A Texas babysitter was arrested after setting fire to the house of children she said “lacked respect.”

Martha Dehr had pleaded not guilty to arson charges. The house fire occurred on August 9 at an Austin home belonging to Glenn Williams.

Dreher had been babysitting williams four children -- two preteen girls and 5-year-old twin boys -- for several months, KVUE reports. On the night of August 9, the daughters were on vacation with their father, and Dreherwas babysitting the two boys at their mother’s house,

The babysitter told police that she went to Williams’ residence at about 9 p.m. to get some popcorn. Police say that security cameras show that the fire started about 25 minutes after she got there, and that the blaze was escalating as the babysitter drove away.

Dreher allegedly told cops she “never saw a fire.”

According to Williams, his teenage son noticed the fire when he returned home that night, and that whoever set it had closed the doors of the girls’ bedrooms as if to contain the fire to those rooms.

“It was definitely a vendetta against the two girls," the children’s father told the local media. “Before I left, she had taken the girls clothes shopping, and she said that it was horrible, that my oldest had been very disrespectful to her and she didn't think it was a good match and she probably didn't want to do this anymore."

But this dumb dad let her babysit them anyway?!

Though Drehey denied setting any fires, she allegedly described the girls to investigators as “out of control, lacking respect for her and having disciplines issues,” according to documents obtained by The Statesman.

You can lose your keys, you can lose your money, and you can even lose your mind. BUT whatever you do, DON'T LOSE GRANDMA!

Airlines misplace luggage all the time, but Southwest Airlines is coming under fire for losing a passenger.

After visiting her daughter, Alice Vaticano, 85, was flying home to Denver from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

A skycap working on behalf of Southwest Airlines promised to take Vaticano in her wheelchair directly to her gate, but actually abandoned her along the way. Vaticano missed her flight and was stuck in Newark for 11 hours.

"She pushed me there and left me." “I was just sitting all day in a wheelchair.”

Vaticano, who has diabetes was confined to her wheelchair without food or a chance to use the restrooms, before she was finally noticed by airline employees, according to her daughter, Donna Vaticano.

“Where was she? What happened to her? These are people’s jobs,” Donna Vaticano said.

Southwest Airlines blamed Vaticano's loopy layover to a processing error in the check-in process.

"It did not alert our employees at the gate to her special need (wheelchair) in boarding the aircraft,” a spokesperson told the local media.

After Southwest realized the mistake, Vaticano was placed on a connecting flight through Chicago to Denver.

The airline also claimed it gave her a heartfelt apology and $200 worth of airline vouchers.

Just an FYI......just because you decide to do something stupid that doesn't mean that you should make a child do it.

A grandfather in Houston, Texas (BIG DOSE OF CRAZY),  may be in trouble with the law after allegedly making his 10-month-old granddaughter take the ice bucket challenge........

Earlier this week, Reggie Stewart posted a video of himself taking the ice bucket challenge. While he is challenging others, the granddaughter sits in a walker trying to grab the bucket full of ice.

"I've been called out for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… and my granddaughter … is going to do it with me," he said a few seconds before dumping the freezing water on himself and the child.

The video ends before the girl's reaction can be seen, but the sight of a little girl being drenched with at least a gallon of chilly water left a burning impression on Claude Dalcour, who claims to be the girl's father.

"I was shocked, appalled. It brought me to tears, like I was hurt, angry. That's all I can say". "It's abuse because my daughter is an infant. She doesn't know what's going on."

Dalcour said he is still married to the girl's mother, but the two are separated.

Grandfather Makes 10-Month-Old Take Ice Bucke...

Dalcour said he reported the video to local law enforcement officers, who have reportedly visited Stewarts home to check on the child’s welfare.

The Texas Department of Children and Families was also contacted, but the agency would not confirm whether it isinvestigating the allegations.

Stewart has not been charged with any crime, the station reports.

Stewart has not responded to media inquiries, but has since removed the video from his page.


Friday, August 29, 2014

A 9 Year Old And An Uzi......

There are some sentences that are so bizarre and so out of order that just saying or reading them is almost painful. Such sentences can make your stomach churn, make your head spin and your blood boil all at once. Here it is........

 A 9 year old girl accidentally killed a shooting instructor with an Uzi on Monday, authorities in Arizona said, and now the world is asking itself an absolutely absurd question: Should a fourth-grader be legally allowed to shoot an Uzi? The only answer to that question is: Hell fricking NO -- it should be against the law.

Understand, I love shooting guns and so do my kids. My favorite gun is a 12-gauge over/under shotgun. Our teenage daughters prefer a .22 because it's easier to aim and control. Other than hooking a large brown trout, there's nothing more thrilling in my book than pulling the trigger on a shotgun and managing to hit a target.

Kids and guns: What's your parenting style?

But this is not a shotgun. This is a fully automatic machine gun developed by the Israeli army. It is capable of firing 600 to 650 bullets a minute.

As this Uzi pumps out 10 bullets a second, the kickback is substantial. It is designed to be fired by a soldier during war, not a fourth-grader on vacation. It's too powerful, it's too big and it's too deadly. Many adult novices can't control that weapon.

The Mohave County Sheriff, Jim McCabe, said the full video of the incident was, as one might imagine, "ghastly."

This, of course, isn't the little girl's fault; was it even her idea to shoot an Uzi in the first place? It's the instructor and the parents who are to blame -- I mean, what could possibly go wrong if you hand an Uzi with the selector on fully automatic mode to a 9-year-old? For anyone who asks "What were they thinking?" the answer is: They weren't. That's why the law needs to change -- to protect kids from adult stupidity.

This all seems particularly senseless to me because just two weeks ago on our own family vacation, we introduced our own 9-year-old to the joys of target shooting and the responsibility of gun safety. Here's a photo of our son, supervised by instructors and with my father behind him on his first day at the range.

Notice what's happening. He's sitting down, so he can absorb any kick. He's got on safety glasses and sound protection. The gun is resting against a table and the strap of the gun has been put around a railing on the table to hold it down. Why do you take these precautions? Because when you introduce kids to the sport of shooting guns, you are taking on a great responsibility.

This 9-year-old girl isn't the only child to kill someone with an Uzi. An 8 year old boy in Massachusetts killed himself a few years ago when he fired an Uzi at a gun show, while supervised by his own father. The gun kicked up on the boy, and he shot himself in the head.

The laws didn't change in Massachusetts, and I'm sure the National Rifle Association will see to it that they don't change in Arizona. But they should. Arizona laws require a person to be at least 21 years old to carry a firearm, but the laws do not apply on private property or if the minor is accompanied by a parent or certified instructor.

Kids can't drive until they're 16, vote, chew tobacco or smoke until they're 18, or drink until they're 21. No child should have access to firing a fully automatic weapon until the age of 18. And gun ranges should know better than to hand one to a novice shooter passing through on vacation, let alone one as young as 9.

The tragedy took place at Bullets and Burgers, where the website states "At our range, you can shoot FULL auto on our machine guns. Let 'em Rip!"

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When Are You Gonna Do It?!

Everybody wants to be a success, and everybody wants to be successful. But how many of us are willing to do what it takes to get there?  Far too many people talk about it and dream about it. But a dream without effort is nothing more than a wish. Nobody really wants to work in Walmart, nobody wants to stand by the freeway twirling a Pizza Hut sign, and nobody wants to spend their lives making minimum wage. They don't want to, but they do. Simply because they won't and don't, do what it takes to get off the side of the freeway, put the sign down, and figure out how to make it happen. Stop wishing. In a world where you can google  everything, there is no excuse for not trying anything.


Life Changes In The Blink Of.........

Have you ever had a day so bad that you wished you still lived in last week? 

At around10 a.m. Tuesday, the postal carrier who's on medical leave was resting before a physical therapy appointment. That's when he heard the doorbell ringing repeatedly. Then the loud banging on the door began.

"I knew this was going to be bad," Wood said. Four years ago he returned home to find his home had been burglarized. The burglar was later caught, but his vigilance on home security remained high.

"I got my gun and walked out of the room. Then I saw the door was open, and he was in my house," Wood explained.

It was even more terrifying because Wood said the intruder was in another room, and he couldn't see him.

Wood had already called 911, begging for help because a break-in was underway.

For anywhere from one to three minutes, he said he waited behind a wall for the man. And then they both saw each other.

"He kept coming at me," so I fired once, Wood said.

The suspect collapsed in the tile entry way of the two-story home. The door had withstood his kicks, but the door frame did not. It was shattered.

Wood was overcome by how a quiet morning had been shattered as well. When asked about the impact the shooting had had on his own life, he couldn't answer, as tears filled his eyes.

After a couple of minutes, he returned. The suspect was on the floor, bleeding. By then deputies had arrived.

"He asked to call his girlfriend," Wood said. "He kept saying 'I'm a thief, I'm a thief.'"

The suspect was said to be in his mid-20s. He was taken by Life Flight helicopter for emergency treatment.

The day was far worse than the one four years ago when Wood's house was burglarized, his possessions missing. "There are no words to describe this."

Neighbors say they see it as one of their own taking up for himself.

"He did the right thing," one said. "We're a community of older homeowners... and we're not sitting ducks."


Monday, August 25, 2014


I have always been both amazed and dumbfounded by foolishness. First there was the cinnamon challenge in which clowns, and random lunatic's who are starving for attention, ate spoons full cinnamon. Their mouths dried out, some of them choked, others got lung damage, and none of them accomplished anything besides proving to the world that they don't have one bit of good sense.
The latest ridiculous stunt is called the ice bucket challenge in which people wastes gallons of ice cold water by dumping it on each other for charity. Mayor's are doing it, movie stars are doing it, and former President's are talking about doing it. All while children on the continent of Africa suffer because they have little or no drinking water. The practice of idioticy always seems to turn into the latest fad or craze but we must remember that not all of us are blessed enough to be American's. Those who lack what others of us choose to waste would be glad to have 1 drop of the ice cold water poured over some fools head.



Friday, August 22, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-23-2014)

A bone-headed pizza delivery man allegedly lied about witnessing a beheading near Rochester, New York to escape punishment from his boss for a late delivery. Maybe he was afraid that the boss was going to have his head.

Police from several departments spent hours Wednesday night searching for a machete-wielding man that Mason Requa said he saw decapitate a 7-year-old girl...........

Requa later confessed that he concocted the story because he feared his boss would fire him for taking too long with a delivery, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities charged him with falsely submitting an incident, a misdemeanor, and one count of pure, unadulterated stupidity.

This story is simply unbee-lievable!
Okay, ok, I couldn't resist.

A New York City woman had some unexpected roommates living in her apartment: 50,000 bees. 

I just started itching!

Beekeepers removed the swarm from Frieda Turkmenilli's ceiling this week after her neighbors in Queens alerted the building manager.

Turkmenilli says she saw only a few bees buzzing around over the last few weeks and never realized how many had taken up residence right above her head.

The beekeepers say the bees and the 17 honeycombs they built are headed to an upstate farm.

Turkmenilli says she already misses them and wishes they had left behind some honey.   Well at least they weren't Wu Tang killer bees.

Who'd turn down a guy like this? A stripper!

William McDaniel 53, was arrested last Saturday night after he allegedly called police to complain that a stripper would not have sex with him. 

McDaniel had been visiting Sagebrush Sam's in Butte, Montana, where police say he gave a woman $350 for a private dance. The dance ended abruptly when McDaniel allegedly became "sexually aggressive" towards the dancer. 

Unhappy that his advances were denied, the man allegedly called 911 to inform authorities that the woman would not have sex with him.

Authorities responded by charging dumb McDaniel with soliciting prostitution.

Butte-Silver Bow Undersheriff George Skuletich told The Montana Standard that McDaniel felt he was "ripped off" and "assumed he paid the $350 for sexual acts that didn't occur."


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is This How They Really Feel?!

There are moments when our suspicions are confirmed. Times when there is indisputable, concrete proof validating what we already knew. There would be some small measure of joy in this satisfaction if it proved a theory that wasn't so detrimental  to the public.

The actions of the officer in this footage are not only revealing but telling, and probably quite typical.

A suburban St. Louis police officer who threatened to kill media members as he pointed his high-powered rifle at a group of people filming Tuesday night’s protests in Ferguson, Mo., has been suspended after video of the incident went viral Wednesday.

The St. Ann, Mo. police officer, who told one man his name was “go f--- yourself,” has been “relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely” for his “inappropriate” actions, the St. Louis County Police Department told the local media.

The officer was later identified as Lt. Ray Albers, a 20-year veteran of the force.

In the minute-long video clip, the portly, bald police officer is seen pointing his semi-automatic assault rifle at crowds of people walking along a Ferguson street just before midnight last Tuesday. The officer has since been suspended indefinitely.


Killed On Camera!

The following footage is disturbing, but I believe that watching it is necessary in order for us to fully understand the magnitude of this tragedy.

In St. Louis, Missouri, a 23-year-old male robbery suspect is dead after allegedly waving a knife at police, screaming at them to kill him and then being shot by an officer in north St. Louis, authorities said Tuesday. 

The incident took place about 4 miles from unrest in suburban Ferguson, where protests and clashes continue following the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of an 18-year-old boy by local police. The incident Tuesday did not appear to be related to Ferguson, although a crowd that gathered appeared to have questions, prompting two aldermen at the scene to urge calm. No officers were injured, authorities said.

In a news conference, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson confirmed the shooting in the city's Sixth District. The suspect came within 3 or 4 feet of two police officers and "brandished a knife" during a convenience store altercation and yelled, "Shoot me; kill me now," Dotson said. However, this does not justify the shooting, even though some witnesses described the incident as "suicide by cop" a situation in which someone with a death wish engages in activity that may prompt a law enforcement officer to shoot at them — but Dotson said he did not agree.

The suspect walked into a convenience store, stole some energy drinks, walked out, walked back in again and stole some pastry, Dotson said.

According to witness Robert Addison, the suspect attempted to walk out with donuts and something to drink and when the proprietor told the suspect that he'd stolen the goods. " The suspect "responded by throwing down the food and shouting, 'I don't need this,' " Addison recounted.

The store owner called police as the man paced in front of the store, Dotson said. When police arrived, the man "brandished a knife," Dotson said. But he is not brandishing a knife in the video footage.

Addison said the suspect walked to the driver's-side door of the police cruiser and screamed, "You are going to have to kill me before you take me to jail."

Police asked the man if he had a weapon and the man produced an object, Addison said.

From about 7 or 8 feet away from the officers, the man continued to scream and the officers yelled at him to freeze, according to Addison. When the man took a "half step" toward the police, they fired, each firing about five times, Addison said.

Witness Aaron Morris described the suspect as a mentally challenged man with a "child-like mind." He said he believes the police overreacted.

"I feel like it's an example of law enforcement overextending its power," said Morris, 30, of St. Louis.

The suspect was black, the officers were white according to Addison, and the incident prompted St. Louis aldermen Antonio French and Chris Carter to urge people at the scene to remain calm.

"Let's be patient," French said. "The last thing we need is violence in our neighborhood. No silliness over here. We're going to find out what happened. You've got people that got your back over here. You aren't alone like they are in Ferguson."

Ferguson's population is two-thirds African American, but the local government and police department are predominantly white.

Carter said they were there to "ask people to stay calm and to wait on the facts of the investigation."

As French and Carter tried to calm emotions, several people in the crowd shouted questions about why the officers didn't use Tasers instead of guns. There also were repeated chants of "Hands up! Don't shoot!" That has been the rallying cry of the protesters in Ferguson in response to the Michael Brown shooting.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pray. Plan. Execute.

Pray: If I don't know anything else. I know that God is able. Pray for wisdom. Believe, and ask The Lord for what you want, and need. Stand on his word, and he shall never leave you or forsake you.

Plan: Far too many of us don't have a plan. We pray, we wait. We pray, and then we wait some more. But we don't have a plan. Good things don't just happen. It takes preparation and work to make them happen. You participate in bringing your prayer into fruition by stepping out on faith, and trying to achieve your goal.

Execute: Put your plan in motion. It is impossible to move forward without motion. There can be no progress if you're standing still.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Share Your Testimony

Believe it or not each and every one of us has a testimony. Whether you're saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled or fire baptizeed, or not, sharing your experiences can help someone who may be going through the same thing that you've been through. You need to tell your story, Not just for the sake of being empathetic. But because of the fact that God brought you out of it and he brought you out of it better than you were before. 
When we're in trouble it feels like no one else in the world is going through what we are going through. But the fact is, many people have emerged victorious and have inspired many to hold on and wait patiently for a victory of their own. God takes us through just to bring us out. Pray, wait for your victory and tell the world how good God is. Share the good news!


Black, As A Weapon?

Racism has always been part of the fabric of America. It's many aways it is part of the landscape, ingrained in American culture, and like it or not, it's seems to have no end. In many ways it has gotten better, we have an African-American president and African-American's are making strides that our ancestors only dreamed of. But despite this progress, one thing we have not managed to accomplish is equality in the American consciousness. Although we can go to any school that we want, and sit at any lunch counter that we please. In some segments of society we still looked upon as something to be feared. Our skin color signals both danger and disregard. Our humanity is often disregarded simply because we are considered dangerous. Young, Black, unarmed teenagers are being murdered in the streets by both Police Officers and citizens because they are considered guilty of something simply because of the color of their skin, and not by virtue of prior knowledge of bad deeds. This is the only explaination. White teens are not being gunned down in the streets like wild animals and the only difference between the two is melanin. Both Black and white teenagers are proven to the have the same bad judgement, dalliances, and foolishness. The difference is the  fact that African-American teen are more likely to be murdered for their mistakes. The visual envokes feelings of distress, as if black and brown skin is a weapon. This behavior is nothing short of alarming and bizarre, and as incident after incident plays itself out in the media, it has become evident to me that this culturally integrated fear overrides anything that remotely resembles good judgement or common sense. It is actually the antithesis of a reflex reaction, and not a conscious decision. This doesn't make it right or execusable by any means. But what we can extrapalate from these murderous reoccurrences is the fact that in addition to being poorly trained by their departments, some police officers, just like the average person, are poorly trained culturally. But poor cultural conditioning cuts both ways, and if this gaping, open wound does not heal, it will continue to infect America with disastrous results.
Those of us who are African-American much raise children who are well versed in how to interact with both the police and the public at large. We must raise them to live and survive.


4 Kids Alone In The Park

Life is all about decisions, choices, and how we deal with those decisions and choices. Back in April, Shanesha Taylor 35, a homeless mother in Phoenix, Arizona, left her children in her car while she went to a job interview. She was both supported and demonized for her decision. But in the end although she was arrested and charged with child abuse, she was not convicted. 

Undoubtedly, the circumstances of her narrative, along with public support and sympathy played a role in the outcome. But what if she wasn't going to a job interview? But, instead her intent was to get something for free. When comparing both stories there are subtle nuances that may or may or may not make all the difference.

A Winter Haven, Florida woman was arrested after police said she let her four children walk alone to a park while she went to a food bank.

Ashley Richardson, 28, is facing four counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm.

According to Winter Haven police, an officer on routine patrol near Lake Maude Nature Park saw four small children, ranging in age from 8 to 6, playing alone at the park on a Tuesday afternoon.

The officer noticed there were no adults around, so she parked her patrol unit across the road from the park, facing the area where the children were playing.  

A few minutes later, the officer said she saw the children waving her over in their direction.  Police said she went to see what had happened and found the 8-year-old boy stuck in a swing designed for toddlers.  His legs were caught between the seat divider and the boy was becoming increasingly upset, police said.

Police said the officer tried to free the boy but was unable to do so, so she contacted the Winter Haven Fire Department.  Fire rescue personnel responded and took the swing off the frame, freeing the child, police said.

Police were unable to find an adult, and when the officer asked the children for information, they were initially unable to tell her where they lived.

The officer stood guard near the children to watch for an adult, and she said they started playing again, ending up near a road, climbing on a five-foot concrete sign and playing in water along the lakefront, police said.

The officer again approached the children and asked for their address and their family information, and this time they gave their names and ages and told her where they lived.

Police said the children then told the officer that they had crossed Avenue T and walked to the park by themselves, and had left their home that morning.  Police said that at this point, two and a half hours had passed since the officer initially encountered the children.

The officer called for assistance, and while she was waiting, an SUV pulled up to the park. Police said the oldest child indicated their mother was in the SUV.

Richardson was arrested and taken to the Winter Haven Police Department to be interviewed.  Police said she told them that she had gone to a local food bank, and that she didn't think she would take as long as it had.

"Our officer had great concern for the safety of these children," Police Chief Gary Hester said. "She gave ample opportunity for an adult to come forward.  For anyone to think it is okay to allow small children to walk almost a half mile alone across a heavily-travelled road, not to mention left in unsafe conditions, is criminal and will not be ignored."

After news of Richardson's arrest was released to the public, several people posted on the department's Facebook page that they did not believe she should have been arrested.

Hester said he disagreed with the people who left those comments.

"Six, seven and 8-year-old kids are not equipped to be left unattended, I mean period," he said. "I met some pretty mature 6, 7, 8-year-olds but you don't leave them unattended. I guess the question we should be asking is this 28-year-old mother, should she be left unattended. Doesn't look like she's mature enough to be a parent. She's being supervised today in the county jail. Hopefully she learns her lesson."

This story raises quite a few questions. Obviously Richardson could not afford a babysitter, and she needed food for her children. Is leaving her children in the park more or less acceptable because she was going to the food bank instead of a job interview. Is the fact that she can afford to fuel an SUV proof that she can afford food? Why couldn't she take her children to the food bank with? The answers to these questions are highly subjective and are predicated on what you believe. But the fact of the matter is, there is really no good reason why children should be left alone. But there are a million good reasons why they should have shelter, clothing, and food.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Re-Packaging Of Reality.....-

Today we live in the age of unending information. We are bombarded by news, good, bad and everything in between. There is a 24 hour news cycle and a bevy of outlets designed to put their own unique spin on the facts. These outlets specialize in twisting and bending information into a form that is palatable for their readers, listeners, or viewers. Mass media have become contortionists with the ability to bend and stretch facts into fiction and fiction into facts.

The Associated Press is under fire for an asinine tweet about the trial of the man who fatally shot Renisha McBride.

Theodore Wafer was on trial for-shooting and killing 19 year old McBride who was unarmed, on his porch last November. McBride was intoxicated, and banged on his door in the early hours of the night. He shot her through his locked screen door. 

Here's how the AP framed the verdict in Wafer's case:

 Suburban Detroit homeowner convicted of second-degree murder for killing woman who showed up drunk on porch:

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 7, 2014

The AP later revised:

The AP's original tweet is the latest in a series of the news outlet's recent missteps on social media. After the last problematic tweet, a spokesperson for the AP said that the organization is "reviewing our procedures" for Twitter.

This kind of tweet, commentary, or headline is not at all unique, or surprising. In fact it is quite common, although not at all in line with the agenda of a liberal or progressive news outlet like The Associated Press. But it is problematic, disgusting, disturbing and it distorts the facts of this case.

Let's disect this tweet.

The phrase "Suburban Detroit home owner" is used to describe the killer, as if to say that he is no different than you, me, or any other "suburban home owner" who may read this tweet. This automatically conveys a sense of empathy through identification. The author of this tweet obviously identifies with Wafer and hopes that many others will also.

Next, the word "killing" is used instead of murder even though Wafer was convicted of murder. Killing has many different forms. It can be accidental or unintentional. But murder is a very different animal. One in which "intent" is the key to its ferocity.

Ranisha McBride was refered to as a woman. Indicating a certain level of maturity. But the fact is, she was only 19. Although she is legally considered an adult, the concept of a mature 19 year old is a myth. Technically she was still a teenager.

Lastly, there is the contortion, and destortion of the facts. She did not simply "show up" on this mans porch drunk. In addition, she was dazed and confused because she had just been in a car accident. McBride went to Wafer's house looking for help, and the mere mention of the porch is telling. Packages from FedEx or UPS show up on porches, not human beings. So when the phrase "showed up drunk on porch" is applied to a unarmed woman who posed absolutely no threat, it objectifies her. Further more there was a time when African-American's were referred to as "porch monkeys", so I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that fact that there could be a Freudian slip buried within the text.

If I were a reader he didn't know anything about this story my perception would be that McBride was responsible for her own murder. This is a classic example of reality edited, and re-packaged to fit an agenda.

Goodbye Associated Press. Your app has been deleted from my phone for all eternity!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are Our Children Public Enemy Number 1?!

What do Mike Brown, Ranisha   McBride, and Trayvon Martin have in common?
All 3 were unarmed African-American teenager's who were gunned down for no particular reason, and all 3 were treated as if they were public enemy number. They were killed first and questions were asked later. This begs the question. Are our children public enemy number one in the American sub conscience?

This symbol is no less poignant now than it was 30 years ago. It's not just a logo or a metaphoric symbol. There is no hidden message. The color of the silloutte inside the cross hares is almost prophetic and has become a reoccurring theme in America.

Lesley McSpadden dropped rose petals on the blood stains from where her 18-year-old son Michael Brown was shot and killed as family and friends looked on. Just one of one too many mothers mourning the gruesome murder of her child.
By now we've all heard this story. 

Michael Brown was an 18-year-old who recently graduated from high school and had been set to start college on Monday.

His parents spoke briefly at a news conference on Monday night. Lesley McSpadden, his mother, was overcome with emotion several times.

“He was a good boy,” Michael Brown Sr. said. “He didn’t deserve none of this. None of it. We need justice for our son.”

He described his son as fun, silly and always ready to make you laugh.

“I just wish I could’ve been there to help him,” McSpadden said, shaking her head. Tears streamed down her face as their attorney discussed how that very day, Brown was supposed to start college at Vatterott College, a trade school.

Here are the facts: Michael was shot and killed Saturday by a police officer in suburban St. Louis. People protested Saturday and Sunday, with large crowds of protesters and police facing off multiple times since the shooting. Some rioting and looting also broke out late Sunday night. The FBI has launched an investigation, but federal authorities will also monitor an investigation being carried out by local police.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting appear to be somewhat unclear. Police said Saturday that the shooting followed an encounter involving a police officer, Brown and another person Saturday afternoon, but additional confirmed details are unknown thus far.

Jon Belmar, chief of the St. Louis County police, said that the episode began with “a physical confrontation.” Belmar did not explain what prompted the confrontation, but he said that the officer was pushed back into his squad car during the episode and that one shot was fired from the officer’s weapon inside the car. Mike was shot multiple times  “more than just a couple,” Belmar said. On the street nearby, and all shell casings matched the officer’s gun. It’s not known yet why the officer shot him, nor why lethal force was used.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney hired by Brown’s family, who also represented Trayvon Martin's family, said at a news conference on Monday evening that witnesses have disputed the account offered by police, but he did not elaborate on what these witnesses said occurred. 

Crump, their attorney, called on anyone with a video recording of Brown’s death to come forward so they can find out “exactly what happened,” he said. “Their baby was executed in broad daylight,” Crump said.

All authorities have said is that it was an officer with the Ferguson Police Department. The officer, who has not been identified, has been placed on paid administrative leave. The St. Louis County police are investigating the shooting at the request of the Ferguson Police Department. (Ferguson is a part of St. Louis County.) The police have promised to conduct a full investigation and said there is no conflict of interest, bias or favoritism involved because none of their officers were involved.

“We are sorry that a young man lost his life and ask all to give their condolences to the family along with their thoughts and prayers,” the county police said in a statement. “We are investigating this incident as we would any other shooting.”

The police said they are going to send the results of the investigation to the St. Louis County attorney’s office for a decision to be made regarding any criminal charges.

Attorney General Eric Holder has told attorneys in the Department of Justice’s civil rights division “to monitor developments relating to the shooting incident,” department spokeswoman Dena Iverson told The Washington Post.

The FBI opened an investigation into the shooting, Cheryl Mimura, a spokeswoman for the FBI in St. Louis, confirmed on Monday. The FBI will also continue to monitor the county police investigation.

Attorney General Eric Holder said on Monday that the FBI would work with local authorities, who should “complete a thorough, fair investigation in their own right.”

Ferguson is a small, predominantly African American city just outside St. Louis. It  has about 21,000 residents, and a little more than two-thirds of the residents are black, according to the U.S. Census. (About 70 percent of St. Louis County’s 1 million residents are white.) The town was first formed in the 19th century as a railroad stop before becoming incorporated as a city in 1894.

 A series of vigils and protests have followed Brown’s death. On Saturday, in the hours after Brown was killed, there was an immediate outcry from the community. Some people chanted “kill the police,” according to witnesses. While there were reports of additional shots being fired as dozens of police officers arrived at the scene, no other injuries were reported. The protest Saturday took a tense turn as the police flocked to the area with dogs: 


As the police left, the crowd cheered:

There were additional protests Sunday in front of the Ferguson police headquarters. Protests continued Monday morning, though reporters on the scene said things appeared to be relatively quiet

On Sunday night, following a candlelight vigil for Brown, some people took to thestreets of Ferguson, smashing windows and looting stores. A convenience store was set on fire, while a group of men in a truck reportedly triedto load an ATM into the back.

The county police asked for help in responding to this scene, so police from the city of St. Louis as well as the Missouri Highway Patrol responded shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday. Police from the Metropolitan Police Department in the city of St. Louis left Ferguson a little before 3 a.m., with police commanders planning to meet Monday to figure out future plans, according to Police Chief Sam Dotson.

Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department, told The Post that about 300 officers responded to the scene. He said that 32people were arrested, while two officers sustained relatively minor injuries; the people who were arrested could face charges of assault, burglary and larceny. (Belmar said at a news conference on Monday that police received thousands of calls during this period.)

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) was one of several officials to callfor an investigation. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R) both offered condolences and called for investigations. St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay has called for a full and open investigation, as has St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley.

Jamilah Nasheed, a Missouri state senator, called for the officer who killed Brown to be fired and indicted.

I am devastated by the execution-style murder of Michael Brown. We will not stop until justice prevails.#sleeplessnight — Jamilah Nasheed (@SenatorNasheed)August 10, 2014

After the looting Sunday night, Nasheed again urged people to protest peacefully:

Words can not express the pain that I’m feeling tonight. Self-destructive behavior is a major setback for progress . — Jamilah Nasheed (@SenatorNasheed) August 11, 2014

The National Bar Association said Monday it was calling for an investigation into Ferguson’s death as well as the death of Eric Garner, who died last month after a chokehold from New York City police officers.

I am not a resident of Furguson, Missouri. But I am still outraged. I am outraged about the fact that yet another African-American teenager has been murdered in cold blood, and I am outraged about the fact that the headlines in 2014 don't read any different than the headlines in 1984 when I was a teen. But I would never do anything to give The Police an excuse to shoot or incarcerate me. With that being said, the end result of looting and rioting is most likely going to be death or jail. 

The murder of Mike Brown should not be used as an excuse by opportunistic criminals to steal and destroy their own city. The commission of crime does not equal justice. It just complicates an already complicated situation and reinforces a negative stereotype. The only real way to demonstrate a show of solidarity and effect change is to apply pressure through economic sanctions. This means that we do not support or patronize companies based in Furguson or in the state of Missouri if at all possible, until  Mike Browns family gets justice. When the economy in the region suffers because of widespread discontent, disillusionment, and anger, the  authorities will be forced to fire and or convict this murderous police officer. Furthermore we must change the consciousness of this country by changing the economic landscape. Each and every time there is an attack on our future (our youth), we must flex or fiscal muscle, exercise our economic power and wage a far more effective protest than a march or a senseless riot ever could.

Our children cannot and will not continue to be branded as the all American enemy.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-16-2014)

This story is proof of something that I have recently begun to realize. The "selfie" craze is out of control!!!!!
Everyone from freaky politicians in New York, to pervert Pastors from Atlanta, to random women who think that it's ok to show their stretch marks and cottage cheese to anyone with an internet connection instead of saving it for that special someone, are standing in front of mirrors and exposing themselves, and us to their nonsense. It's funny, and sometimes creepy. But when people start dying it turns tragic.

A Polish couple was killed after they tried to take a selfie on a cliff in Portugal and fell hundreds of feet, Polish Radio reported.

The couple fell from the rocky edge of a cliff in Cabo da Raca, Portugul. They would have had to cross a safety barrier in order to reach the cliff edge, the Polish Radio reported.

Their young children, ages 5 and 6, were with them and witnessed the accident. They are currently under psychiatric care.

A Spanish couple that was also at the location called emergency crews and rescuers tried to recover the bodies using a helicopter, but had to give up because of the rising tide. The bodies were recovered a few days later.

We've all had really bad ideas from time to time. But, treating a baby like a baked chicken is probably the badest of all bad ideas.

A Columbus, Ohio grandmother got visits from the local sheriff's office and Child Services after she posted photos of her granddaughter in a roasting pan, surrounded by potatoes................

Another picture showed the baby with her pacifier duct taped to her mouth..........Some of her Facebook friends didn't get the joke, and alerted authorities.

"We're not horrible people that they are making us out to me", Jackie Sheaks told the station.

Not horrible. JUST STUPID!!

 "It started as just a joke; we put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly. We wanted to share it with friends because everybody that knows us, knows we play around like that."

She's learned her lesson, she says—not that there was anything wrong with the photos, but that other people are too uptight.

No charges were filed in the case and the child is still in her mom's custody.

Now why would anyone in his right mind mess up a perfectly good Mazerati?!?!? 

Police patrol cars are usually Fords or Chryslers, not Maseratis. But obviously some nutty rich guy decided to live out his cop fantasy. So when a patrolman in Braintree, Massachusetts, spotted a Maserati resembling a police cruiser over the weekend, he pulled it over.

Deputy Chief Wayne Foster tells the local media that the luxury Italian vehicle's body was painted black and white with a police-style shield on the doors, and police-related decals.

Foster said the door shield wasn't accompanied by the usual police phrase "Protect and Serve," but rather with "Decepticons punish and enslave."

The driver told the officer who pulled him over that he was actually assisting police "because other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle."

The driver, whose name was not made public, was summoned to court to face a charge of impersonating a police officer, and being an idiot.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mislead By A False Prophet

1 John 4:1 - Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Blind faith in God is good. But blind faith in man is dangerous. God gives each and every one of us a brain, and some of us have common sense. I say some of us, because common sense is not as common as it should be. With that being said, there always have, and there always will be ruthless people who's sole purpose in life is to take advantage of the gullable. While the responsibly should rest on the shoulders of those who choose to listen, fraudulent, false prophet's are just as guilty for misleading people in the name of Jesus as the people are for not discerning the difference between the truth and a lie.

A pastor from a church in Dandora Phase 2 in Uganda has ordered all female members to go to the church free -without bras and panties for Christ to enter their lives!

Rev. Njohi of Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church has advised female worshippers from wearing any undergarments to the church terming them as ungodly. In a meeting chaired by him, a law was passed banning the wearing of inner wears. Njohi claims that when going to church, people need to be free in ‘body’ and ‘spirit’ to receive Christ.

He went ahead to warn members of dire consequences if they secretly put on their inner wears.  A member of the church who sought anonymity said that in last Sunday’s service, ladies were ngothaless and braless just as the pastor ordered.

Mothers were advised to do the same and check their daughters when coming to church on Sundays so as to receive Christ too.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

As Long As It's Not Us....(The Black/White Divide)

Anyone who has ever read anything that I've written knows that I love to explore the subject of race, and how it effects our every day lives. The fact is, I have always been fascinated by the cultural differences between races, and how something that seems as benign or insignificant as skin color plays such a huge role in the way that we are perceived. Slavery in The United States began as a way to secure sustainable free labor. Slavery begin with white people who were in indentured survitude. They worked the land in exchange for room and board. The disadvantage of having an indentured servant was the fact that they were often able to run off and blend in. But the African's who were kidnapped from their continent could not blend in because of their dark skin, and differentiating dialect. With that being said, Africans became the perfect means by which a country could be built. They were bought and sold as property, demonized, and dehumanized in a disgusting, unofficial campaign in which they were not considered men or women worthy of humanity, life, or liberty. Despite the fact that slavery ended in 1863, this perception still persists because of cultural conditioning, and perverse tradition. Even those who are new to America are rapidly indoctrinated into this frame of mind, or way of thinking. It is for this reason that the data included in this piece and the findings are not as much shocking as they are problematic, and symptomatic.

When I want to prove a point on criminal justice reform, I lead with the facts, and data. There are huge racial gaps in arrests, convictions, and sentences. I’m shocked by the statistics and assume that many others are also. But what others?

According to a new study from Stanford University psychologists Rebecca C. Hetey and Jennifer L. Eberhart, the stats first approach to issues of race and incarceration isn’t effective. In fact, it’s potentially counterproductive.

Hetey and Eberhardt conducted two experiments, one in San Francisco and one in New York City. In the former, a white female researcher recruited 62 white voters from a train station to watch a video that flashed 80 mug shots of black and white male inmates.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Unbeknownst to the participants, Hetey and Eberhardt had “manipulated the ratio of black to white inmates, to portray racial disparities in the prison population as more or less extreme.” Some participants saw a video in which 25 percent of the photos were of black inmates, approximating the actual distribution of inmates in California prisons, while others saw a video in which 45 percent of photos were black inmates.

After viewing the mug shots, participants were informed about California’s “three-strikes” law—which mandates harsh sentences on habitual offenders with three or more convictions—and asked to rate it on a scale of 1 (“not punitive enough”) to 7 (“too punitive”). Then participants were shown a petition to amend the law to make it less harsh, which they could sign if they wanted.

The results were staggering. More than half of the participants who viewed the “less-black” photographs agreed to sign the petition. But of those who viewed the “more-black” photographs, less than 28 percent agreed to sign. And punitiveness had nothing to do with it. The outcome was as true for participants who said the law was too harsh as it was for those who said it wasn’t harsh enough.

In which case, Hetey and Eberhardt hypothesized, there must be another explanation. Hence the New York City experiment, which tested the role of fear in driving support for harsh law enforcement policies. There, they found similar results using a variation on the San Francisco test.

Instead of photos, researchers gave demographic statistics on New York state’s inmates to a sampling of 164 white adult New York City residents. As with the previous experiment, one group received a “more-black” presentation—where the prison population was 60.3 percent black and 11.8 percent white, approximating the racial composition of inmates in New York City jails—while the other received a “less-black” variation, where the prison population was 40.3 percent black and 31.8 percent white (approximating that of the U.S. prison system writ large).

Next, participants read that a federal judge had ruled NYC’s “stop-and-frisk” policy unconstitutional, and they were asked to answer several questions: “Given the ruling, how worried are you that crime will get out of control without the stop-and-frisk program?”; “How comforted were you knowing that people were being stopped as part of the stop-and-frisk program?”; “To maintain safety, how justified is it to use stop-and-frisk tactics?”; and “How necessary is it to have the stop-and-frisk program in place to keep crime low?”

After questioning, researchers gave participants a sample petition calling for an end to stop and frisk and asked them the following question: “If you had been approached by someone and asked to sign a petition like the one you just read, would you have signed it?” They had a choice of “yes” or “no.”

Again, participants in the “more-black” group were significantly less likely to endorse the petition (12 percent) than those in the “less-black” group (33 percent) even though most saw stop and frisk as a punitive measure.

The researchers also found that “crime concern” affected the willingness to sign the petition, as they wrote in their paper: “The more participants worried about crime, the less likely they were to say they would sign a petition to end the stop-and-frisk policy.”