Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Epic FAIL.

I have a question for all of you Trump supporters. Just to be clear this is not a rhetorical question. I'm genuinely curious as to what your reasoning could possibly be. Here goes. How can you continue support a "president" who not only failed to deliver on his key promise, but had no idea how he was going to do so? Yes! I'm talking about Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act. Trump promised his constituents that he would repeal Obama Care because it was "terrible" and it would put a strain on the economy. Playing on the innate hatred of the average American racist to invalidate an idea that the Black president conceived and put into motion. Trump did not offer a solution, a better idea, an alternative or an improvement. Unless you count a health care plan that would have stripped 24 million Americans of basic care and would drastically hike premiums for people over 60, a solution, a better idea, or an improvement. But of course, no sane person would. The fact that this bill failed is not surprising in the least given the fact that House Speaker Paul Ryan has absolutely no concept of how insurance works. Then again maybe he actually does and chose to present old facts as new horrendous ideas. Ryan said that under Obama Care young people would have to pay for older people. In other words, everyone would contribute to a "pool" that would benefit each other when needed. But that is how insurance does and has always worked. So, at best Ryan is spelling it out and making it sound worse than it is, and it worse he's preying on those who are uneducated and or ignorant. Either way it is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. An "alternative truth" as they say. But here is the truth. There was never any real GOP interest in a viable option in regards to healthcare for the American people. The primary goal of the Republican Party is and perhaps always will be to destroy the Obama legacy even if some of their poor constituents suffer. I imagine by now that many who cast their ballots for Trump are beginning to realize that the enemy of their enemy is not their friend. He is actually everybody's enemy.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (3-18-2017)

Yeah, they're cute. But this is still a dumb idea!
If you enjoy the gentle nuzzle from a soft, tiny kitten, we’ve got good news. Demeter Fragrance Library, a New York-based company that develops fragrances based on everyday scents, has developed a new perfume that will bring memories of a dozen kitten cuddles.
Get ready to spritz yourself with Demeter’s “Kitten Fur".
“Now after 15 years of effort, Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind kitten’s neck,” the company wrote on its website. 
The scent of “Kitten Fur” is being sold in several Demeter products, including cologne, roll-on perfume oil, body lotion, shower gel and a diffuser oil, in case you wanted an entire room to smell like one giant kitten.
Prices range from $6 for a half-ounce of cologne to $39.95 for four ounces of cologne.
Demeter develops and sells of wide range of weird scents like  “Popcorn", "Earthworms" and “Fuzzy Balls.” (The last one, in case you were curious, smells like “the woosh of a freshly opened can of tennis balls.”)

A substitute teacher desperately in need of a 12 step program may have unintentionally taught her students a lesson about the dangers of drinking on the job.
Police in Lexington County, South Carolina, said Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee was allegedly so intoxicated during class on Friday that she reportedly vomited on the classroom floor.
Officers who arrived on the scene said they found a box of wine in the suspect’s purse.
Administrators at Brookland-Cayce High School in Cayce called police around 9:45 a.m. after noticing Richards-Gartee allegedly acting in a manner that suggested she might be under the influence of alcohol.
Besides the alleged vomiting, Richards-Gartee was reportedly unable to stand. School officials removed her from the classroom in a wheelchair and sent her to a school resource officer, according to TheState.com.
A deputy from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office reported seeing a box of wine in her purse. Students in the class told the officer Richards-Gartee was allegedly consuming the wine during class.
The officer charged Richards-Gartee with dis orderly conduct before releasing her to paramedics who took her to the hospital, according to The Smoking Gun.
The Lexington School District Two released a statement on Monday explaining that Richards-Gartee wasn’t actually employed by them.
“On Friday, March 10, 2017, it was reported to the Administration of Brookland-Cayce School that a substitute teacher was behaving erratically and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. This substitute is not an employee of the District, but works for Kelly Services. Kelly contracts with the District to provide substitute teachers.
The Administration responded immediately, removing the substitute from the classroom and sending her to the School Resource Officer. The District has been advised that law enforcement has filed criminal charges against the Kelly employee.” 

Staff at a Washington state thrift shop were stunned on Monday to find $24,000 worth of weed inside a donated cooler.
Police said the workers at the Goodwill store in Monroe were sorting through donations when they stumbled across the marijuana haul.
“We went over there and they opened the lid and in there was five large bags of marijuana,” Debbie Willis of the Monroe Police Department told KTLA5. “Normally when we go there, it is for a shoplifter, but not anything like this.”
Police said store employees are combing through surveillance tapes for any clues to the person’s identity.
People 21 and over can legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana in the state. Cops said this haul will be destroyed, however, as legal marijuana must come from a licensed producer and seller.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The King of Lies.......

Here we go again! Every now and then some white elected official becomes emboldened enough to expose their own personal brand of idioticy. Their opinions are usually very racist, extremely stupid, and based on nothing but paranoia.

Iowa Rep. Steve King said Monday that blacks and Hispanics "will be fighting each other" before overtaking whites in the US population. The most disturbing aspect of this statement is the fact that he thinks that he is an authority on how Blacks and Hispanics behave.
King, a Republican, obviously, was on the radio responding to a question about Univision anchor Jorge Ramos' comment to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that whites would become a majority-minority demographic in America by 2044, a point Ramos used to make the argument that it is a multiracial country.

"Jorge Ramos' stock in trade is identifying and trying to drive wedges between race," King told Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson on 1040 WHO.  "Race and ethnicity, I should say to be more correct. When you start accentuating the differences, then you start ending up with people that are at each other's throats.

It is easy to talk about the dangers of  “accentuating the differences” when you belong to a demographic that is in jeopardy of loses it’s strangle hold on society.

King then goes on to say. “And he's adding up Hispanics and blacks into what he predicts will be in greater number than whites in America. I will predict that Hispanics and the blacks will be fighting each other before that happens."

King's prediction comes on the heels of a controversy the Iowa congressman spurred when he tweeted Sunday, "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Those comments were praised by white nationalist and former KKK grand wizard David Duke and condemned by civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis, as "bigoted and racist."
In the interview on Iowa radio, King reiterated comments he made Monday to Chris Cuomo on CNN's "New Day," saying, "This isn't about race." Even though he made a racist comment.
He said his comments were instead, about "our stock, our country, our culture, our civilization," and that "we need to have enough babies to replace ourselves." Notice, King uses the word our 4 times in his statement. Exactly who is he referring to? I don't get the impression that the "our" is all inclusive. More like all elusive with the exception of a selected few.

But King decided to shift the blame on others, such as Ramos, arguing that they were "celebrating" the success of a plan to make whites a majority-minority. Because, of course that would be the absolute worse thing in the world........
"Their effort here is to be celebrating because the United States is moving towards becoming, the whites becoming a minority, a majority-minority within the country according to what their plan is," he said.
King concluded the interview by recommending that listeners read the novel, "The Camp of the Saints," by French author Jean Raspail, a book about Europe being overcome by immigrants which has also frequently been referenced by top Trump adviser Steve Bannon. The book has been criticized as presenting a racist view of immigration.

What King and those of his ilk often choose to ignore is the fact that most of the U.S. population is made up of people whose ancestors came here from other countries. Some were kidnapped, and brought here in chains, and others were immigrants. But the fact of the matter is, none of us are really Native American's, and no matter how often King and people like him seek to confuse the American people with alternative facts, the truth is still the truth.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Moron's Threaten Black Children At Birthday Party

In Douglaston, Georgia, a sick white man and a sick white woman who were among a large group of people waving Confederate flags and threatening violence at a black child’s birthday party in 2015 have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Jose Ismael Torres, 26, and Kayla Rae Norton, 25, were part of a group of 15 people who disrupted the 8-year-old’s party in Douglasville in July 2015, less than a month after white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine African-Americans at a historic black church in South Carolina.

Roof brandished Confederate flags in several photographs that came to light soon after his arrest and had said he intended to start a race war with the killings.

Torres and Norton were found guilty Monday of yelling racial slurs and threatening to kill partygoers, even the kids. At one point, Torres aimed a shotgun at the party, prosecutors said.

Torres was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Norton received six years, according to local media sources.

They were among four people in the group charged with felonies. The other two pleaded guilty and are serving shorter prison sentences.

Torres and Norton cried like babies as the sentences were handed down.

“Their actions were motivated by racial hatred,” said Superior Court Judge William McClain.

The judge ordered the two permanently banished from Douglas County once they are released.

“This is behavior that even supporters of the Confederate battle flag can agree is criminal and shouldn’t be allowed,” Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said in a statement.

Norton was sentenced on one count of violating Georgia’s street gang act and one count of making terroristic threats. Torres was sentenced on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of terroristic threats and one count of violating the street gang act.