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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-30-2016)

This mayor is a thief, and apparantly, no one saw the signs...............LOL, sorry, I couldn't resist. You'll get it later. 

A mayor in upstate New York is facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing  111 road signs from the state’s Department of Transportation.

New York State Police arrested Frank Moracco Monday on charges of misconduct and petit larceny.

Both charges are Class "A" misdemeanors according to

Moracco, 60, has served as the mayor of Frankfort Village since 2004, and has worked as a sign shop foreman for the state’s Department of Transportation since 2001.

Police started investigating Moracco in July of 2015 after getting a tip from someone in the town, New York State Police spokesman Jack Keller said.

He took 111 road signs made at the shop and gave them to the Village of Frankfort Street Department.

“There were a variety of signs, including yield and stop signs,” Keller said “A village usually has to apply to get signs and then pay a fee. [Moracco] bypassed that process.”

Moracco was issued an appearance ticket for the charges and is due in Frankfort Town Court May 3.

It is unknown what has happened to the road signs allegedly stolen by Moracco. 

But that sounds like a crack head move to me!

If idea of running a half marathon 13.1 miles  makes you want to run and hide, good news. It may not be as hard as it seems.

Thousands of people do it every week. Dogs have done it. And a 12-year-old girl just completed a half marathon by accident....... 
LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada, 12, was running late to the Wegman's Family 5k Sunday in Rochester, New York. To save time, her mom dropped her near the starting line before parking the car. LeeAdianez, who goes by Lee, rushed to the starting line only to realize the race had already begun. 
She was told to just start running and quickly fell into pace with the others.
Meanwhile her mom found a spot at the finish line, expecting to congratulate her daughter within the hour. 
Lee, focused on putting one foot in front of the other, didn't realize until mile 4 that the finish line was nowhere in sight. Turning to another runner, she asked how much further. 
"And that's when it struck me I was in the half marathon instead of the 5k," Rodriguez-Espada said. Instead of dropping out, she decided to keep running. 
Realizing her daughter wasn't among the runners crossing the 5k finish line, Brendalee Espada alerted race officials and the police. At first, authorities, were concerned.
"We didn't know where she was," race organizer Ellen Brenner-Boutillier told.
A police officer eventually found Lee on the course of the Flower City Half Marathon. The young runner said she knew her family was worried but she couldn't quit. She needed to finish the race. And as she finally crossed the finish line, after running 10 miles more than she had planned, her mother cried tears of joy.
One Word; AWESOME!

Pizza is the best, but let’s face it: Pizza boxes are the worst.

They’re clunky. Cardboard feels terrible on your fingers. And when you’re finished with your pizza, you can’t reuse the box for anything because it’s covered in disgusting grease. It just sits by your door attracting bugs until you can work up the motivation to drag out it to the trash, since the grease and cheese stains typically render them non-recyclable . (Though if you have a compost bin, you can compost them!)

No more.

Brooklyn pizza joint Vinnies Pizzaria has solved this plethora of problems 
by creating a pizza box that's madeout of pizza. The whole shebang will run you $40, but hey, it’s also a lot more pizza than just a pizza.

Owner Sean Bertuaime came up with the idea because he was bored, he told news station Pix 11. He also noted that for now, the restaurant is encouraging customers ordering the box to pick up their order rather than have it delivered. As NBC reported Friday, they’re still trying to figure out the best way to deliverthe pizza without using an actual box and thus defeating the whole point.

Vinnie’s achieved viral fame around this time last year when the shop introduceda pizza topped with smallerpizza slices. They also recently created a killer Prince tribute on their menu board.



Friday, April 29, 2016

Protest Turns Violent In California

Although I think Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to politics in the history of America, I must admitt, he knows how to ignite people's passion. You either love with s passion him or hate  him with a passion. There's  really no straddling the fence or gray areas involved. Unfortunately when those who are Trump advocates and those who  are his opposition meet, the interaction can be volatile

In Costa Mesa, California Scores of protesters took to the streets Thursday night outside a Donald Trump campaign event, police officers in riot gear and on horseback immediately responded and sought to disperse the crowd.

The crowd gathered in the streets outside the OC Fair & Event Center as Trump addressed several thousand supporters at the Center's amphitheater. At least one police car was damaged and several scuffles broke out amid the hectic scene.

Protesters blocked a main intersection, impeding traffic, and officers with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Costa Mesa Police Department worked to disperse the crowd, ordering protesters out of the streets.

About 20 people were arrested, the Orange County Sheriff's Department tweeted late Thursday night after the protests had cleared.

Lt. Mark Stichter, the Sheriff's Department's public information officer, could not provide an official estimate on the number of protesters, but demonstrators could be seen filling the intersection of Fairview Road and Fair Drive. 
Several scuffles broke out between Trump supporters who were leaving the rally and people in the streets who accused them of being racists. One Trump supporter was visibly bloodied after being punched in the face.
Several people damaged a police car, smashing its back window before jumping on it and kicking its doors. As a crowd formed around the car, police officers in tactical and riot gear moved into action, forming a perimeter around the crowd before forcing the demonstrators to move down the road.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Which Bathroom?!

This is not about hate. I'll just say that up front. I don't want to see anybody get hurt, deprive them, or wish them any harm. With that being said, what I do hate is the over use of the word "hate". Just because I disagree with something or someone does not mean that I hate it or hate them. Yet, this word has been redefined and used as a dramatic illustration to demonize those of us who are in favor of House Bill 2. The use of the word is nothing more than a desperate attempt to juxtapose the civil rights movement with the gay rights "movement". The general idea is to promote a sense of sameness or similarly in order to spark outrage for a "righteous cause". But the two are nothing alike. The civil rights movement was born out of slavery, in response to an institutionalized plot, designed to disenfranchise, disregard and ultimately destroy and entire race of people. Africans were kidnapped and brought here to America, stripped of theirs names, and cultural identities, and were forced to do slave labor for 4 centuries! Gay, or transgender people were never forced to do anything. They made a series of decisions. They decide to "come out". They decide to live openly, and they decide to let the rainbow flag fly. That's fine. After all, this is America, but the thing about decisions is, not everybody will agree or has to agree with them. The fight for gay rights, is totally different. Ther cause is a battle for recognition, and not a battle for rights. We all have rights. The right to privacy being one of them. It seems to me as if these people are fighting for the right not to be private, and the right to have EVERYONE agree with them. I have the right to disagree with anything except their agenda, apparently. I'm I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this?

My own personal cause is, always has been and always will be my family. I do not want my 9 year old daughter, your 9 year old daughter or anyone else's 9 year old daughter to see man parts in the ladies room. I should have the right as a parent to decide what my children should be exposed to without being accused of hating anyone who is transgender. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Those who feel the need to force feed their agendas to the public are no different that the political machine that they claim are oppressing them. The alphabet community (LGBT), are nothing more than bullies with a blatant disregard for anyone else's rights. Point blank!

What many people fail to realize is that had conservatives not proposed such a bill this would not be an issue. The alphabet community would have done what they had to do. Most I suspect would have used the bathroom without much thought. But when they're told no, it sparks controversy. The absolute worst thing that you can do is give a cause to someone who is constantly looking for one, or tangle wig someone who is always looking for a fight.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News 4-23-2016

People use smartphones to order a dinner, catch a cab and find a hot date.

Soon, our devices may also be able to tell a man he has terrible body odor.

Nivea, the Germany-based body products company, has just announced a new product called "NOSE"  a mobile phone cover that works as an electronic nose when paired with a downloadable app.

A man curious about his level of body odor activates the app and puts the smartphone near his armpit. The electronic nose then picks up the smell and evaluates it based on an algorithm created after analyzing the scents of 4,000 other men. 

The app sniffs out the level of stench and sends the user a notification telling them how much they stink.

The people behind the “smellphone” decided to focus its olfactory awareness solely on male b.o. because of a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE suggesting that the part of the brain that perceives odors is 40 percent in men than women.

The new “smellphone” technology is currently going through beta testing, according to Geoffrey Hantson, a Belgium-based advertising executive who is the chief creative officer behind the project.

“We’re introducing the app next month, but it won’t work until the phone cover is available,”he told HuffPost. “It’s up to Nivea on whether they want to sell those covers separately or as part of a package of body care products.”

Hantson admits that people might not buy a smartphone cover just to detect male body odor, but wants people to take a whiff of the future.

“My dad was seriously burned in a gas attack because the gas had no smell,” he said. “Something like this could be the perfect thing to use. You could also use it to test bad breath.”

Does it pass the sniff test? Possibly, according to UC Riverside professor Nosang Myung, the inventor of an electric nose.

“It’s possible it could work,” Myung told HuffPost. “It uses a simple system and it’s only detecting human sweat. So it’s possible.”

The “NOSE” may be small, but Hantson has big dreams.

“We’ve shown that it’s possible to make this technology small enough to fit on a smartphone cover, I bet it will be part of the actual phone in a few years.” 

the look ... of a moving tribute.

University United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, paid homage to Prince on Thursday by including lyrics from his song “Let’s Go Crazy” on its sign.

“I heard the news [of Prince’s death] from a friend by text message,” the Rev. Nathan Mattox, senior minister at University United Methodist Church, told The Huffington Post. “And I was like, ‘I have to do this.’ So I thought of a quote of his that would mean something more to the world.”

Mattox put the letters up himself, an experience he described as “cathartic.” He then snapped a photo of the sign and posted it to the church's Facebook page.

The Image struck a chord with Facebook users, receiving over 12,000 shares on the church’s page alone.

This is the first time Mattox, who has been at the church for five years, has done a tribute like this. The minister has been a Prince fan since he was a kid, and while working as a DJ in college, he spun a lot of Prince’s classic hits, like “Little Red Corvette,” during his sets.

“I knew the girls liked them,” Mattox said.

When he got home from work on Thursday night, he continued his homage to the musician.

“I came across my used copy of ‘Controversy,’” he said. “I had a few friends over, drank bourbon and enjoyed the record — but made sure to get the kids to bed first, since it’s a little risqué.”

Today he’s still mourning and is wearing a purple shirt.

“I have a flashy peacock blouse my brother-in-law gave me that I can change into later,” he said.

Mattox hopes that people see the larger message in his salute to Prince.

“I hope folks see that the church is just like everyone else, we’re just trying to get through this thing called life,” he said.

The verdict is in — this reunion will tug at your heartstrings. 

Florida Judge Mindy Grazer went viral last year when she recognized a defendant at a bond hearing as her former middle school classmate Arthur Booth. 

The two have recently reunited after Booth, who had been arrested on burglary charges, was released from jail. The  emotional moment was caught on video.  

“You’re going to take care of your family, get a job and stay clean. You’re going to do something good for someone else,” Glazer said to Booth.

The two hugged and shared some laughs during the heartwarming encounter. Booth also spoke about how reconnecting with Glazer has motivated him to start anew. 

“She’s an inspiration and a motivation to me right now. Mindy is incredible,” Booth said“‘Cause I know where I could’ve been, but I’m not giving up on life. It’s just a new lease on life for me right now.” Booth spent about 10 months in jail. He won’t have to spend any additional time there as part of his guilty plea, however he received 10 years of probation and will spend time in a drug treatment program.

As Booth is looking forward to putting this all behind him, Glazer is cheering him on through this new chapter in his life. 

“He had a good judge who wanted to give him a chance,” Glazer said, according to CBS Miami. This is a group effort to see you succeed. Don’t let us down.”


Friday, April 22, 2016

The Last Great Legend!

When I was 13 my mother told me not to listen to him because he dressed like a woman and wore high heels! So...I started listening to him. Been a huge fan ever since. So much so that our slow dance at our wedding was to a Prince song! I feel like I lost a friend. RIP PRINCE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Putin Says The U.S. Caused 9/11 & He Has Proof!

Conspiracy theories are interesting, crazy,  bountiful and most of the time they're a little far out. But every now and then we hear one that gives us pause and makes us think. That doesn't mean that it's not crazy, it just means that entertaining the possibility is enthralling enough to cause us to consider the validity of it. Especially when the theory comes from Vladamir Putin, The President of Russia. The evidence is so explosive he knows he only has to hit once.

According to Kremlin insiders, President Putin has named September 11th 2016 as the date he plans to release the satellite footage proving conclusively the US government’s darkest secret: that the 9/11 attacks were a false terrorist event committed against their own citizens.

The US government’s secret terrorist activities at home and internationally will be exposed, undermining the credibility of the nation on the world stage, and proving that Putin is the only major world leader truly fighting terrorism and darker forces. Of course Putins constant need for self aggrandizement could be a motivating factor in this planned revelation.

It is well known that Putin is a fan of synchronicity, but there is more to the September 11th 2016 date than a simple anniversary of the attacks. It is also the beginning of a politically volatile period in the US.

According to some, if Putin's revelation is true there will be mass protests in the cities and irrepressible public anger leading to an uprising, culminating in a revolution. The government will be completely destroyed, and the new world order they support will be thrown into chaos.

2016 is the year Putin has vowed to destroy the mythical illuminati. The simple step of choosing the right moment to take advantage of the great American Achilles heel may well be his first step towards shaking up the status quo or drawing attention to himself.

This may be true or it may be nonsense. It all depends on what you believe or choose to believe........

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-16-2016)

Eric Gaines, a police officer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, was waiting for a bus when he spotted a teen standing near a sleeping homeless man. Many people had passed the homeless man, who, Gaines said, is familiar to the area.

But the teenager “walked over to him and just knelt down and put his hands down on his foot” and prayed, Gaines says.

Gaines snapped a photo of the young man praying over the sleeping homeless man and posted it to Facebook. The photo has gone viral, having been shared over 32,000 times, the Sun reports.

“I thought it was an amazing sight. I had to take a picture of it. It was extremely powerful,” Gaines said.

Gaines doesn’t know who the teen is but noted that some friends who were walking with the young man held the bus for him, and once he finished praying, he hopped on the bus and was gone.

“He didn’t do it for any accolades or any praise. ... I didn’t get a chance to say anything. I wanted to say something to him,” Gaines told the Sun. “But it was just as if he did what he had to do and left.”

Gaines called the image and the act a powerful spiritual moment that he was proud to have witnessed.

“It was good to see a young black man, especially in this community, doing something positive,” Gaines said. “That’s why I took the picture. It was powerful on so many levels, and for it to be in my presence—it was crazy.”

Call it a case of very rotten luck or idiocy.  A man in Tennessee has been arrested after authorities say he tried to rob a Knoxville police officer who was sitting in an unmarked police car............

 The officer was sitting in the driver's seat of his car in a parking lot Saturday when 22-year-old Brandon A. Williams opened the passenger door and demanded money.

Police say the officer identified himself and drew his weapon, prompting Williams to flee before being caught.

Williams has been charged with attempted robbery, assault, evading arrest and resisting and possession of drug paraphernalia. It is unclear whether he has an attorney.
 It is not known if he was sniffing bath salts or not.

A laundromat owner offers a new spin on how to help the homeless.

Samuel Van De Cruze, who recently opened Mr. Bubbles in Queens, New York, spent 60 hours washing, drying and folding clothes for homeless families pressed for time.

By his own estimate, Van De Cruze, a former social worker, did roughly 5,000 pounds of laundry after hours between March 28 and 31 for 75 shelter residents living in The Landing — a nearby family homeless shelter, run by the nonprofit CAMBA, which provides services to people in need.

He even picked up and dropped off the loads.

He said the act was “in the spirit of Easter” and this is the first time he has done something like it.

“As a Christian, I’ve been taught to do good works,” Van De Cruze told The Huffington Post. “During my devotions one morning, the thought came to me to do this.”

According to apress release by CAMBA, Van De Cruze’s idea was inspired by the challenges he saw his homeless patrons face on a regular basis. They have to walk long distances with heavy loads and young children, and the cost of doing laundry is a burden on these families. As a former social worker, he immediately recognized these challenges and wanted to offer practical help.

“Normally I spend almost $30 on laundry weekly, which has to come from my PA income,” Catina B., a resident of The Landing, said in a statement, provided to HuffPost. “And doing laundry with a 3-year-old is always difficult for both of us. This (donation from Mr. Bubble’s) means that this week both she and I won’t have to go through that — and I will be able to save this $30 for something else.”

And sometimes that something else, isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic necessity.

“We had to save as much money as we could for food, travel, diapers and other necessities,” Amber, another resident of The Landing, said in a statement. “I was washing our clothes in the bathtub to save laundry money.”

Amber, her husband and their son had to move into The Landing after her father died and his house, where the family was living, was sold.

“I am so grateful for the burden that this lifted — you feel like you are a little bit more of a ‘somebody’ when you are wearing clean clothes,” she said.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Is This Gap Ad Racist?....

Question: Does racism have to be intentional to be racism?

There are endless examples of over the top blatant racism and then there are those subtle examples like this ad. Whether it is due to ignorance, or intentional indifference remains to be seen. But the fact of the matter is, I didn't notice anything particularly racist about it. I just didn't like the imagery. That is, until I did the research. My question is. If I didn't know what the historical context was, I wonder if those who created this ad did.

Gap has issued an apology for a racially charged ad that drew fiery backlash on social media.

 Ellen DeGeneres and GapKids partnered for activewear line GapKids x ED, and the line’s campaign launched with an ad featuring four girls from Le Petit Cirque, three white and one black girl, socialized with the tweet “Girls can do anything.” 

One of the white children in the image is resting her arm on the head of the only black child featured, a distinctly unempowering pose that harkened back to an antebellum South in which black children were used as armrests and footstools, and a present where black children are systemically devalued.

Gap responded to the widespread criticism and shared how it planned to rectify its error in judgment.

“As a brand with a proud 46-year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended,” Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix said in a statement, “This GapKids campaign highlights true stories of talented girls who are celebrating creative self-expression and sharing their messages of empowerment. We are replacing the image with a different shot from the campaign, which encourages girls (and boys) everywhere to be themselves and feel pride in what makes them unique.”

In this instance, image matters more than intent. And the lack of racial and cultural diversity at the executive level, which allowed that image to be approved and circulated, is one of the many ways in which institutional and systemic racism functions. Those girls, all of them, deserved better than to be placed in such a racial tableau.

Gap took responsibility and made the right decision. Hopefully, more corporations will take notice.

In looking at the photo I wonder if whoever created this campaign realized that they put these children in a "racist" pos. I also wonder if anyone would have realized or gave this ad campaign a second thought if no one pointed it out......


Friday, April 8, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-8-2016)

J.C. Penney has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to a viral photo that interpreted the floral print on one of the retailer’s skirts as a period stain.......

Really?!?! If nobody ever said anything who would know?

But Penney’s is getting the final word in with a mic-dropping Twitter post.

The skirt in question is a Worthington Side Slit Pencil Skirt, selling on the company’s website for $23.99. 

The ad copy says, "Our side slit pencil skirt lets you set the day’s agenda whether you are in the office or at another important function.”

The photo clearly shows the flower is placed on the wearer’s right side, but things change when movement is involved, as this photo posted on imgur shows

Yeah, on second thought, it does look s little suspect. Just a little....

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump appears to have a passionate supporter, or as I like to call them passionate morons), in Joseph Hornick, a New Jersey man who faces a $2,000 fine or 90 days in jail for flying a flag emblazoned with the billionaire candidate’s name over his home.............

Local officials said the flag violates an ordinance prohibiting the display of political signs more than 30 days ahead of an election and issued him a summons. New Jersey’s primary is on June 7.

For weeks, Hornick has displayed the blue flag with Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” campaign slogan on a pole outside his two-story West Long Branch house, at a busy intersection near Monmouth University, in a show of his support for Trump. Trump has been campaigning this week in neighboring New York in an effort to snag the Republican presidential nomination. 

Despite being issued a summons on March 25 for the violation, Hornick apparently intends to keep it up.

“The fine can be in the Millions of dollars! That flag will never come down!” he wrote in a defiant Facebook post.

Talk about some good eatin’, good handbags, good shoes, good belts............

A monster alligator, said to weigh 800 pounds, was recently hauled out of Florida’s marshes after being blamed for snacking on a landowner’s cattle, and now this ravenous reptile, given to charity, will be a meal for some hungry humans. 

The huge beast was pulled Saturday from a pond at private hunting grounds near Okeechobee. Its head appeared to be the size of a small boy.

Blake Godwin, a hunting guide for Outwest Farms, which offers wild boar, alligator and turkey hunts, said they found the gator with the remains of some of their missing livestock.

“[The alligator] surfaced and he was coming our way,” he said, “Even doing this for 10 years, something like that will spook you.”

Godwin said a well-placed shot from a hunter with a .30-caliber rifle killed the animal. When they pulled it out of the water, they used a tractor to hold it up.

Speaking to Fox 13 News, he said they plan to donate the meat to charity and will have its body preserved for display.

“It is hard to believe that something this big exists in the wild,” he told the station. “Hunting is a way of life for us and we are very proud of it!”

Though the backyard beast is absolutely a sight, state wildlife officials believe it’s smaller than their current record holder which measured 14-feet, 3 1/2-inches in length.

“It is not unusual for large, male alligators of this size to be harvested each year as part of Florida’s Alligator Management Program,” Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Spokesman Tony Yong said in an email to the Huffington Post Wednesday.

“While the alligator has not been officially measured, the person holding the (hunting) permit, Lee Lightsey, has indicated to FWC that the alligator was not big enough to surpass the current record,” he said.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First Grader Plot To Poison Classmate.

Some first-graders planned to poison another child, but thanks to other students who spoke up, everyone is safe.

The disturbing incident took place at Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage, Alaska, last week.

Two students reported the plot, stopping it before it got off the ground, according to a letter to parents from that school's principal.

"They shared that three students in the class were planning on using the silica gel packets (these are not actually poison, but the students believed they were) from their lunchtime seaweed to poison and kill another student," wrote Shanna Mall.

She said she called the school resource officer, who spoke to each of the students and their parents or guardians.

No one was harmed, and no criminal charges were made. But the three students involved received "significant consequences," Mall wrote. 
The fact that these children were not hand cuffed and do not face criminal charges is quite telling. If they were black children this would be a much different story.
Mall went on to say, "It is important for parents to talk with their children about speaking up when they learn of something that could potentially harm others. We are thankful for the student that said something to a trusted authority when they learned of the potentially harmful situation to another student," Anchorage police said in a statement.
So, when people complain about those of us to aspouse that black lives matter, and they counter by saying all lives matter, stories like this remind us that there has never been a question in America as to whether white lives matter. The double standard is loud and clear.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-2-2016)

One bowl of this stuff is sure to wake you up, wire you up and mess you up.

Two men were arrested Tuesday after a traffic stop led police in Florida to discover an unusual prize inside a package of cereal.

Police say Efren Zuniga,19, and Jose Moreno, 24, had more than 500 grams of cocaine wrapped up in a cereal box, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said they had help from a K-9, who sniffed out the breakfast of convicted champions after the suspects were pulled over for a faulty equipment violation.

“When deputies opened the cereal box, they discovered approximately 514 grams of powder cocaine,” police said. “That amount of cocaine has a street value of approximately $14,000.00 to $16,000.00.”

Police also said that Zuniga had cocaine in his pocket.

The Honey Grahams branded box was found stuffed inside a duffel bag on the back seat, police said.

Zuniga and Moreno are charged with cocaine trafficking. Both were being held in the Putnam County Jail on a bond of $150,000.00.

“When deputies opened the cereal box, they discovered approximately 514 grams of powder cocaine,” police said. “That amount of cocaine has a street value of approximately $14,000.00 to $16,000.00.”

Police also said that Zuniga had cocaine in his pocket.

The Honey Grahams branded box was found stuffed inside a duffel bag on the back seat, police said.

Zuniga and Moreno are charged with cocaine trafficking. Both were being held in the Putnam County Jail on a bond of $150,000.00.

The Easter bunny was good to Matt Stonie.

The competitive eater known as “Megatoad” posted a video to YouTube on Friday that shows him downing 200 disgusting sugary Peeps in a little more than 14 years, doubling his previous record. In the process, he swallowed about 5,600 calories worth of the bird-shaped marshmallows, or 1,360 grams of sugar.

Though Stonie is no stranger to gastrointestinal challenges — some of his past feats include eating a fivepound burrito, 182 slicesof bacon and seven Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s — he definitely appeared to struggle.

“My tongue is so saturated with sugar, oh my god,” he moaned just before hitting the 100-Peep marker.

Once he reached the last few birds, Stonie appeared to gag at times and looked a little green.

“He started off with smiles,” someone behind the camera jabbed as Stonie appeared woozy over an emptied bowl.

Although he managed to eat all 200 marshmallow treats — beating his last record of 100.  Stone expressed some disappointment over his time, along with physical disgust.

“It took a little longer than I thought it would,” he said.

Here’s hoping he can keep all that marshmallow fluff down.

It was more than just a few bad eggs. More like a few bad parents.

A free Easter egg hunt that was supposed to be a fun event for children turned into chaos on Saturday as unruly parents stormed the field, pushing, shoving and even stealing children’s candy from their baskets, outraged parents and organizers say.

“The parents just bum-rushed that area,” Nichole Welch said of the scene outside the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut. “When my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.”

The center’s general manager, Shawn Peterson, said event organizers had spread more than 9,000 eggs across three fields that were sectioned off per age group. Before kids had a chance to start hunting, however, greedy  parents were racing on the field to gobble up the candy-filled eggs.