Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pressure From The Preacher

All over the country African American clergymen are urging their parishioners to leave the Democratic party. The reason, President Obama's stance on gay marriage. While I understand the outrage over the President not condemning gay marriage, I do not understand throwing out the baby with the bath water. We don't have to agree with everything that he does but we should definitely look at the big picture. For far too long, far too many people have been sitting in the proverbial poor house with their principles and their religion waiting for the Lord to provide perfection. I don't think a lot of us realize the fact that the Lord often blesses us in ways that we don't recognize, and that it is up to us to use our blessing wisely, and not misuse our opportunities. There has never been a perfect President and there never will be a perfect President. If Mitt Romney is elected President, gay marriage will be the least of our concerns. He won't promote same sex marriage but, he will promote our economic demise, and in my opinion it is irresponsible for religious leaders to urge their congregations to leave the party because what it really means is, don't vote for Obama. What it really means is, forget about all of the good that he has done and will do. Forget about the fact that Mitt Romney's running mate is the author of a budget designed for the rich to get richer. By saying don't vote for Obama they are in fact saying, you'll still have your bible based beliefs in tact but, you'll have no social security benefits and no programs in place to help the poor and unfortunate among you. I sincerely hope that more people are able to use analytical thinking in making their choice in November.



  1. I agree. We cannot win them all. I think people looked at Chickfila and got carried away.

  2. I think so. I just wish that people would think more for themselves and not be so quick to follow.