Monday, August 31, 2015

SEIZED...For Child Support!

Family court seems to be a horrible place when it comes to matters of custody and child support. Lives are torn apart and men are mercilessly abused by a system designed to demonize them. I have heard tale after tale after tale about well intentioned, well meaning fathers who do the best than can to provide for their children only to be punished by bitter, vindictive women who choose to use the system as a weapon. 
Before I get criticized, and acussd of being a chavanist let me just state for the record that there is no shortage of low life's masquerading as men who refuse to take care of their children. But do good men deserve to suffer, be embarrassed, and or stereotyped because of a rotten few?

Apparantly The State of New York seems to think so. The state has began the practice of seizing the cars of those who owe back child support. But the irony is. If the person who owes back child support needs their car to get to work, and they have no other options, how will they earn money to pay back, current or future child support? 

In Topeka, Kansas an equally embarrassing method is being used to punish men who don't even owe back child support. The Department of Children and Families sends out a postcard each month to several non-custodial parents asking them if they've paid their child support.

It's something that caught one Kansan by surprise.

"I was utterly shocked. Not only shocked, but embarrassed that they would be sending these cards out as public knowledge," said Walter Scott, who lives in northeast Kansas and has a 17-year-old daughter from a previous marriage he helps support.

Scott said he couldn't believe that information he deems private would be sent in the form of a postcard.

"I live in a very small town and it's like, why don't you just put a sign in my front yard saying 'Hey here's a non-custodial parent and he's paying child support," he said. "I don't get month statements, but I get this card in the mail."

Child Support Services is under the Department of Children and Families. Theresa Freed, the communication director for DCF said there should not be an expectation of privacy in the case of child support.

"I will never complain about support because I know that is a valid need," said Scott, who still works to be an active parent in his daughter's life. "I created those children and I do want to be an active partner in their life. I know the amount that is due every month, it's paid every month."

Scott said he doesn't understand why the information is put on a postcard rather than a sealed statement where the information would remain private.

"If they say this is acceptable then what's next? How far will they push that privacy or that invasion, what's next?" he said.

So, this man who is paying child and is being embarrassed for......paying child support.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-29-2015)

I said it before and I'll say it again. Be thankful for what you've got!

Two unlicensed doctors are facing charges for performing botched surgeries on a man's penis, leaving it mutilated..............

A Miami judge has charged Nery Carvajal-Gonzalez, 48, for unlicensed health care causing serious injury.  She was picked up this week after landing at Miami International Airport, and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Carvajal-Gonzalez had allegedly operated on her victim, an unnamed 55-year-old hair stylist, several times before she performed the bungled penis enlargement. She gave the man cosmetic facials and injected filler into his buttocks to enhance their shape.

The victim paid Carvajal-Gonzalez $2,500 for the butt injection. Though investigators said "there was a hole in his buttocks that fluid was leaking from," he decided to go forward with the penis enlargement surgery anyway.

In February, Carvajal-Gonzalez allegedly put an implant in the man's penis to make it longer and thicker, but the fillers she used permanently disfigured him, according to local media, 

"The victim's penis was now incredibly small, yet very swollen and the skin around the shaft had been removed and was raw," investigators said in a warrant.

For repairs, Carvajal-Gonzalez took the man to meet Mark Schreiber, a fake doctor known as "Dr. Mark," at a warehouse in Hialeah. Schreiber, 60, had already spent two years in jail, starting in 2008, for performing unlicensed plastic surgeries.

The victim reportedly paid Schreiber $1,000 to get Carvajal-Gonzalez's implant removed. After the procedure, the man removed his bandages to find that his penis had been mutilated further. Schreiber told him that the look was normal, and then stopped answering the victim's calls.

Earlier this month, Schreiber was arrested on a charge of unlicensed health care causing serious injury. He's reportedly being held without bond.

The victim's ordeal "reads like a horror script," prosecutor Warren Eth told Local 10. "It's almost unbelievable that a human being can voluntary do this to another human being. Not once, not twice. This was not an isolated incident. [Carvajal-Gonzalez] solicits business and butchers people."

The victim says he's permanently disfigured and can't have sex. He also feels no sensation when he urinates, and suffers from painful "spontaneous erections," investigators told the New York Daily News.

 An elementary school teacher who was allowed to keep his job despite being late for work 111 times in two years said Friday that breakfast is to blame for his tardiness. Try working for McDonalds and using that excuse.

"I have a bad habit of eating breakfast in the morning and I lost track of time," 15-year veteran teacher Arnold Anderson told The Associated Press.

In a decision filed Aug. 19, an arbitrator in New Jersey rejected an attempt by the Roosevelt Elementary School to fire Anderson from his $90,000-a-year job, saying he was entitled to progressive discipline. But the arbitrator also criticized Anderson's claim that the quality of his teacher outweighed his tardiness.

He was late 46 times in the most recent school year through March 20 and 65 times in the previous school year, the arbitrator said.

Anderson said he was one to two minutes late to school "at the most" but was prepared and was never late for class.

"I have to cut out eating breakfast at home," he said Friday.

Anderson remains suspended without pay until Jan. 1.

A message seeking comment was left Friday with the school superintendent's office.

The arbitrator found that the district failed to provide Anderson with due process by not providing him with a formal notice of inefficiency or giving him 90 days to correct his failings before terminating his employment.

Gov. Chris Christie referenced the case in a tweet on Friday. Christie wrote: "Think I'm too tough on the teachers union? This is what we're dealing with in NJ."

Anderson said he was "very upset" to be suspended but conceded that losing his job would have been worse.

When he returns to school in January, "I will be early," he said.

Parents in Natomas, California, were worried earlier this week following reports of a creepy, suspicious van driving the streets of the Sacramento suburb. The red van had "Free Candy" painted in white on its side along with handprints and smears leading to its rear doors. It also had no rear license plate.

"It just felt like they were trying to attract kids, and it just gave me a creepy feeling," Dominique Bellow told KOVR. She said her son took a photo of the vehicle after seeing it around town.

"I didn’t know what was going on so I just wanted to get evidence in case anything happened," 12-year-old Lawrence Bellow said.

As it turns out, the van was a joke-on-wheels bound for this year's Burning Man Arts Festival. There's a tradition of Burning Man attendees driving art cars to the weeklong party, which takes place in the Nevada desert.

The decorated vehicles can get pretty outrageous, but it appears that some people just didn't see the dark humor in the "Free Candy" van. 


Friday, August 28, 2015

Bring Back The Death Penalty.........

This ad was posted by Donald Trump in New York City in 1989. It was published in four newspapers. Since then these young men have been cleared after having been incarcerated for years! There has never been an apology from Trump or anything that remotely resembles remorse. But Americas favorite idiot always manages to do what he does best, add insult to injury!

The "Central Park five" are getting a $40 million settlement after they were wrongfully convicted of raping a jogger 25 years ago.

The five black and Latino men, who were then teens, were convicted in 1989 of raping a 28-year-old woman in Central Park. But DNA evidence and a confession by a serial rapist later cleared Antron McCray, Korey Wise, Kevin Richardson, Yusuf Salaam and Raymond Santana in 2002, after the five had spent as long as 13 years in prison.

In an piece published in the New York Daily News on Saturday, Trump calls the settlement a "disgrace."

My opinion on the settlement of the Central Park Jogger case is that it’s a disgrace. A detective close to the case, and who has followed it since 1989, calls it “the heist of the century.”

Settling doesn’t mean innocence, but it indicates incompetence on several levels. This case has not been dormant, and many people have asked why it took so long to settle? It is politics at its lowest and worst form.

Trump NEVER says he thinks the men are actually guilty of the crime they were wrongfully convicted of, but he does say, "These young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels." 

And neither does he.

The five men initially confessed to the crime, but they recanted their confession at trial and said it was brought about after they were coerced by police officers who did not allow their parents to be present during their lengthy and exhausting interrogation.

On May 1, 1989, while the case was in the media spotlight, Trump took out the full-page advertisement in four New York newspapers calling for the return of the death penalty and saying that "criminals of every age'' who raped the woman in Central park should "be afraid".

Trump is the most unreasonable, insane human being in the world, and anyone who considers supporting his presidential campaign should have themselves committed. He can be president of the klan maybe but of the United States. Not so much!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Laughing while black! Recently 11 African-American women were kicked off of the Napa Valley wine train for doing nothing more than laughing and enjoying themselves. The women, who were members of a book club, were told by staff that they were being too loud. One white passenger was apparently irritated, telling them the train, which exists for the sole purpose of serving wine was “not a bar.” Others on the tour complained that they were causing a disturbance and the women, one of whom is 84, were booted from the train as police looked on. As if that weren’t humiliating enough, the company actually had the nerve to publish a post on Facebook regarding the incident accusing the women of “verbal and physical abuse” toward other guests and staff.
On Tuesday the company made a statement admitting that those charges were “inaccurate.”
But one of the women in the group, Lisa Johnson said that the post was only removed after 
she contacted Napa Valley Wine Train and threatened to sue if the false charges were not 
removed from Facebook.
Now, of course, the company is offering the group a free wine tour for 50 people. Making 
this condescending claim, “You can enjoy yourself as loudly as you desire,”
After this story broke, another man says he and a group of Latinos were discriminated against 
during an earlier trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train.
This story begs the question. Do African-Americans still have to have to wear the mask? A 
poem written by Paul Lawrence Dunbar in 1896 is still quite accurate in describing the plight 
of black people in America. “We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and 
shades our eyes, This debt we pay to human guile;”
As an African-American in this country it seems as if your every move is under scrutiny. It 
never seems to be a matter of right or wrong as much as it is a matter of whether our actions 
are deemed right or wrong by whoever designates themselves to be the guardian of “good 
taste” on any given day. Bigotry, hatred, and prejudice have a tendency to label anything and 
everything that its victims do as insulting. Something as simple as laughing, and having a 
good time in public can be seen as offensive and disturbing to those who resent the fact that 
we actually have the nerve to be free and act like it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Black Children Get Kicked Out of School.

The Obama administration issued guidelines today that recommended public school officials use law enforcement ONLY as a last resort for disciplining students, a response to a rise in zero-tolerance policies that have disproportionately increased the number of arrests, suspensions and expulsions of minority students for even minor, nonviolent offenses. There is evidence that suggests such stringsnt policies are a part of the school to prison pipeline.

The secretary of education, Arne Duncan, and the attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., released a 35 page document that outlined more appropriate means of discipline,  including counseling for students, coaching for teachers and disciplinary officers, and sessions to teach social and emotional skills —that could reduce the time students spend out of school as punishment.

“The widespread use of suspensions and expulsions has tremendous costs,” Mr. Duncan wrote in a letter to school officials. “Students who are suspended or expelled from school may be unsupervised during daytime hours and cannot benefit from great teaching, positive peer interactions and adult mentorship offered in class and in school.”

Data collected by the Education Department shows that minorities — particularly black boys and students with disabilities face the harshest discipline in schools.

According to the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, black students without disabilities are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. And an analysis of the federal data by the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that in 10 states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware and Illinois, more than a quarter of black students with disabilities were suspended in the 2009-10 school year.

As school districts have placed more police officers on campuses, criminal charges against children have drastically increased, a trend that has alarmed civil rights groups and others concerned about the safety and educational welfare of public-school students.

The Obama administration’s document also set guidelines for reducing arrests and keeping discipline within schools.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-22-2015)

The poll made headlines around the world for finding that 9 percent of North Carolina voters were putting their support behind a candidate named "Deez Nuts." The result left many of us thinking, "is this for real?"

If you believe the political scientists the answer is "yes" and is indicative of a bigger problem about how we do elections in the United States.
"I think this guy getting 9 percent despite having a funny name and apparently being 15 years old really shows how many voters are looking for a third alternative this year," says Tom Jensen, director of liberal Public Policy Polling, the company behind the now infamous poll.

"They're unhappy with the Democrats, they're unhappy with the Republicans." Jensen continued. "If this guy can get 9 percent, it makes you wonder how much a serious independent candidate could get. Perhaps a repeat of '92 where Ross Perot was a real factor in the presidential race."

A spokesperson for the Federal Election Commission told ABC11 Wednesday night that the person who filled out the legal form to run for president had met the requirements to be listed as running, but the person's real name was not included.

Numerous outlets are reporting that the culprit is actually a 15-year-old named Brady Olson from Wallingford, Iowa; a small farm town of only 197 people.

It doesn't take much to run for commander in chief, all you have to do is fill out a form with the FEC called a "Form 2" and raise $5,000. Of course there's also the Constitutional requirement of being 35 years old, a requirement Olson a.k.a. "Deez Nuts" does not pass. He also hasn't raised a cent, much like the 600 other candidates running for president.
I'm not sure I want to know what the other choices are?

Another round of shots, good sir!

Commissioners in Daytona Beach, Florida, approved a measure Wednesday that will allow the opening of a 12-lane gun range connected to a booze-filled restaurant. Commissioners were "leery" at first, because alcohol and guns don't mix, but they came around to the ideaaccording to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The paper reports:

I've gone back and forth on this," said Commissioner Pam Woods, who later cast a yes vote.

"I was leery," echoed Commissioner Patrick Henry, who also supported the business.

Commissioner Ruth Trager wasn't won over by the new business' developers at the meeting who explained the precautions they'll take, and she cast the lone no vote. She drilled the business partners with questions about how they'll know if someone is sober or a felon.

They were reportedly swayed by the business' strict rules against shooting after drinking. Everyone who eats or drinks at the restaurant will have to submit to an ID scan, and if they've had alcohol, they won't be allowed to shoot at the range that day. In addition, guns won't be allowed in the restaurant, though commissioners pointed out that the policy won't stop people with concealed carry licenses from entering.

Patrons who go to the gun range will also have to sign an affidavit promising they're not drunk.

But why risk it by allowing booze in the restaurant in the first place? Co-founder Ron Perkinson says the eatery wouldn't be profitable without libations.

"Safety is obviously key and number one for not only me, but everyone else there. Everything is going to be revolved around safety," he told WFTV.

He said he would consider installing a metal detector at the restaurant if the commissioners asked for it, but they didn't.

This takes keeping your child safe to a whole new level.

The parents of an infant who was lockedin a hotel safe in Niagara Falls, Canada, won't be charged, officials said.

The child was placed inside a small safe in a room at the Howard Johnson Hotel on Tuesday by an older sibling during a game of hide-and-seek, and the safe door was somehow locked, reports.

The parents called hotel employees who opened the safe, which is 20 inches wide, 14 inches tall, and 17 inches deep.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Arrested By Mistake!

When 21-year-old Honor Roll student Marcus Green was pulled over for speeding in Fayetteville, North Carolina, he thought that he would be given a ticket and be allowed to continue on his journey. Instead he ended up being arrested.

In a bizarre case of mistaken identity, a clerical error led Green to being detained. Green has no police record but was detained for several hours until his father, Mark Green, paid the $1,100 cash bond to let him out.

 Green said he received a notice about an expired tag citation in Macon, Georgia six months ago, even though he hadn’t been there in three years. After calling and explaining the situation, he thought the mistake had been cleared up, but apparently it hadn’t been.

When he was stopped by the officer for speeding, he was asked, “did you know your license was suspended?” A surprised Green replied, “No.”

He then went on to say, “I haven’t been to Macon in three years,” the officer insisted that records show that he had a suspended license.

After getting out of jail, Green and his father headed out to Macon to sort the whole thing out. What they found was that Green’s information had been placed underneath a citation number for an individual who failed to appear in court, by the name of Gerien Marcus.

Although a subsequent letter from the Department of Driver Services sent to Green’s family admitted there had been a mistake, the Honor Roll student said, “I still have to appear in court on September 1 just to make sure this is completely gone from my record.”

“With the heightened awareness of the transactions with the police and youth, particularly black males, you need to talk to your kids,” said Mark Green, adding that he is grateful the situation didn’t escalate. His son said, “It was a traumatic experience,” but his father had always taught him how to handle himself around law enforcement officials.

“You don’t think it’s gonna happen to you that you’re gonna end up in a jail cell because of a speeding ticket,” Marcus continued. However, “The court clerk said this actually happens a lot.”

“This could have went south very easily,” said Mark Green, who is a former law enforcement official. He adds that he is thankful his son remained polite and respectful, even if he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

A spokeswoman for the DDS said that the department received two records from the court containing identical driver’s license numbers but the information was not returned to the court for correction as per standard protocol. “In this case it was not and incorrect information was applied to Mr. Green’s record,” she added.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Parents Break Into Daycare To Rescue Child...

This is a classic "what would you do" story.

A Texas mother is outraged that her 10-
month-old baby boy was forgotten and left alone in the dark at a locked day care center in Houston.

Authorities are currently investigating 30-year-old Sharonda Ross’ claims after she and her husband, Lawrence Matthews, were forced to break into the day care to retrieve their crying little boy, Jordan.

Ross, a security officer, had an arrangement with Joann’s Day Care since April in which she would come to pick up her son as soon as her shift was finished at 6 p.m., which is when the center officially closes. 

However, Ross got an unexpected surprise, when she realized that little Jordan was locked inside the building, with all the lights off.

“I was thinking this isn’t happening. I’m dreaming,” she said. “I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be a dream. I’m just at a loss for words.”

At first, when Ross arrived at the center after her shift and saw that the building was closed and the parking lot empty, she thought, perhaps, her husband had picked Jordan up.

Ross said that she pulled and banged on the door but got no answer. When she called the day care, there was no response. So she left to go home to see if Matthews had the child. The “terrified” couple soon realized what had happened and rushed back to the center.

“I banged on the window to see if someone maybe fell asleep. I heard my baby crying louder after the third time. I knew that was my baby,” Ross said. “That’s when I told my husband to break the window.”

With Ross filming the entire incident, Matthews broke through one of the windows of the center and crawled carefully through the broken glass. In the background, a baby’s cries could be heard coming from the dark building. After a few seconds, Matthews came back into view with the child in his arms, handing him carefully through the window to his sobbing mother.

“I wanted them to know they had my child and nobody was here,” Ross said.

Jordan was not injured, and Ross and Matthews are not facing charges in the case.

The day care’s owner has apologized for the incident but said that the employee who left the baby unattended will not be fired. Which is shocking, since neglecting a small child is the definition of what it means to be inept.

“First I’m deeply, terribly sorry,” Joann Davis said. “I thank God he was OK. ... It was our mistake. I’m not saying it’s not ... but the main thing is the baby’s OK, and I’m sorry as I can be."

Ross says that she is not sure she will ever leave him in day care again. 

“I don’t see myself allowing him to go to day care,” she said. “I’m going to be at work and asking, ‘Is my baby by himself? At what point did you forget my child was there?’”


Friday, August 14, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-15-2015)

When someone hands you money, how do you know if it's real or counterfeit, especially when you get it from a business?

Billie Ann Andrews went to the Hillsborough NC Walmart to get diapers and wipes for her grandchild. At the checkout, she paid with her debit card and asked for $100 cash back.

"He gave it to me as a $100 bill, "Billie Ann said. "I almost had him change it because I needed the twenties, but he had closed the door so I thought, never mind."

Billie Ann said she never thought anything about the $100 bill until she tried to use it.

"I went to Efland supermarket that night to buy some things," she said. "They ran the little pen on it, and it came up counterfeit."
Billie Ann was shocked.

"I took it back to Walmart with my receipt showing I got the $100 back," she said.

Walmart called police and together Billie Ann said they all watched the surveillance video of when Billie Ann was checking out and saw the cashier hand her the $100 bill. The frustrating part for Billie Ann was she said an employee at Walmart told her and police that they don't use the counterfeit pens to detect if money is fake.

"I feel like they need to invest the money, buy the pens, and protect the person at all cost. You may still have some slip through, but they didn't offer me that protection. I could have gotten charged last night and arrested for counterfeiting," Billie Ann added.

Hillsborough Police are investigating the incident, and Billie Ann left Walmart without her $100. She said she was told the manager of the Walmart would call her the next day. When that didn't happen, she got in touch with me. I got in touch with the corporate office of Walmart. They looked into it and told me in reviewing the surveillance video it was discovered a customer prior to Billie Ann handed the counterfeit bill to their cashier.

He added Billie Ann then in turn got that $100 bill from their cashier. He said they're working with law enforcement. The rep also said Walmart does have enforcement measures in place to prevent counterfeit money from being exchanged, but he did not want to elaborate on those measures for security reasons.

After I got involved, Billie Ann heard from Walmart.

"They gave me my $100 and also a $50 gift card for my inconvenience, "Billie Ann said. "I think the only reason why I got my money back is because of Diane, and I appreciate that."

Even though she got her money back, she said she is now going to be paying closer attention to the money she is given.

North Carolina sheriff's deputies are looking for thieves who fell to the temptation and took 65 cases of Little Debbie snack cakes.

Multiple media organizations reported the goodies were removed from a McDowell County snack distributor's van about a week ago by crooks captured on surveillance video in a black SUV pulling a white cargo trailer.

Sheriff's deputies say the culprits cut a hole in the fence surrounding a storage yard and broke into the van. They removed peanut butter and caramel cookies, fudge rounds, honey buns, Swiss rolls and oatmeal pies.

Information about the crime offered to the McDowell County Sheriff's Office that helps crack the case could lead to a reward from Crims stoppers. Maybe even a lifetime supply of "Little Debbie's!"

This very angry baby made his way to YouTuberecently, causing people to wonder: Why is he so mad? He’s a baby. He literally has the easiest life. I I I've got a few ideas, about what could be causing his rage.
  1. People who don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”
  2. The student loan crisis, and the debt he knows will be haunting him in 21 years or so.
  3. The recent Sesame Street deal.
  4. Being pandered to. Like, enough with the baby talk.
  5. The gender pay gap.
  6. The shrinking of America’s middle class.
  7. Global warming.
  8. He's not old enough to get on Facebook.
  9. EPMD hasn't put an album out in years
  10. No matter what President Obama does he can't get credit.                                Yeah, I think he has a right to be mad!                                  

White Teen Shot & Killed By Cop........

You think you've heard this story before and you have. A young, unarmed man is shot to death by a police officer. Black activists are outraged. The only difference with this scenario is that the young man in this particular narrative was not black, but white.

Nineteen-year-old Zachary Hammond was on a date on July 26 when he was fatally shot by a police officer while in the parking lot at a Hardee's fast-food restaurant in Seneca, South Carolina, according to Eric Bland, the attorney representing the teen's family.

The Seneca Police Department said the officer was conducting a drug investigation and shot Hammond in self-defense.......allegedly.

"He was a uniformed officer, he was in a marked vehicle, was out of his vehicle on foot approaching the suspect vehicle with his weapon drawn given the fact that it was a narcotics-type violation," Seneca Police Chief John Covington said to local media in Greenville. He added that the officer is now on administrative leave.

A small amount of marijuana was found in the front passenger's compartment in Hammond's car.

"He was a 19-year-old, 121-pound kid killed basically for a joint," Bland said.

Hammond's mother, Angie, is quoted as saying, "Not only are we grieving that our son is gone, we don't know why it happened or what happened. We're just trying to find answers."

A vigil was held for Hammond last Friday night in Seneca.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Mind Battle......

Riddle me this: What is the one thing that EVERYBODY has, but not everybody can control?.........
Answer: Their minds!
There is nothing on earth that is more powerful than human mind. What we perceive, and believe are both direct reflections of how we think and the way that we think. 
I know, it sounds the same. But it's not. Just bare with me while I peel back the layers. When I use the phrase "how we think", I am referring to the way we process the world around us. The way we separate fact from fiction, and the way that we apply our perception to our own world view. In other words "how we think" is how we see the world. In contrast, the way that we think is how we apply our world view. For instance, if your value system is measured primarily in a monetary since, and you see society as a place where self worth can only be measured in terms of money, then your self esteem level may be effected because of your "understanding". 
Your mind can make you or break you. It can build you up or tear you down. It
 all depends on if you're ready for battle. If you accept your circumstances and choose mediocrity, inconsistency, and incompetence as a framework for who you are, then you accept defeat and you will remain a prisoner by your own hand. Each and every battle begins, and each and every triumph is achieved by winning your inner battle.


White House Staffer Shoots At Boyfriend

There is one thing, well, one of many things that has always baffled me about people. No matter what race we are, what sex we are, how educated we are or what our station is in society, we all allowed ourselves to be "driven crazy" by the opposite sex at one time or another. People have sacrificed their careers, their life's work, their families, and even their sanity for someone else. Whether the motivation is sex, or obsession, it is still crazy and almost waysresults in disaster.
Case in point, a White House staffer has been placed on unpaid leave after she reportedly threatened her boyfriend with a gun during an argument about other women.

Barvetta Singletary, 37, who serves as a special assistant to the president and House legislative affairs liaison, confronted her boyfriend, a U.S. Capitol Police officer, with his service weapon on Friday.

Charging documents allege that after Singletary's boyfriend arrived at her Upper Marlboro, Md., home, the two sat inside his car. She confronted him about seeing other women and demanded to see his cellphone. When the man refused to give her the cellphone, Singletary reportedly reached into the man's bag and took "two cellphones and the victim's .40-caliber Glock 23 service weapon".

Singletary reportedly ran into the home while the man followed asking for his guns. Singletary allegedly refused to give the weapons back until he gave her the passwords to both cell phones.

According to the arrest warrant, Singletary took one of the weapons out of its holster and told the man, "You taught me how to use this. Don't think I won't use it."

When the man refused to give up the passwords to his phone, Singletary reportedly stated, "Your phone is more important than me holding the gun on you," before allegedly turning and firing a shot near him into a sofa where he was sitting.

The man ran from the house and called 911. According to authorities, he reported that he saw Singletary wiping the gun down with a towel as he was leaving.

Singletary was arrested at her home and charged with domestic violence. A White House spokesperson said that Singletary's presidential access has been revoked.

Singletary's actions have undoubtedly ruined her career. Her life long aspirations have been turned to ruin all because of one bad decision on one night.



Fury In Ferguson!!

If you're like me you probably thought that you'd seen the last of Ferguson, Missouri. Which would be a relief because not hearing about Feeguson would mean that all is well. At least as far as we knew. But over the past few days in the wake of marches to commemorate the murder of Mike Brown, the young black man murdered by a police officer a little over a year ago, another outbreak of violence has erupted sparked by another "questionable" police shooting.

A man who was shot and critically injured by police after authorities said he opened fire at officers was in critical condition Monday, his father said, as questions remained about what sparked the gunfire amid peaceful  protests marking the first anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The late-night shooting was a violent mark on a mostly peaceful day of protests and vigils commemorating a year since Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was shot and killed by a white Ferguson officer, an event that thrust this small suburb of St. Louis into the center of a national conversation about how police officers use lethal force when faced with minorities.

It heightened fears about what the latest bloodshed could do to a tense community that has repeatedly been unsettled by unrest over the last year. Activists had planned a day of civil disobedience on Monday, and dozens of people were arrested in St. Louis on Monday. 

On Monday afternoon, the St. Louis County executive declared a state of emergency in response to what he called “the potential for harm to persons and property” in the area.

“The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger,” Steve Stenger, the county executive, said in a statement. “The time and investment in Ferguson and Dellwood will not be destroyed by a few that wish to violate the rights of others.”

Stenger said that he would place the St. Louis County police chief, Jon Belmar, in charge of police emergency management in Ferguson and the surrounding area, a nearby city.

Belmar held a news conference early Monday morning to discuss the man shot by his officers, saying that this man had opened fire on an unmarked police SUV shortly before midnight.

On Monday, the office of Robert P. McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, charged Tyrone Harris, 18, with 10 counts of assaulting law enforcement, shooting at a motor vehicle and armed criminal action as a result of this incident.

Harris remained in critical condition at a hospital in the area, according to the St. Louis County Police Department. He is being held on a $250,000 cash-only bond, a spokesman said.

The man shot by police had been identified by local news outlets as Tyrone Harris Jr. In a telephone interview Monday, Tyrone Harris Sr., who identified himself as Harris’s father, said that two girls who were with the younger Harris before he got shot said he didn’t have a gun.......

Belmar said police were responding to reports of looting on West Florissant Avenue, which served as the focal point for the protests and unrest that followed Brown’s death last year and where stores were burned and looted on several nights.

Tensions began to increase at about 8 p.m. local time. With most of those who came to Ferguson to demonstrate gathered at a rap concert and a panel discussion, groups of young men began breaking into storefronts along West Florissant.

As a result, police cut off traffic to the area and deployed officers in riot gear, a visible police presence that prompted angry locals and some protesters to gather opposite the line of officers. While this was happening, Belmar said, plainclothes detectives farther down West Florissant were monitoring a person they believed to be armed, who was with at least three or four other people they also believed to have weapons.

Even as protesters and police were facing off nearby, two groups that were apparently involved in some kind of feud began firing at each other, Belmar said. He said between 40 and 50 shots were fired over about 45 seconds.

“It was a remarkable amount of gunfire,” Belmar said.

The person being tracked by the detectives crossed the street and left the area where the two groups were facing off, and he may have been preparing to return, Belmar said.

At that point, an unmarked SUV with its interior red and blue lights illuminated began moving toward the man, who began firing at the vehicle, striking the hood and windshield multiple times, Belmar said.

He was armed with a 9mm Sig Sauer pistol reported stolen last year, Belmar said.

These detectives returned fire from inside the car and were not sure if they hit the man, Belmar said. They followed the man toward a fenced-in area where he again opened fire, Belmar said, and all four detectives who had been in the SUV fired at the man. He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical, unstable condition.

The four detectives, who were placed on administrative leave, have not been identified.

Belmar said that this confrontation between police and the lone man “wasn’t the culmination of all the shooting,” though, adding that it was somewhat separate from the two groups firing at each other. Belmar said it was possible the man shot by police had left the two groups because he was afraid he was going to be shot.

“They were criminals,” Belmar said of the people who opened fire. “They weren’t protesters.” 

Yet the protesters are being treated as if they are criminals.

Police were not clear on why the two groups were fighting, Belmar said.

Tyrone Harris Sr. also said  that his son remained in critical condition, but said he was not allowed in the hospital and was told to remain on the sidewalk outside.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-8-2015)

This lady wears many hats, but one in particular stands out.

Amy Murphy is known by her Greensboro, North Carolina, community as “The Chicken Lady,” because she serves up poultry to people in need, all while wearing a funky hat to match. “It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” she said. “It just feels right.”

Murphy first got her nickname in 2013 when she asked the owner of a local Church’s -- a fried chicken restaurant chain -- for leftover food to distribute to the city’s needy, reported. She had seen an ad in a newspaper looking for volunteers to help the homeless, so Murphy then went on to collect chicken, and other food items, from various restaurants.

“This is for my friends downtown,’’ she said. “They’re not homeless. I don’t call them that because that is not who they are. I tell people, ‘Two steps sideways and that could be any one of us.’ That’s all it takes.’’

Now, Murphy serves up food weekly to people in Greensboro -- all while sporting a chicken hat, complete with a beak and bright yellow legs.

“It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It just feels right,”. “You come to a point where nothing else makes any sense, you just have to go do that which is in your heart.”

Love hurts, they say, but not for this teenage couple.

Dylan and Lexie were walking in Claremont, California, on Thursdaywhena doctor says the two were likely struck by lightning-- but spared severe pain or injuries because they were holding hands. 

"It helped to diffuse the electrical current that ran through their bodies,” Stefan Reynoso, a physician at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, explained to the news channel.

The pair was along a tree-lined street on Thursday, when Claremont was experiencing severe thunderstorms.

“Next thing you know, we are on the ground and we gave each other the most terrified looks you could possibly", Lexie said..

Though the chances of being struck by lightning are about 1 in 600,000, strikes injure about a thousand people each year, according to FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Dyla described the force as  “kind of shove” and “getting hit over the head with metal or something.” but Reynoso reports that the pair is in good health.

The two now say they have “an electric love.” Oh, to be young

Zion Harvey just wanted to swing from the monkey bars.

That's what the Baltimore youngster told his doctor when asked why he wanted hands. Sometimes in an 8-year-old's simplicity is profundity.

Earlier this month, Zion took a big -- nay, massive -- step toward that long-awaited jaunt on the jungle gym when he became the first child to receive a double hand transplant.

"When I was 2, I had to get my hands cut off because I was sick," Zion succinctly put it, in a video taken last year.

Actually, he downplayed it, as is indicative of his disarming optimism. At 2, Zion suffered a life-threatening sepsis infection, resulting in the failure of multiple organs and necessitating the amputation of his hands and feet.

At age 4, after two years of dialysis, he received a kidney from his mother, Pattie Ray, and despite an early lifetime of hardship, Zion figured out not only how to get by, but how to do it with the widest of grins across his face.


Friday, August 7, 2015

He Got Shot While Crawling Away!

 He was loved by his family and friends. Jonathan Ferrell was 24 years old, engaged, and had recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Florida to be with his fiancee. After being involved a car accident, he was shot and killed by Charlotte Officer Randall Kerrick just a few dozen yards away from his car.

Monday marked the first day of thetrial of Randall Kerrick, who was charged with voluntary manslaughter, and the details that emerged are more awful than any of us could possibly imagine. Even though Ferrell was shot in September of 2013, Charlotte officials have kept a very tight wrap on dashcam footage and other details, claiming it was to help them have an impartial jury.

Two facts emerged that are so digusting and dispicable that it makes the charge of voluntary manslaughter seem rediculous.

First, we now know that Ferrell was not just shot 12 times by Officer Kerrick, but that he was first shot four times, then began to crawl as he cried in pain. Then he was shot six more times while crawling, then two more times after he stopped. How is this not cold-blooded murder? It seems to embody all of the elements of cold blooded murder and the callous details certainly warrant at least a charge of murder one.

Secondly, the EMT who arrived on the scene made it painfully clear in his testimony that police did not want him to treat Ferrell.

Emergency medical technician Jonathan Russell Freeze testified about arriving at the scene after Ferrell was shot. He said Ferrell was face down in a ditch and handcuffed. He checked for a pulse in the right wrist and right side of Ferrell’s neck, and then asked police if he could roll him over to check the other side for a pulse. He said he was told no by the officers on the scene.
The city of Charlotte (the taxpayers) has already paid Ferrell's family $2.5 million in a wrongful death settlement. Tax payers pay police salaries and then pay for their mistakes.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inmates Can Get A Degree!

"President Obama has done nothing for black people". This is what I heard someone say on a radio program. This statement is not based on fact but propaganda, lies, and large scale media spin. Here is the truth!

The Obama administration announced Friday that certain federal and state prisoners will be eligible for federal Pell grants to pay for college classes while they serve out their time behind bars.

The U.S. Department of Education revealed the pilot program with the aim to keep convicts from returning to incarceration by giving them the opportunity to secure jobs and “turn their lives around.”

The program lifts a 20-year ban on inmates receiving Pell grants following multiple studies that found education programs reduce recidivism rates, breaking the cycle of criminal relapses and in turn saving taxpayer money, in addition to transforming inmates into tax payers themselves.

“We know from research that incarcerated individuals who participate in correctional education, including remedial, vocational and postsecondary programs are more likely to stay out of prison; more likely to seek, gain and maintain employment; and substantially more likely to remain crime-free,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said.

Considering the fact that African-Americans represent a significant part of the prison population, being given the opportunity to get an education represents a huge breakthrough for both the African-American community and society.