Friday, January 29, 2016

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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (1-30-2016)

A Texas father who was accused of theft after he confiscated his 12-year-old daughter's cellphone over an inappropriate text has been acquitted of the misdemeanor charge.

A judge in Dallas found Ronald Jackson not guilty Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence.

Grand Prairie police arrested Jackson a few hours after he commandeered his daughter's cellphone and refused to return it. The 36-year-old father says a text he found on the phone was rude.

The girl's mother says she owns the cellphone and reported the confiscation as theft.
Jackson posted $1,500 bail to get out of jail, but later received a mailed citation for theft. He refused to pay.

The father went to court and successfully fought the citation involving his now-15-year-old daughter.

Jackson also kept the cellphone.

A vindictive mother who will do anything to hurt her daughters father. Even if it means using their child to do so.


One billboard’s war cry against greedy politicians wasting public dollars is creating an online stir not for its message but its memorable slogan: “Take Back Are County.”

The glaring typo seen splashed across a mock-up for the blue and neon green sign appears to be part of a satirical website's attempt to lampoon right-wing beliefs and Christian values.

It seems to be working, but many social media users are apparently not getting in on the joke.

 what a bunch of uneducated yokals!

All she needed was a little air!

A major search and rescue operation in Cornwall, England, Monday discovered that reports of a body floating in the water were blown out of proportion.

The actual victim turned out to inflatable sex doll.

A fisherman phoned emergency workers to report that he had spotted a lifeless body floating face down in Newquay Bay, prompting the air and sea search, the agency noted.

About 90 minutes later, a helicopter crew spotted the doll in the middle of the bay. The faux female wore a "New York" T-shirt and polka-dot pants. The sex toy's giant red lips were unsmudged by the salt water.

Despite the unexpected find, a rescueofficial pointed out that the fisherman took the right courseof action in calling, the BBC noted.

"The 999 caller gave accurate information which led to a successful search and a positive outcome," lifeboat operations manager Gareth Horner said. "While the doll may have been deflated by the incident we were happy to discover no-one was hurt."

According to the Telegraph, the doll might have beena prank in response to a local Newquay ban on sex dolls.


95 Year Old Man Tasered While Cooking Dinner!

Police in Brooklyn, New York were looking for a suicidal man in his 20s. But they found an 86-year-old man cooking soup in the kitchen and they tazered him.

He had a knife in one hand and an onion in the other, and for some reason police thought that he was a dangerous threat. Now he's suing.

John Antoine came to America from Trinidad 45 years ago. He's the father of six and has more grandchildren than he can count.

For the most part, he has lived a peaceful life. That is, until October 24th of last year.

Whether in Trinidad or here, I've never experienced that, never," Antoine said.

"You were cutting an onion and the doorbell rang?" Eyewitness News asked.

He left the door ajar thinking it could be his wife and continued to cook.

"Coming up the step I hear these feet coming up like a horse," Antoine said. "I look, I see five people, no badge, nothing. I say, 'What do you all want?'"

He said he was extremely confused. He still had the knife and onion in his hand.

"They're yelling at me, so I say 'just second'. I turn my back, I put the knife down, and bam," Antoine said.

He said he was tased on his neck.

"They are yelling, 'Hit him again, get him with the next one.' He hit me on my leg here and one kicked me in the stomach on the floor," Antoine said.

His attorney said he was the wrong guy the whole time.

"A member of the 63rd precinct had called in to another part of the New York City police responding and gave the information that it was a 23-year-old male that they had to respond to," said Scott Rynecki, Antoine's attorney.

In the actual 911 call they say, "Any idea on how old he is?" The other person answered, "23 years old," on the call.

"I still have pain in my shoulder and leg and some nights I can't sleep," Antoine said.

Astonishingly, even though he was not the man they were looking for, he still faces charges of harassment and is due in court next month. Antoine's attorney has filed a $5 million lawsuit.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Oblivious To The N Word........

To be young, is to be oblivious to some extent. A lack of knowledge, empathy, and sensitivity are often the results of inexperience. But the fact of the matter is that many children are either not taught or have the luxury of living in an insulated bubble. Even they have a view of the world from where they are, they cannot see. Most likely because it is not incumbent upon them to do so. How else do you explain doing something so stupid, so hateful, and so blatantly racist. Even if they had a full understanding of what they were about to do, and were fully aware of the impact of their actions, the fact that they made the decision to expose themselves to such scrutiny shows extreme ignorance, and dillusion.

Students at Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, took an offensive picture proudly wearing shirts spelling out a racial slur that swept through social media on Friday.

The students can be seen in the picture below wearing shirts that, when standing side by side, spells the N word.

The students wore these shirts on the day of the senior class’s annual yearbook picture. Students are “allowed to wear pre-approved shirts with lettering or messages.” Their shirts were supposedly part of a larger message that reads “BEST * YOU’VE * EVER * SEEN * CLASS * OF *2016”.

According to school officials, no faculty member saw the offensive configuration of the lettered shirts until the picture surfaced online. A school spokeswoman was quoted as saying that the display is “unacceptable and does not represent the student body or the district.”

The school’s Black Student Union defiantly responded by tweeting a picture with a group of white and black students smiling together under the banner #thunderstrong. They also echoed the district’s sentiment that the six girls who wore the shirts spelling the racial slur do not reflect the Desert Vista High School student body.

The incident that occurred today at Desert Vista High School does not reflect the beliefs of the student body!

— DV BSU (@dvhs_bsu) January 22, 2016

When the Tempe Union High School District was made aware of the picture, representatives said they were “aware and outraged” and that they took “swift disciplinary action.” While they declined to publicly reveal the nature of the punishment, students of the school were found on Twitter bemoaning that the culprits only received a paltry five day suspension. 


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just When You a Thought You Heard It All News 1-23-2016

A GoFundMe account set up for a woman who claimed to have blown her entire savings on Powerball tickets has been shut down -- despite raising more than $800 in seven hours' time.

A person by the name of Cinnamon Nicole set up a campaign page Thursday, saying she expected to win the $1.58 billion prize when she and her family spent a fortune on lottery tickets last week, despite there being a 1 in 292.2 million chance of actually winning the colossal jackpot.

SO! I expected to win too!! But I'm not asking for my $6 back.

"Please help me and my family as we have exausted all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash," her since-removed GoFundMe page read.

“…I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again!” read the optimistic page, titled "Powerball Reimbursement Fund."

“PLEASE, won't you help a family in need. DONATE NOW,” the Tennessee woman urged. 

Exactly how much she spent on tickets was not said. A previous post on her Facebook page said she won $4 from her tickets. 

The campaign managed to raise $800 -- out of a $100,000 goal -- before being shut down.

The woman thanked her supporters on Facebook Friday and suggested that it was all just a joke.

“I Thank all of you who actually stuck by me and stood up for me, I appreciate it. People are so quick to judge without knowing or even considering anything other than their point of view,” she wrote. “But this ain't no serious post.... Continue to bash, scorn/ scandalize my name.”

GoFundMe confirmed to CNet the page was removed, stating: "The campaign in question was removed for a violation of GoFundMe's Terms & Conditions."

The company added that all of the funds raised have been returned to the donors.

A Burger King worker wanted to have it his way as he was fired from the Florida restaurant where he worked—so he allegedly flame-broiled his uniform....... That's what 24-year-old Timothy Alejandro Ortiz is accused of doing after he was terminated from a Palencia location last week. Witnesses said that before walking out of the BK, Ortiz set ablaze his hat and uniform, which were supposed to be returned to the company.

As his work attire burned, Ortiz got into "several arguments with the managers and customers who saw what happened and called the Sheriff's Office, " the police report notes. He had taken off by the time cops got there, but they caught up with him at his home, where police say he cursed and yelled, wouldn't let himself be handcuffed, and tried to evade a stun gun. He finally surrendered and was charged with damage to property, resisting an officer without violence, and disorderly conduct.

SMH! McDonalds will NEVER hire him now.

A woman in Italy walked into a fire station last week because she had lost the key to her chastity belt and needed help removing it.

The 60-year-old initially told fire crews in the northern city of Padua that she needed help opening a padlock. When firefighters asked the woman where she lived, thinking she'd locked herself out of her house, she lifted her sweater and showed them the weird iron device.

After cracking open the lock, they investigated whether the woman, whose name has not been released due to Italian privacy law, was a victim of domestic violence who may have been forced to wear the chastity belt.

But the woman told the firefighters she wore it because she was worriedabout the incidents ofsexual violence she saw on the news.

Neither the woman nor the fire department have further commented on the incident.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All (1-16-2016)

Arnous Morin, 53, is a person who looks like he loves his job a little bit too much. He has singlehandedly been responsible for generating $1.2 million dollars for his city, New York. Of which he gets a whopping 0.00%

For those wondering what it is he does, Morin is a traffic cop in Brooklyn and shows no mercy to motorists who break the law. Last year alone, the enthusiastic officer had issued almost 19,000 parking tickets. 

Morin, who claims he dislikes conflicts, says drivers would have nothing to fear if they would just “read the signs.”

For example, over 50 percent of his citations were written out because vehicle owners hadn’t moved their cars during street cleaning hours. Morin claims he waits the mandatory 5 minutes’ grace period and, at times, even more, before he moves in and does what he does best.

“It’s never OK to break the law. The law is hard, but it’s the law,” he says.

Morin is from Haiti. His LinkedIn profile states that he became a teacher at 19 and that he taught Math and Spanish. He then became a principal of a Catholic school.

In 2005, his wife and kids moved to Brooklyn and he followed in 2006. Since he couldn’t teach in the US he took up the job of a parking attendant instead, and it looks like it was a job-match made in heaven.

“I’m a traffic agent in my blood. Even on a vacation in my personal car, I see violations – look at this car in front of a fire hydrant, look at this cat double-parked, look at this car in a no-standing…,” Morin said.

One thing though – the people he writes the tickets out to don’t really adore him. Some even shout at him to “get a real job.” But, his bosses love him and call him “a man of integrity and sincerity.”

Although many are skeptical about the validity of the tickets he industriously hands out, Morin says very few of them have been dismissed in court. He has won awards and been named New York’s top traffic cop for two consecutive years.

You shouldn't bring a sandwich to a banquet, but what about a Bible to a bank robbery?

Police in Nashville are looking for help to track down a man accused of robbing a bank while carrying a Bible. 

Hopefully he pays his tithes with some of that money.

The suspect walked into a Bank of America Friday afternoon around 2:30 p.m., Bible in hand, and gave a teller a note, according to a police press release. 

After the teller gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of money, the man fled the scene in a red, older model two-door vehicle.

The Bible was left at the bank, but it is unknown if that was by accident or intelligent design.

No other weapon was seen.

Florida's infamous "bikini grandma" is out of her bathing suit but back in trouble.

Back in April, Patricia Ebel of Naples slammed her BMW into a Mustang at a traffic light. Police noted that she smelled of alcohol and her 10-year-old grandson was in the car. She became Internet famous in a video showing her failing a field sobriety test, while wearing skimpy swimwear........& NO, I am not including the link!!

A judge ordered the 50-year-old Floridian to refrain from drinking for a year, but probation officials are now saying she has failed to do.

Ebel's latest arrest came on Jan. 5, after a BAC test conducted by her probation officer registered at .177, double the state's legal limit, according to the New York Daily News.

A second breath test at the jail showed Ebel's BAC levels still at .122. 

Ebel s set to appear in court again on Jan. 19. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who Should Be Baptized?!

It has recently been brought to my attention that there are some churches who don't baptize babies who were born out of wedlock. I imagine there is some "righteous reason" for this rule. But what  I cannot imagine, is what that reason could possibly be. 

There is no scripture in the bible that I know of that says that children should by punished for the sins of their parents. If the object of this "rule" is to condemn the act of fornication, then why should children be made to suffer the consequences?

Quite a people that I know and love were born out of wedlock and it didn't make them any different than those who were not. In fact some of them are the most successful, productive members of society. They are managing and have managed to thrive because of their contributions and abilities. Not because of the marital status of their parents. 
The church should be a non-judgemental safe haven accepting of all those who enter. Refusing to baptize babies born out of wedlock sends a mixed message. God is accepts all people, unless........



Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News 1-9-2016

A pregnant California woman has filed a claim saying she found a bloody fingertip in a salad at an Applebee's restaurant in Paso Robles..............

Cathleen Martin of Atascadero says that she was with her husband and child at the restaurant in December and everyone ate from her Chinese chicken salad.

Attorney Eric Traut of Santa Ana says the manager confirmed the fingertip belonged to a cook.

letter from Applebee's says the restaurant can't force the cook to undergo tests, but a spokesman says the cook has volunteered to undergo screening.

The claim is the precursor to a lawsuit. It seeks unspecified damages, medical expenses and lost income.

In Pittsburgh, a man charged with robbing a bank was jailed after he showed up to fight a traffic ticket in court.

23-year-old Eric Wagner Jr. was arrested Wednesday after Allegheny County sheriff's deputies did a routine records check when Wagner appeared in Traffic Court.

District Judge Eugene Ricciardi dismissed the ticket for driving with a suspended license saying, "You got bigger problems than this."

Wagner remained jailed Friday, unable to post $500,000 bond. Hmmm, I wonder if he spent all of the money he stoled.

Police say a suspect in some other Pittsburgh-area bank robberies identified Wagner as the man who robbed Wesbanco Bank on Dec. 21. The other man told police he acted as a getaway driver.

Court records don't list an attorney for Wagner who faces a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Police in Warwick, Rhode Island, have deleted a Facebook post that obliquely suggested two accused thieves might be "stupid."

Their alleged crime? Stealing Hubcaps From a police cruiser parked in the police department parking lot. 

That actually is pretty stupid. But the fact that they were actual able to pull it off makes the police look more stupid.

Shawn Bartis, 18, and an unnamed 17-year-old were arrested Sunday night after two detectives spotted them attempting to steal hubcaps, a siren control box and a spotlight from a police car.

The teens we recharged with larceny and tampering with an automobile.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

By The Grace of God!

The grace of God, and a pastor’s swift thinking, led to a gunman being disarmed during a New Year’s Eve prayer service at a small Fayettville North Carolina church.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the attempted terror attack. Pastor Larry Wright, pastor of the Heal the Land Outreach Ministries in was praying with about 60 parishioners as they rang in the New Year and spoke about the senseless deaths affecting our country. Suddenly, a man armed with a rifle walked into his the church.

The gun was in “one hand and an ammo magazine with shiny rounds in the other,”Wright said.

Pastor Wright who is a retired Army sergeant first class recognized the weapon was real, and he was worried the man had one round in the gun.

“I’m the first person to see him and when I saw him, I thought it was a dummy gun, but then I saw the bullet clip in his hand and the bullets were shining,” he said.

Pastor Wright said that if the man was antagonistic, he was going to use his 6-foot-2, 230-pound body to tackle him. But he and the congregation began to pray despite what seemed to be impending doom.

Then the gunman asked the church to keeping praying for him. It was then that deacon and three parishoners hugged the him.

He then apologized to the congregation saying “he intended to do something terrible that night. But the Lord spoke to him."

Police Department spokesman Lt. David McLaurin said the incident was noted as a “Call for Service.’’ Notes regarding the call, McLaurin said, indicated the man was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center at his request as a voluntary commitment.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All (1-1-2016)

DWI charges against an upstate New York woman have been dismissed based on a very unusual defense: Her body is a brewery............

A lawyer representing the woman says her blood-alcohol level has been recorded at four times the legal limit when she hasn't had a drink. She didn't discover her rare condition until after her arrest.

Attorney Joseph Marusak says he submitted medical evidence of his client's condition, known as "auto-brewery syndrome," to a suburban Buffalo judge who dismissed the DWI charges this month.


The condition is believed to be caused by high levels of yeast in the gut. The woman is now on a low-carbohydrate diet that has brought it under control.

Marusak declined to name the woman, citing medical confidentiality laws, and he says the case has been sealed.

Instead of ringing in the New Year with their 35.4 million pound windfall by choosing all six winning numbers, grandparents Edwina and David Nylan of England are nursing a hangover of missed fortune.

When Edwina called the U.K. lottery to claim the jackpot, a representative told the pair they had entered the drawing too late.

"We've tried to have a laugh about it but we're completely distraught," Edwina told SWNS. "We've spent years paying out for the lottery and this money could have changed our lives. We feel like we've been cheated out of it."

The couple said they used a cell phone app to purchase a ticket on Dec. 23, SWNS reported. When they were alerted that their account required more funds for the purchase, they added more money. Then they bought the ticket with six numbers they chose randomly, and the app confirmed the buy, they said. But lottery officials say they have no record of the purchase.

Authorities reportedly confirmed they have a record of the couple repeatedly trying toadd funds as the 7:30 p.m. drawing limit approached -- but assert they did not register a completed transaction before the deadline.

"When anyone successfully purchases a ticket on the Lottery website they will see a purchaseconfirmation screen, receive an email confirming their purchase and be able to see the ticket in their National Lottery online account," a spokeswoman told the Telegraph.

Edwina conceded to outlets, "I didn't remember to check because it was just before Christmas and I was so busy."

The payment was eventually processed, but not until midnight, on Dec. 24, way past the deadline.

"It was like all our dreams had come crashing down around us," Edwina said to SWNS. 

Keenyatta Robinson refuses to give her dough to Domino's Pizza after discovering a vulgar note on two receipts.

Robinson's daughter recently ordered a pizza from a Domino's in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

When she saw the receipt, something bothered her (and it wasn't the price of the pie).

On the receipt were three words, two of them offensive: "f*** this c***".

"I don’t understand why they would treat me this way," Robinson told WXYZ TV. 

Robinson decided to see if it was an accident, so she placed another order. 

"When I came to pick it up that receipt had the same vulgar language,” she told the station.

Robinson believes the receipts are in retaliation for the time in 2014 when she complained about not getting the sausage pizza she ordered.

The manager told her she would no longer be served, and she complained to his superiors.

Ronnie Asmar, Director of Operations at Domino’s, said that manager was later terminated, in part, for being rude to customers.

"His parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number’s notes,” Asmar told the station.

Apparently, no one noticed the comment until Robinson pointed it out.

Asmar has tried to apologize to her and offered a gift certificate to make it up to her, but Robinson refuses to accept it -- ever.

“I will never eat here again,” Robinson told the station.“Ever. In my lifetime.”

Vulgar receipts aren't as common at pizzerias as mozzarella cheese or pepperoni, but they do show up from time to time.

In July, Loretta Smith Layne ordered chicken wings from a New Jersey pizzeria and asked that they be "fried hard."

When she got the order from from Danny's Pizza Pizzazz in Bridgeton, the note on the receipt underneath the special instructions was the vulgar phrase, "fried hard like a black d--k." 

In January, 2012, a Papa John's restaurant in New York City came under fire when the receipt referred to the customer, not by her name, but by "Lady Chinky Eyes."

The employee who typed that phrase into the system was later terminated.