Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don't Sleep On Romney

During the month of July Mitt Romney raised a little over $101,000,000 in campaign contributions, out raising President Obama by $25,000,000.
Mitt Romney is perhaps the most lack luster candidate to ever get the GOP nomination. He is reviled by the tea party, and some christian fundamentalists for his ties to Mormonism, he has been called a "flip flopper" who does not have the ability to relate to the common man, and does not seem to have the ability to be decisive. Yet he has still managed to to raise a fortune in contributions.
I know that a lot of us on the Christian left may have decided not to vote for President Obama based on his stance on gay marriage, but what we must realize, recognize and understand is the fact that he has still done more for African Americans than any President since Lincoln. Just look at his record. If he never does anything else, universal health care is a tremendous benefit to our community. We can choose to "fall out" with President Obama over gay marriage and we can go against him in favor of a man who is a parishioner in a church that believed that all Black people are cursed. If you don't vote at all it's a vote against Obama. So we must try to put our differences aside and think about what is best for us as a people, and what is best for our country. Romney's supporters, no matter how disenchanted, or disillusioned they may be are still going to come out in droves in November. The fact that he has over $100,000,000 in contributions is a definite sign that he has big money support who would rather have a man whom they would not consider their ideal candidate in office than give an African American President a 2nd term.


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