Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Real Enemy of The Black Community

I've been a Black man in American for 46 years now, and needless to say, I have been a part of, seen and heard many conversations about what is wrong with the black community and how to fix it. The answers, and opinions range from the practical to the down right bizarre. But the one thing that the participants of such dialogues, monologues, or diatribes can all agree on is the fact that there is definitely something wrong in and perhaps even with our community. There has often been talk about who the enemy is, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that there are many. Everything from cultural conditioning, to the police, to economics, high blood pressure and of course white people who perpetuate, and knowingly participate in a racist system designed to oppress those of us who are not white. But as far as I am concerned, none of these things are our worst enemy. The number one enemy of the black community is complacency.

Complacency is defined as: a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.
Let me be clear. Many of us try and succeed and many us don't  because we buy into a culture of defeat, and marginalization. This is why we relegate ourselves to low paying jobs, this is why we condemn ourselves to live in projects surviving in the shadows without actually living, and this is why some of us spend so much time in jail that it becomes a second home. I have no doubt that someone will read this and suggest that there are other factors that contribute to the plight of black people in this country like tougher sentencing laws, economic disparities, and flat out racism which is not only as American as apple pie, but is so ingrained within the fabric of the flag itself that a slave was forced to sew the original by hand. There are certain things that are just not up for debate. It is what it is. But unlike our enslaved African ancestors, there is nothing that is impossible for us unless we actually believe that it is. Maybe you've had a low paying job for years. If you truly believe that working at King Burger is the best that you can do or could do, that thought process will manifest itself into inaction because you have convinced yourself that you are not worth more more than minimum wage so why try. Maybe you're a third generation project dweller who has become accustomed to paying low rent in a place that you will never own because you feel like the bank will never "give" you a house. Guess what?! The bank will definitely never give you a house because you didn't try, and you're content with not trying. Don't get me wrong. Effort is not easy. That is one of the reasons why it's called effort. It requires that you do something more than live at someone else's mercy. For example. If you don't have a skill that makes you valuable in the workforce, you're at someone else's mercy because the skills that are required on most low paying jobs are a dime a dozen. If you don't put yourself in a position in which you cannot qualify for a home loan, when gentrification comes to your neighborhood you're at someone else's mercy. We can discuss disenfranchisement, displacement, and many other issues. But you must ask yourself if you are doing yourself a dis-service by "resting" on these issues. Succeeding in our community is only an anomaly if be believe that success is the exception instead of the rule. As individuals we must decide at some point that we will position ourselves to triumph despite what we see, and despite what we acknowledge .

There is nothing wrong with being down. But there is everything wrong with staying down.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News

Myron Rolle’s NFL career didn’t last long, but he always made clear that he had higher priorities than playing football, and he’s just taken a major step in his real calling. Rolle, a 2010 sixth-round pick of the Titans who also spent time with the Steelers, has been chosen for a neurosurgery residency at Harvard after he completes his education at the Florida State University College of Medicine this spring.
“Seven years of neurosurgery is a big deal, something I wanted for a long time, really excited about it. Today is just great, it’s remarkable,” Rolle told WCTV.Rolle was a star player at Florida State who once arrived late to a game because he had an interview for a Rhodes Scholarship. He spent a year studying at Oxford between the end of his Florida State career and the start of his NFL career, and although he spent a couple years in the NFL, his primary goal was to become a doctor.
“Saving lives and helping people live a better life,” Rolle said, “that’s going to make life worth living.
 “Seven years of neurosurgery is a big deal, something I wanted for a long time, really excited about it. Today is just great, it’s remarkable,” Rolle told WCTV.
Rolle was a star player at Florida State who once arrived late to a game because he had an interview for a Rhodes Scholarship. He spent a year studying at Oxford between the end of his Florida State career and the start of his NFL career, and although he spent a couple years in the NFL, his primary goal was to become a doctor.
“Saving lives and helping people live a better life,” Rolle said, “that’s going to make life worth living.”

Here’s hoping the winds at least blew away the grass clippings. 
A breathtaking photo captured a Canadian man casually mowing his lawn as a massive tornado whirled around in the distance.
Cecilia Wessels said she was at her home in Three Hills, Alberta, on Friday when she snapped the now-viral photo of her determined husband.
“The tornado was about 2km (1.24 miles) from us moving eastwards. There was very little wind at our back yard and not even rain. It was just very hot,” she told HuffPost on Sunday by email. “It was a shocker to see something like this but my husband was calm, the whole street was out taking pictures and well, staying calm was the thing to do.”
Wessels told Edmonton station Sonic 102.9 that she was taking a nap when the storm started blowing in, causing her 9-year-old daughter to panic.
“She says, ‘Mommy, mommy, please wake up. There’s a thing in the sky, it looks like a tornado, and Daddy doesn’t want to come inside,’” she recalled. “We said to him, ‘Are you coming inside?’ And he’s like, ‘No, the wind turned. We’re fine!’”
Her husband, identified as Theunis Wessels, repeated this carefree attitude to the Canadian Press: “I was keeping an eye on it.”
“It looks much closer if you look in the photo, but it was really far away. Well, not really far, far away, but it was far away from us,” he added.
Another angle of the tornado shows the twister spinning near a highway as cars continue to pass by.

Let this be a lesson for all of those who love social media. There is no such thing as anonymity!
Maybe they’ll learn from this.
Harvard University revoked offers of acceptance from at least 10 potential freshmen after discovering they had posted memes in a Facebook messaging group mocking rape, the Holocaust and child sex abuse, The Harvard Crimson reported Sunday.
According to the campus newspaper, which had obtained screengrabs of the messaging group, some participants joked that abusing children was sexually gratifying. Others targeted ethnicity, race or nationality. One poster referred to the hanging of a Mexican child as “piñata time.” Two incoming students told the Crimson the group was at one point called “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.”
After discovering the messaging group ― which had split off from what one student called a “lighthearted” Facebook chat for admitted students ― administrators informed the offending applicants in April that the admission offers no longer stood, the Crimson noted.
“We do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants,” a Harvard spokesperson told CBS Boston, which reported the video segment above.
Just last November, students already enrolled at Harvard paid the price for online postings clearly not meant to go public. The Ivy League school suspended its men’s soccer team after documents were discovered in which some players rated the sexual attractiveness of the women’s team.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

8th Graders Refuse To Take Pic With Paul Ryan and Student Gets Voted Most Likely To Be A Terrorist Other Weird News...

In Indianapolis, Indiana an entire  town has no police officers after every single one walked off the job. The officers blame the Bunker Hill Town Council for the situation.
“We have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda,” said former Bunker Hill Town Marshall Michael Thomison.
served as Town Marshall for four years until Monday night when he and four other officers handed over resignation letters to the council, telling them they have had enough.
“They would not communicate with us or the officers and they kept scaling back,” said Thomison.
In their resignation letters, the officers accuse council members of asking them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.”
They cited examples like asking police to run background checks on other town councilors to find their criminal history. The officers also claim they were threatened when they said no.
Another issue they brought up in the letter was their safety. The officers say they were all forced to share one set of body armor, putting their lives on the line while they were out making arrests and serving warrants.
“I did not want to send someone out there with bad body armor so I would take mine off and provide it to the other officers.
I told them we have to provide this, there is an IC code that explains that and says that the town has to provide that body armor,” said Thomison.
On top of all that, Thomison says his resignation was personal. He was diagnosed with cancer last year, but when he was ready to go back to work in May, Thomison says they would only allow him to work part time. He blames the town councilors and plans to file a lawsuit against them.
“They came at me and said it is costing the town way too much money because of my insurance and they said we are taking you down to part time,” said Thomison.
Thomison and the other officers say they did not want to step down, but feel they had to. For now, the town is relying on outside help as they search for new officers.
“I know that they are scrambling and have contacted some other officers that do not want the position,” said Thomison.
Town Council President Brock Speer says they will release a statement in the near future.

 “I was shocked,” Lizeth Villanueva, a 13-year-old student at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Houston, said. “[The teacher] said, ‘Most likely to become a terrorist,’ and she said my name, and she gave me this.”
Lizeth received the award in an advanced learning program that’s supposed to help kids prepare for college. The teacher, who was not named, told the students the award was supposed to be funny, but Lizeth’s not laughing. 
“It was not a joke,” Lizeth was quoted as saying. “I do not feel comfortable with this.”
Principal Eric Lathan released an apology on Twitter for “insensitive and offensive” awards, saying they were distributed after the school’s real awards ceremony had concluded. 
“These award statements and ideals are not representative of the Aguirre vision, mission and educational goals for its students,” Lathan wrote. “An investigation will be launched into these events.”  
Lizeth’s mother told local CBS station KHOU that the principal apologized in person as well, but said she wants the teacher to face discipline. 
“Get fired, at least, or something,” Ena Hernandez said.
“It doesn’t look good at all, especially coming from a teacher, a grown-up woman,” Hernandez said. “It doesn’t look good because everything that’s going on right now.”

This story is proof that children are far more savvy than we think.
Speaker Ryan is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country — and he's polling particularly poorly among one 8th grade class.
Eighth grade students from South Orange Middle School in South Orange, New Jersey were on a school trip to Washington D.C. on Friday when they were given a very special opportunity: a photo-op with Speaker Paul Ryan. Under normal circumstances, many students would leap for the chance to take a photo with the third most powerful politician in the country.
Not these kids.
Close to 100 8th graders refused to take a photo with the Speaker and instead sat in a parking lot across the street. Speaker Ryan then took a photo with the remaining class and posted it to his Instagram.
"I can’t take a picture with someone who supports a budget that would destroy public education and would leave 23 million people without healthcare,” Matthew Malespina, a student at the school, told his local newspaper, The Village Green.
Others grounded their decision in their aversion to Trump.
“I didn’t want to be in [the picture] because he believes in most of what Trump believes in,” a fellow student, Louisa Maynard-Parisi, told The Village Green.
Parents were torn about whether the kids should have sat out on the photo. Ryan was a "legitimately elected official," one parent wrote, and they would have been offended if conservative students had done the same thing to President Obama.
Matthew Malespina's mother, on the other hand, couldn't have been more proud/.
"I am proud of my son and all the other students who chose to respectfully not to participate in the photograph with Speaker Ryan,” she told The Village Green.
Middle school #resistance is the best kind of resistance there is.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Driving While Black Lessons...and other weird news.

For generations, African-American parents have borne a special burden in mentoring their teenage children as they begin driving, having to say, be calm and extra polite when stopped by the police, and do nothing unexpected that could get you killed. Such lessons are a unique but necessary part of being black in America.
It’s horrifying that any parent has to have that conversation. But racial profiling by the police is a reality. These days, repeated and sometimes fatal highway confrontations, captured by cellphone videos, make such warnings a matter of life and death.
Delegate Jeion Ward of the Virginia General Assembly is an African-American grandmother who has long heard her husband and three grown sons pass on sage guidance to the younger generation about what to do if stopped. When Ms. Ward heard her 39-year-old son telling her 17-year-old grandson the facts of real life for traffic stops, her concern grew and it ultimately resulted in a simple bill that was enacted into law this week.
Her measure requires that driver’s education courses for public schools specifically teach how to behave and interact with police officers in traffic stops. Illinois has enacted a similar measure, and Ms. Ward has heard from a half-dozen other states. The Illinois law requires police officers to treat drivers with “dignity and respect” and provide their names and badge numbers when requested. In North Carolina, where a similar driver’s ed bill is under consideration a police accountability group, SAFE Coalition NC, has called for a companion measure so “police officers can understand to control their emotions.” But that’s far from enough.
A Pennsylvania MORON with a penchant for naming his children after Nazi's has officially changed his surname to Hitler, a local news site reported.
As of Monday, the IDIOT formerly known as Isidore Heath Campbell can now legally identify himself as Isidore Heath Hitler, an expression of his admiration for the Nazi leader who was responsible for the mass genocide of German Jews and other groups that he considered undesirable during World War II.
“It’s great. My driver’s license is changed over, my insurance, my registration, all that I needed is changed over,” Hitler said. “I’m the new Hitler.”
In March, a  Superior Court judge in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, approved Hitler's name change request request, which he filed on Valentine’s Day. The change took effect May 8, which was V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), marking Germany's surrender in 1935.
Hitler’s initials are now I.H.H., which he says represents “I hail Hitler,” according to local media sources.
The tattooed neo-Nazi, who now lives in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, stepped into the news spotlight in 2008 when a New Jersey market refused to put his then-3-year-old son’s name, Adolf Hitler, onto a birthday cake, according to
“I think people need to take their heads out of the clouds they've been in and start focusing on the future and not on the past,” Hitler, a former resident of Holland Township in Hunterdon County,  said at the time. 
He has nine children with at least four mothers but now has custody over none of them, according to the Anti-Defamation League and New Jersey authorities stripped of his parental rights for the three children in 2009 after accusations of domestic violence and a determination that he did not have the psychological capacity to care for the children, the ADL explained in a 2013 blog post about the neo-Nazi.
He again roused the attention of the media in 2013 when he showed up at a visitation rights hearing wearing a full nazi uniform.
The names of Hitler's other children include JoyceLynn Aryan Nations, Honzlynn Hinler Jeanie and Hons Henrich ― the latter two are apparent nods to the infamous Nazi Party leader Heinrich Himmler, the ADL said in the blog post.
Hitler was featured in the 2014 Showtime documentary “Meet the Hitlers,” about people who are named after the German leader or had changed their names to Hitler. 

Continue reading the main story

Sunday, May 7, 2017

You find out that your chicken was fried in cocaine flour. What would you do?

Popeyes’ in Brunswick, Ga (3319 Altama Avenue) is under investigation after a man alerted police that he got an euphoric high after eating dinner from the restaurant. The man stated after he ate dinner he was craving more and more food. Brunswick Police Department went to the Popeyes’ location and collected samples of the food and found numerous trace amounts of drugs: marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine. Many more arrest and details to come.

Colgate University went on lockdown and students were ordered to shelter in place for four hours Monday night while police investigated reports of a gunman on the upstate New York campus. But the “threat” turned out to be a student using a glue gun for an art project.
The campus lockdown occurred after reports that someone had “entered the O’Connor Campus Center while carrying what witnesses believed was a weapon,” said a statement from university spokesman Daniel DeVries.
The precautions on the campus of the private liberal arts college took place on the same day that an attacker armed with a hunting knife stabbed four people, killing one, on the Austin campus of the University of Texas. Police arrested a student over the attack.
But some Colgate students expressed concerns about suspected overreactions to the incident on their campus because the student with the glue gun is African-American.
As police scoured buildings at Colgate, a university of 2,900 undergraduates located in Hamilton about 40 miles from Syracuse, students said rumors spread that there were two gunmen, and one had committed suicide — none of which was true.
Shortly after early reports about sightings concerning a weapon at Colgate around 8 p.m., university administrators tweeted, “There is an armed person at the Coop. Find a safe space and remain indoors. If you are off-campus, stay away.” The Coop is a dining hall on campus.

Cute chicks and fuzzy bunnies weren’t the only creatures that popped up on Easter morning. One South Carolina family got an alligator.
The 9-foot-long gator gave the family a serious jolt after it broke into their upstairs porch in the wee hours of Sunday morning and then refused to leave.
Video taken from the Mount Pleasant family’s second-story porch shows the giant reptile lounging around with its jaws open wide.
“He was perfectly happy. He would have stayed for however long,” homeowner Steve Polston told the local station.
The unwelcome guest apparently managed to climb a 15-foot staircase to the porch. Once there, he broke through a screen door to gain access. Polston said his family heard a commotion and initially thought someone ― as in a human ― had broken into their home.
For those keeping track, this could be yet another gators-love-golf-courses story. The Polstons’ house is located near a pond on a golf course.
Wildlife experts with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources were called to remove the giant animal. Unfortunately, it had to be euthanized right there because it couldn’t be persuaded to leave and was basically too big to be dragged out, The Post and Courier reported.
Nuisance-trapped alligators must be killed and may not be relocated under state law.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Smithfield's Employees Sing F The Police...

 Most of us need jobs. We may not like what we do. But it's nice to know that we’re getting a paycheck every week or every two weeks. A job is a blessing. So, does it make sense to compromise a job based on principles? 

Several members of law enforcement are disappointed and disturbed by what happened to police officers at a Garner restaurant.

On Jones Sausage Road, the message by the drive-thru at Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q says that it's "grateful to serve."

But Friday night, that service came with a side of disrespect.

A member of the Raleigh Police Protective Association (RPPA) took to the group's Facebook account to express their disgust. The post reads:

"Thank you Smithfield's Chicken & Barbeque Jones Sausage location for the class and professionalism as you sang "F the Police" as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?"

The post claims employees of the restaurant were singing NWA's song "F--- the Police" as they ate.

The post has gone viral and has been shared more than 2,000 times.

"Police officers go out there every day and they risk their lives and to be treated with such disrespect is truly unfortunate," Rick Armstrong with RPPA said.

The union found out about the incident after a fellow police officer posted about it.

Officers are calling for the employees who dropped the F-bomb to be disciplined.

"Suspension and/or including termination," Armstrong said.

Within hours of the union's post, the franchise owner responded by saying: "We will do a thorough investigation and terminate anyone employed that doesn't share our respect of all law enforcement."

"We do appreciate his quick response and we're going to have to wait and see what he does, and hopefully, he follows up with appropriate action on these employees," Armstrong said.

Several police officers and members of the community are rallying around this incident.

Local media sources have reached out to the franchise owner for an update on his internal investigation but no comment has been made.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Black Lives Matter Prom Dress & Other Weird News

Milan Bolden-Morris was already a well-known basketball star at her West Palm Beach, Fla., high school, and will be taking her talents to Boston College later this year. But the 17-year-old became an Internet celebrity recently after she went viral for wearing a lavish prom dress that honored the Black Lives Matter movement.

Morris, a senior player for the Cardinal Newman High School varsity squad, wore a black backless gown with lace sleeves and a large photo of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot to death in 2012, on the dress’s skirt. The flowing piece also featured black-and-white photos of Sandra Bland and other individuals who were killed during police interactions on the dress’s train.

Bolden-Morris shared images with her date on Instagram Friday, where it was immediately met with likes (more than 14,000 of them) and praise. “Beautiful concept and great all around message,” one commenter wrote. “This is amazing. So much emotion and power worn by a goddess,” Mariesha Desiray wrote. Another added, “Absolutely poignant, timely and … oh yes … Beautiful.”

However, while many are commending Bolden-Morris, she hardly takes any credit. “Honestly just the model for the dress. It was all my designer’s idea, Terrence Torrence, to convey this message and he asked if I wanted to help and of course I did,” she tells Yahoo Style. “The sole purpose was to convey his message, it was never about me or how I look in it, just the message.”

And although Bolden-Morris has received mostly positive feedback, she has still endured criticism for her statement. Still, she says, she doesn’t hold any ill will toward those who don’t approve of her fashion choice. “Many people have their opinions on the motives behind the dress, but all I can do is pray for them and know that our intentions were well,” she says. 

She also adds that while the dress clearly depicts the images of fallen African-Americans, “all lives matter” and that the loss of life is especially tragic when it’s unnecessary.

The high school student, who accepted a full ride scholarship to play hoops for the Division 1 squad, hopes to continue being an inspiration to others. “I hope to inspire others and help others to be courageous and strong in the things that they believe in,” she says. Bolden-Morris credits her strong faith in God as the reason she’s been empowered and blessed to achieve over the years.

Torrence, who works between West Palm Beach and Atlanta, told Essencethat it took him four days to design the outfit and was pleased with the outcome. “It was powerful,” he said of his work. “It was art. It was surreal. It spoke volumes.”

A state prosecutor in North Carolina has declined to bring voter-fraud charges against a woman who cast a vote for Donald Trump in her recently deceased mother's name.

The Charlotte Observer reports that District Attorney David Learner said in a statement Wednesday that it wasn't in the public's interest to charge the unidentified 67-year-old Catawba County woman with the felony offense.

Learner's office says the woman's 89-year-old mother was an ardent Trump supporter who told her to vote for the Republican candidate in the presidential election with her power of attorney before dying in October. The woman cast the vote at an early voting site and says it wasn't intended to be fraudulent.

Learner, a Republican, says his decision was nonpartisan. Trump carried Catawba County with 70 percent of the vote.

Having a friend who mooches off you twice a day is usually annoying, but 81-year-old Mette Kvam doesn’t seem to mind.
Kvam lives alone in Aurland, Norway, and her friend is a wild deer named “Flippen.” He shows up at her doorstep twice a day looking for some grub, according to Inside Edition.
Flippen has been a daily visitor for the past three years and it’s not a one-sided friendship. In return for the goodies, he lets Kvam rub his head a little.
The friendship began in 2014, when Kvam saw the stag in her yard and offered him a cookie, according to the Good News Network. To her surprise, he cautiously accepted the snack.
Now he shows up for more food each day and family friend Britt Haugsevje Vangen couldn’t be happier.
“She says that they are so lucky for having each other,” Vangen told Caters News. “Mette has no kids and since her husband passed away she has no one ― she only has Flippen in her life now.”
Typically, wildlife experts advise people not to feed wild deer. Some human foods, like corn, can be disastrous for deer, with the wrong foods leading to serious disease and even death. It can also lead to them becoming dependent on humans for food.
However, in this case, the friendship appears to have paid off for Flippen. Local hunters who are aware of the friendship have made a point not to shoot the stag, according to Vangen.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Would you kiss a car for 48 hours to get it for free? & other weird news.

A Massachusetts man has apparently reached a settlement with two Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners after the chain reportedly served him a butter substitute instead of the real thing.
Jan Polanik filed a class action suit last month against the owners of more than 20 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Boston, saying he asked for butter on his bagels but got an artificial spread instead, The Boston Globe reports
Polanik’s attorney, Thomas Shapiro, told the Globe the issue might seem like “a really minor thing,” but said his client sued for the sake of other consumers.
“The main point of the lawsuit is to stop the practice of representing one thing and selling a different thing,” Shapiro said. “It’s a minor thing, but at the same time, if somebody goes in and makes a point to order butter for the bagel ... they don’t want margarine or some other kind of chemical substitute.”
The details of the settlement were not revealed publicly.
Attorney Ryan Cunningham, who said he represents both Dunkin’ Donuts owners, declined to confirm the settlement or provide other details to The Huffington Post on Monday.
A corporate spokesman for Dunkin’ Donuts told HuffPost on Monday that the company is aware of the settlement and has different butter options in place.
“The majority of Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Massachusetts carry both individual whipped butter packets, and a butter-substitute vegetable spread,” the spokesman said by email.
Polanik’s attorney did not immediately return a request for comment. 

What would you do for a free car? Would you kiss one for 48 hours?!

People are engaged in a bizarre kissing contest in Texas that will reward the last person slobbering on the vehicles with a free Kia.

Since 7 a.m. on Monday, contestants have been pressing their lips to two different cars inside of an Austin dealership as their marathon is broadcast to 

The “Kiss a Kia” contest started with 20 people. By Tuesday afternoon that number was down to 11.

Different candidates left for “different reasons,” a representative for iHeart radio station 96.7 KISS FM, which is hosting the event, told The Huffington Post.

“Some left voluntarily, some were called out for their lips coming off the car,” said iHeart Media Director Zachary Wellsandt. “Everyone has been in great spirits, even those called out have taken it well and talked to us on their way home to some well-earned sleep.”

Fortunately, there are 10-minute breaks each hour — not that it makes idly standing, bending or kneeling next to a car for hours on end a cake walk, especially when you consider they’re also fighting a lack of sleep.

After each break, the participants must rotate places ― requiring a little wipedown of the car by their place taker. Those who were standing before the break will also have to sit in the next hour, and vice versa.

If after 50 hours there are people still hanging on, one of their names will be drawn at random to determine the winner, Wellsandt said.

This is a prank that is only funny to a white teenager……..
As “promposals” go, this one was a bust,  literally.
A police dash cam video posted on Facebook Friday shows a Georgia police officer stopping two teens in a white pickup truck in Peachtree City.
The video shows the officer explaining that he pulled the truck over because a decal was obstructing the tag. He also mentions the department has had “a little history on the truck” after a previous stop.
“Have you ever been stopped before in this truck,” the officer asks. “Do you have any siblings? Do you ever let friends drive the truck?”
The officer asks the people in the truck to get out. The driver is a teenage boy and his passenger is a girl around the same age.
The officer asks and is given permission to search the vehicle. He returns and seems very angry.
“If you lie to me, I run out of options, all right,” the officer says. “You work with me, I’ve done this a thousand times, I can normally work with folks but the thing I can’t work with is dishonesty.”
When the male driver refuses to provide any further information, the officer places him in handcuffs. 
At that point, the girl starts to look worried. Very worried. 
Then the officer comes back with bags of what he claims appears to be marijuana.
Both teens deny the drugs are theirs so the officer then hands a bag containing a small slip of paper to the girl and asks, “Does that look like weed to you?”
After looking at the note, a large smile crosses her face.
“Oh my God, this is not funny,” she says laughing, the driver still in handcuffs.
The boy then brings out a sign that says, “Prom? Say yes or you’re under arrest!”
Spoiler alert: She did say yes, though she still seemed freaked out by the elaborate charade.
Although this video seems to be a perfect example of how not to do a promposal, the Peachtree City Police Department said the parents of the teens gave the department permission to post it on its Facebook page.
As the video below shows, other teens have enlisted the police for promposal help, but the results weren’t as visually arresting.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

An 8 Year Old Drives To McDonalds & Other Weird News

Ever crave something so badly you’ll do anything to get it?

An 8-year-old Ohio boy who learned to drive a car in minutes just so he could go to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger, the Weirton Daily Times reports.

Police in East Palestine said the unidentified boy got a sudden urge for a Mickey D’s cheeseburger Sunday night around 8 p.m., but both of his parents had fallen asleep after a busy day. 

The boy had eaten dinner, but he was still jonesing for that cheeseburger.

The kid apparently didn’t want to wake his parents in hopes they’d spring for a burger. Instead, he watched driving instruction videos on YouTube for a few minutes before putting his 4-year-old sister in his dad’s van so they could get their fix.

The young driver managed to safely get through four intersections before getting to a McDonald’s drive-through about 1.5 miles from the house.

Then it came time to order the food.

“Whenever he pulled up to the first window, employees actually thought they were being pranked," Patrolman Jeff Koehler said.

“The workers thought that the parents were in the back, but obviously they weren’t,” Koehler explained to the Morning Journal News.

Once the employees figured out the kids were on a joy ride by themselves, the police were called to the restaurant.

Koehler spoke to the boy, who admitted he had never driven before, but learned by watching YouTube. He told Koehler he got the keys to his dad’s van by standing on his tip-toes, according to the paper.

When the child suddenly realized that taking car keys in order to illegally drive was wrong, he burst into tears. However, he and his sis did get to eat their cheeseburgers while waiting for their grandparents to pick them up.

No word on what punishment the young driver may face from his parents, butno criminal charges are being filed against him, 

A Chicago high school student was accepted into each of the 24 colleges she applied to and 23 of those schools are historically black colleges and universities.
Ariyana Davis, 18, applied to so many schools via the Common Black College Application, according to ABC News. It allows students to apply to up to 50 of the more than 100 HBCUs for a one-time fee of $35. 
The Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School student, who took college prep courses during lunch at her school, told the outlet that attending an HBCU was a priority for her. 
“They are known for producing successful black professionals,” she said. “It was important for me to go to an institution that feels like home.”
Davis shared on Twitter that she received acceptance letters from prestigious colleges including Howard University, Spelman College, Xavier University, Hampton University and Tuskegee University. The one predominately white institution she applied to and got accepted to was Eastern Illinois University. 

A Spanish dad gave traditional maternity photos what he thought was a hilarious spin with his own photo shoot.
Francisco Pérez, known to his friends as Paco, posed for some parody pregnancy photos on the outskirts of Málaga City in southern Spain………….
The series was the brainchild of photographer Martyn Wilkes. 
“I had been recently doing lots of maternity work, and I wanted to do something different to break things up and have a bit of fun,” Wilkes said. “I have known Paco for four or five years and admittedly often jested about his rather large stomach, which resembled a pregnant mother.”
The photographer came up with the outfit, painted stomach concept and flower accessories. He said his subject found the photo shoot hilarious and totally nailed the execution.
Both men are fathers and morons, Wilkes has a 5-year-old girl and 13-month-old boy, and Pérez has two daughters, 22-year-old Natalia and 26-year-old Virginia. 


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Dirty South Gets Dirtier!

Once again conservative “moral” republicans show their true colors….
The implosion of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s political career has, even by the standards of Southern state government, moved at a snail’s pace. But nearly 13 months after a bitter ex-state employee announced to the world that the Republican had been having a long-term affair with an aide, Bentley’s slow-burning scandal has culminated with his resignation from office.
Hours after the Alabama House Judiciary Committee began hearings to consider Bentley’s impeachment from office on Monday, the two-term governor was fingerprinted at the Montgomery County jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges, part of a deal struck with state law enforcement to avoid impeachment and multiple felony charges in exchange for his resignation.
After being booked on one count of failure to file campaign disclosures and one count of failure to disclose economic interest, Bentley made his way to the Old House Chamber of the Alabama state capitol and announced that he had ceded power to Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey.
“I’ve not always made the right choices, I’ve not always said the right thing. Though I have sometimes failed, I’ve always tried to live up to the high expectations that people place on the person who holds this esteemed office,” Bentley said. “There have been times that I’ve let you and our people down, and I’m sorry for that."
“I can no longer allow my family and my dear friends, my dedicated staff and cabinet, to be subjected to the consequences that my past actions have brought upon them,” Bentley continued. “The time has come for me to look at new ways to serve the good people of our great state. I have decided it is time for me to step down as Alabama’s governor.”
Bentley's resignation comes three days after the committee’s special counsel released a 3,000-page report on Bentley’s relationship with his married chief adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, and more than four years after the first stirrings of an illicit affair that ended the governor's marriage and his political career.
The 130-page summary of the committee’s investigation—which was comprehensive enough to have merited its own web domain reads more like a rejected Nancy Meyers script treatment than the result of a government investigation: texted professions of undying love, indiscreet assignations in the governor’s office, and accusations that the governor directed a bodyguard to break up with his mistress for him.....
The last item, a result of what the committee characterized as “increasing obsession and paranoia,” has prompted allegations that Bentley used state resources to conduct—and, apparently, to break off—his affair. It was this charge, more than any moral opprobrium, that led to calls for the governor's impeachment. Especially given the fact that Alabama is one of the poorest states in the country.
The leadership of Alabama Republican Party said it couldn't support Bentley on Monday afternoon. "When situations arise that are in direct conflict with the betterment of our people, we will speak up regardless of political party," it said in a statement.
Bentley, in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary, denied that a “physical affair” took place for more than a year, but he has apologized for making “inappropriate remarks” to Mason.
The end of Bentley's two-decade political career may be the least of his worries, however. On April 5, a state ethics commission found probable cause to believe that Bentley had violated both the Alabama Ethics Act and the Fair Campaign Practices Act. Although the details of the specific allegations are sketchy, they are Class B felonies. Were Bentley to be charged by the Montgomery County district attorney and convicted, he faced 20 years in jail and a fine of up to $20,000 for each violation. The reported deal between Bentley and the Montgomery County district attorney, however, reduces those potential charges to the two misdemeanor charges.
The plea deal also stipulated Bentley's resignation from office—sparing the governor potential jail time in exchange for sparing the people of Alabama the specter of drawn-out impeachment proceedings against the state's chief executive.
What Bentley may be most guilty of, though, is being really stupid.
Starting in 2013, according to Bentley’s now ex-wife, Dianne, Mason began staying overnight in the pool house of the governor’s mansion, an arrangement that raised eyebrows in Montgomery.
At first, Dianne Bentley excused the frequent sleepovers, according to the report. Mason’s home with her husband, the head of the governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, was in Tuscaloosa, nearly a two-hour drive from the state capital. But the first lady of Alabama, a devout Christian who would write prayer requests for her husband on sticky notes that she kept in her personal devotional, was eventually informed by Heather Hannah, her chief of staff, that the governor and Mason would “jump” when interrupted by other members of his staff and that he had begun to return home from work with makeup on his shirts.
The governor’s wife and Hannah were among the more than 20 witnesses interviewed by the special counsel appointed by the Alabama House Judiciary Committee to investigate Bantley's relationship with mason. The report is based on their testimony, as well as a review of more than 10,000 pages of documents, text message transcripts, and audio recordings.
Other members of the governor’s staff began to notice Bentley’s increasingly close relationship with his chief adviser. According to the House committee’s report, Bentley would call Mason “baby” in meetings, and Ray Lewis, the leader of Bentley’s security detail, told the House committee that he had once observed Mason leaving the governor’s office with tousled hair, her outfit disheveled.
The governor’s apparent indiscretion in conducting the affair was matched only by his paranoia about the affair being publicly revealed. Hannah, Dianne Bentley’s chief of staff, testified to the House committee that the governor personally confronted her on multiple occasions about leaking information about the affair.
The confrontations featured open threats from the governor, Hannah told the House committee’s special counsel.
“You will never work in the state of Alabama again if you tell anyone about this,” Hannah recalled Bentley telling her in the kitchen of the governor’s mansion, a finger pointed in her face.
On another occasion, Hannah testified that Bentley warned her to “watch herself” because she “did not know what she was getting into,” and that his position as governor meant that the people of Alabama would “bow to his throne.”
Meanwhile, the once-close Bentley marriage was collapsing. During a ritzy National Governors Association dinner in Washington, D.C., the governor texted Mason—seated across the table—in full view of his wife, who was sitting next to him.
The text, Dianne Bentley later testified, read: “I can’t take my eyes off of you.”
Other members of the governor’s family became aware of the affair, according to the report, after perusing a state-issued iPad that Bentley had given to his wife. The 74-year-old governor was apparently ignorant of the fact that the tablet was logged into the same iCloud messaging account that he used to text sweet nothings to Mason.
Bentley’s four adult sons were apparently so worried that they came to suspect that the affair was the result of “dementia,” according to the report. The Bentley children went so far as to attempt to have the governor evaluated by medical specialists, although no such evaluation ever took place.
Meanwhile, the governor’s wife began taking screenshots of the governor’s texts with Mason that appeared on her iPad—conversations that eventually became crucial and cringeworthy evidence in the impeachment case against Bentley.
Perhaps the most egregious moment in the Bentley-Mason affair came when the governor, as cheating husbands have done since text messaging was invented, accidentally texted “I love you Rebekah” to his wife.
To Bentley’s credit, he followed up 17 hours later by texting “I love you Dianne” with an emoji of a rose.
On Aug. 28, 2015, the governor’s wife filed for divorce.
Cheating on one’s spouse isn’t against the law, even in Alabama. So many “family values” Republicans have turned out to be guilty of sexual impropriety that Bentley’s worst mistake might just have been unoriginality.
But it was the governor’s alleged use of state employees to facilitate and cover up his affair—and the eventual firing of the state’s top law enforcement official—that turned a tale of political peccadilloes into threats of impeachment and possible jail time.
According to the House committee’s report, Bentley directed Lewis, his security chief, to confront office staff whom he believed to be gossiping about the affair, as well as to convince one of his adult sons to turn over surreptitious recordings his wife had made of him and Mason.
The governor allegedly even used Lewis as a go-between to finally end his relationship with Mason, according to the committee’s report. After Lewis confronted the governor about the affair, the report alleges, Bentley “asked Lewis to go upstairs to meet with Mason and end the relationship.”
After the hour-long breakup meeting in a conference room at the state capitol in which Lewis conveyed the governor’s wishes, Bentley entered the room and placed a hand on Mason’s shoulder. “It’s all right, baby,” Lewis later testified that Bentley said. “It’s going to be all right.”
But although the affair was over, the report alleges, the cover-up continued.
Bentley apparently became suspicious that Spencer Collier, the head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, was in possession of some of the recordings containing evidence that he had been engaged in an affair with Mason. After attempting to sideline Collier by placing him on medical leave, Collier alleges, the governor fired him on March 22, 2016, alleging misuse of state funds by the agency Collier oversaw. (Collier has since been cleared of any wrongdoing.)
That same day, Collier told that he had seen text messages and heard audio recordings showing that Bentley had been conducting an affair, igniting the public scandal that has finally lead to the demise of the once-popular governor’s political career