Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Does Being Fat Mean Being Handicapped?

I see it everywhere I go. Obese people with handicapped stickers, parking in sections reserved for the handicapped. I will admit as strange as this may sound, that sometimes I watch to see if they pull a cane out of the back seat or walk with a limp, or have some other visible impairment which would justify their choosing to park in a space normally reserved for the elderly or seriously impaired. Often times I see no such evidence, and although I have no idea who these people are, and I don't have access to their medical records, the possibility that they may be using fat as a handicap thoroughly annoys me.
People who have MS are handicapped. People who are crippled
are handicapped.
People who are sight or hearing impaired are handicapped.
But, people who decide to eat a six egg omelette every single day ARE NOT HANDICAPPED! People who decide that they have to eat every item on the dollar menu with a Big Mac on the side ARE NOT HANDICAPPED! People who decide to eat until they have to ride around Walmart in a scooter ARE NOT HANDICAPPED! You may be asking yourself right about now who I think I am. I'll tell you. I am a man who used to weigh 324 lbs and NEVER thought about parking in a spot reserved for the handicapped.


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