Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Delusional Drake

"Rapper/Singer" Drake recently said that he is the first artist to rap and sing. He also said that he discovered America, and drafted the Declaration of Independence! Lol! But seriously his statement is just as absurd. He must have totally forgotten about or never heard of Lauren Hill, who did both, way better, and Andre 3000, who did both, way better. Some hip hop purists may even remember Grand Puba, and Slick Rick singing & rapping on records & doing it way better. Drake seems to have created a bubble for himself inside of which he is the only thing that matters. But those of us who live firmly rooted in reality know that rappers have done it before him & will be doing it long after him. Maybe he was joking when he said what he said. Maybe he was just looking for attention or started babbling in a syrup driven haze, or maybe, just maybe, he actually believes what he says. Rappers bragging is by no means a new phenomenon. Kanye West and Jay-Z do it all the time, but, the difference between Kanye, Jay-Z and Drake is that Kanye and Jay have the talent to back it up.
P.S. to all of those who are Drake fans, I really didn't want to "go in" on him but, enough is enough already !


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