Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not My Cup of Tea (Party)

The Tea Party is an anti-government, ultra conservative right wing arm of the Republican Party founded in 2009, the year after President Obama, who just happens to be the 1st African American President, was elected. The party was formed in protest to both the Wall Street bail out and the Stimulus package. Both of which are programs put in place by President Obama. They are fiscal conservatives who believe in curbing government spending. The irony in their very existence is the fact that they were no where to be found when then President George H.W. Bush was engaging in government spending with wreck less abandon? The Party also vowed to purge the Republican Party of those who are not conservative enough and often spout coded rederick about "taking their country back" and returning to the good old days. In all reality The Tea Party, much like the Ku Klux Klan was born out of fear, and hatred of Black, and brown progress in America, and "their country" is a place in which black, and brown people wouldn't be allowed to vote or even exist. The good old days refer to a time when there was no Black President.
The Tea Party is no more than a fringe group. The bastard offspring of the GOP, used to play on the fears and insecurities of poor, and middle class white people and a few misguided African American's to vote against their own interests. They have these people convinced that minorities are taking their jobs and destroying their way of life, and this is just a diversion. The truth is, a lot of what is perceived to be racial issues are really class issues. Black and brown people are not the reason that most major corporations outsource. Corporations do so because of the lower cost of doing business and pure greed. Then multi millionaires, and even billionaires in some cases use the media, and groups like the tea party to shift the blame provoking hostility for a pseudo enemy. Most people regardless of color, want the same things. A great job, good health care, good schools for our children, and safe neighborhood's. But as long as some of us remain distracted by the boogie man we will never focus on the real matter at hand. The rich getting richer at our expense.


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