Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Christian Right Is Christian Wrong

Jesus died for our sins. He came to earth  to live as a man so that The Lord would be able to better understand what it was like to live in the flesh, and then he gave his life. Before Christ, and before the New Testament, men 
were subject to the strict laws of the Old Testament. There were plagues, people who were turned to pillars of salt, and a flood that wiped out everyone on the planet except for Moses, his family, and 2 of each animal. People met swift punishments for their sins, and some were even stoned to death. Although  crucifixion has always been closely identified with Jesus, it is not likely that he was the first or the last to meet this fate. In fact, history records that there were 2 thieves who were nailed to crosses on both sides of him. 
But despite the sacrifice that Jesus made, and the mercy that he has shown us and continues to show us, there are those on the "Christian" right who stand high on their soap boxes holding stones firmly in their hands waiting for the opportunity to pummel those who have fallen short, as if they themselves have never sinned. Even in the midst of a disaster there are those who choose to promote their insensitive, far fetched agenda even if it is rooted in insanity.

If we’ve learned anything from Pat Robertson in the past 30 years it is that God is responsible for nothing. The responsibility for all of the world’s tragedies lie squarely in the laps of gays, non-Christians, people who have sex out of wed lock, abortion, feminism and birth control. But what happens if a tragedy strikes at the geographical heart of evangelical Christianity?

Last Monday night, a horrific tornado, measuring as much as a two miles wide and 22 miles long, devastated a suburb of Oklahoma City, OK. Its wreckage imagines the worst of war-torn countries. At this point, 12 adults and nine children have been confirmed dead.

While Americans are setting aside party politics and lending a hand where a hand is needed, televangelist, Pat Robertson, has consistently done what he does best  point fingers, and cast ridiculous aspersions.

A couple of years ago when asked why God lets tornado happen, Robertson’s answer was that God created weather patterns and that the blame should be placed on the people that chose to live in the weather’s way. If only there was a follow-up question asking where, exactly, people were immune from weather and natural disasters. He also said that Jesus would have stopped the tornado if only people had prayed enough.

 “If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms. If bad things happen, blame yourself. God is never at fault. You weren’t righteous enough to prevent tragedy and if you were righteous enough, then surely your neighbors brought the wrath upon you."

"God doesn't send tornadoes to hurt people. We call them 'acts of God,' but they're not," he continued. "All I can say is, why do you build houses in a place where tornadoes are apt to happen?" He went on to slam people who build houses "on the edge of an ocean," saying "it's their fault, it's not God's," when a hurricane comes. "It's the same thing with if you want to build a house on the San Andreas fault, you know there's going to be a fault, you know the earth is faulted, there are going to be earthquakes, so don't blame God for doing something foolish."

It's seems as if whenever Pat Robertson opens his mouth he makes a conscious decision to do something foolish. It would be easy to dismiss his comments as the ranting of an old man showing signs of dementia. But his TV show, The 700 Club, which as been on the air since 1968 is funded by viewers donations. Millions of viewer donations. Which means that there a multitude of people who believe as he does. People with their feet firmly planted in another world totally detached from reality. The "Christian" right are not the right Christians.


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