Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is Deportation The Answer?

Immigration has always been a "hot button" issue, with proponents on both sides passionately arguing the pros and cons. It has always been my personal belief that anyone who wants to live in America, work in America, and have all of the benefits of the American dream, should take the steps necessary to do so legally. There should be little if any exceptions to the immigration process.
As an African-American man, it has been my observation that many immigrants come into the United States with pre-conceived notions in reference to what my journey or life is or has been in this country. These particular notions are usually racist, and stereotypical in line with western culture, and cultural conditioning. Most probably have no idea that the only reason that they can even attempt to assimilate into society is because of the civil rights movement which was started by African-Americans who's goal was to gain equality for all men. With that being said, I find it ironic that there is a campaign to bend the rules when it comes to some brown people in the country, and absolutely no wiggle room or sympathy when it comes to Blacks who run afoul of the law.

In Burlington, North Carolina Latinos held a prayer vigil in support of an Alamance County father who is facing deportation .

Isaias Valles-Castrejon’s fight against deportation is on its last legs as a result of a traffic stop in April.

An Alamance County deputy cited Isaias Valles-Castrejon for not having insurance and not having a driver’s license on April 22.

Ten months later, he is required to leave through voluntary removal on February 15.

“Give me a ticket, don’t separate me from my family,” Valles-Castrejon said in Spanish.

The 26-year-old is a cook at a restaurant and has two boys, ages three and five, as well as a wife in Burlington.

Randy Jones with the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said his officers regularly do random license plate checks when not otherwise occupied.

“You wouldn’t believe how many cars out there are stolen, or have expired tags, or belong to somebody out on a warrant,” Jones said. “So we check as many as we can.”

Jones added that those checks are done randomly, regardless of the driver’s race or country of origin.

Monday’s prayer vigil was also held to let lawmakers know they want paths to citizenship for many who live here illegally.

Members of the NC Dream Team an “organization composed of undocumented immigrant youth and allies who are dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, community led immigrant rights movement in North Carolina”, were also on hand at the vigil, and said they will be watching President Obama’s State of the Union address very closely the next night, hoping that he will talk about immigration reform.

“It’s ups and downs. I listen to him and I get excited and I hope we are going to get something passed,” says Jackie Aguilar a member of NC Dream Team.

Since 2009, lawmakers have debated the The Dream Act, legislation that would protect undocumented children who came to the U.S. before they were 18-years-old.

“It’s frustrating because I’ve heard about it since I was in high school,” Aguilar says.

She and other Latinos are tired of all the talk and are ready for action.

“It destroys our dreams. We get our hopes and then they stop us. We don’t know what to do or what’s next,” she said.


So, this guy drives around illegally with no drivers license, and no insurance, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?! If anyone got into an accident with him then they'd just be out of luck. God forbid somebody got hurt. The fact that these people have the nerve to hold a prayer vigil for an illegal immigrant who essentially endangered the lives of every legal driver on the road is insane, ridiculous, and immoral. The only thing worse than that is the fact that the lack of a "fair" immigration policy is being blamed for Valles-Castrejon's decision to break the law. I have a wife and kids also and guess what? I don't do things that could possibly result in us never seeing each other again! In my opinion, yes, deportation is the answer.


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