Friday, May 24, 2013

Able To Overcome

There is adversity, and then there is ADVERSITY. Recently I wrote a piece about "1st world" problems. But there are people here in America (a 1st world country who have "3rd world" problems. Their plight's or circumstances are sometimes written off irresponsibility or overlooked as insignificance, which makes their success that much harder. But despite road blocks, tragedy, and disadvantage some still manage to rise above it all.

Even though Chelesa Fearce was homeless for most of her high school years, this tenacious young woman will not only graduated from high school with honors this week but she is also the class valedictorian.

Fearce’s success is especially significant when one considers the fact that she maintained her stellar grades while dealing with hunger, 

“You worry about being a little hungry sometimes, so you go hungry sometimes. You just have to deal with it. You eat what you can, when you can.”

And Fearce isn’t the only shining star in her family. Her sister is also graduating as her high school’s salutatorian.

Meanwhile, their proud Mom’s formula for her girl’s academic success is quite simple, books. Shephard says, “I read to them a lot, took them to the library. Everything was a learning experience.”

Their story is a learning experience and an inspiration to us all. While many of us spend time worrying about what to eat, their are some people who are worried about when they are going to eat, and despite this they still succeed, thrive, and are emerge victorious.


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