Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just When You Thought You Heard It All.......(week ending 5/11)

This story takes loving Jesus to a whole new level.
 Artist Angela Su recently got a tattoo of 39 prayer fragments, done without ink  resulting in a series of red scars across her back.
According to the Japan Times, the painful exercise was meant to resemble the lashes Christ received in the Bible. The artwork is currently on display in an ongoing exhibit titled, "Hong Kong Eye," dedicated to the work of 24 contemporary Hong Kong artists.
Su's tattoo project seeks to address self-mutilation practices in our culture, from simple tattoos to other acts of body modification. On her blog, the artist provides disturbing details of the process
 I love Jesus, I really do, but he died for me, and suffered so that I wouldn't have to. Besides, that looks really painful.

This week in stupid criminal news,

A man arrested for trying to steal a case of beer had a very unusual accessory to the crime: A mouse in his pocket. Jacobson, 20, allegedly attempted to swipe a case as it was being unloaded at a store in Cedar Hills, Oregon, but was caught by the distributor who chased after him. 
Jacobson reportedly threw the beer at the distributor, striking him in the face, before sprinting onto the Nike campus in Beaverton where he was apprehended with help of the K-9 crew & arrested.
When Jacobson was taken into custody, deputies allegedly found a live mouse in his pocket. The suspect's father was then contacted to claim possession of the mouse before his son was taken to jail and charged with robbery and theft. Bail was set at 20,000, but the beer costs $12.99.
No charges have been filed against the mouse who claims that he was forced to participate in the scheme against his will.

This last story is proof of something that I have always suspected. Bacon makes everything better.
How do you live to be 105 years old? By eating bacon every single day, according to 105-year-old Texas woman Pearl Cantrell.

The grandmother has outlived three of her seven children as well as her husband. But her secret to a long life isn’t regular exercise or a vegetarian diet, but rather eating fatty pieces of delicious bacon every single day.

“I love bacon and eat it everyday,” Cantrell said. “I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say.” 

A Grandma after my own heart!


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