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Just When You Heard It All News (5-25-13)

Heroism has no age, and 5 year old Nathaniel Dancy Jr., a New Jersey kindergartener, proved it this past Monday when he saved his father’s life.

Nathaniel and his father had been out all day, going to the movies and shopping for school shoes, when Nathaniel Dancy Sr. began having a stroke while driving. Somehow he was able to pull the car off the highway and into a parking lot before he lost function.

From there little Nathaniel took his father’s cell phone and called his grandmother who often takes care of him while his mother is at work. In the middle of the conversation Nathaniel Jr. hung up the phone. His grandmother called him back and put his mother on 3-way.

When the women tried to ask him where he was, he had trouble pronouncing the name of a nearby store. So they asked him to spell the name of it. That’s when Nathaniel said: “F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E,” the number 22 and then told them they had just gone through a tunnel, which was a highway overpass.

Nathaniel’s grandmother went to a nearby firehouse to find out where they might have been. They told her and then she dialed 911 while her daughter rushed over to a parking lot at 22 Furniture Gallery on Route 22 in Hillside, N.J.

The ambulance arrived shortly after Nathaniel’s mom did.

Nathaniel Sr. was taken to the hospital where he is still in intensive care, on a feeding tube. Dancy Sr., 33, had been taking high blood pressure medicine before the incident.

In an interview, little Nathaniel’s mother, Janel Blackman, had this to say about Nathaniel Sr.’s condition and Nathaniel Jr.’s efforts:

“He is still in the hospital, still trying to survive. They did in fact save him just in time. I congratulated Nathaniel for being so heroic and helping his dad, and at the same time, his dad was a hero, too. To be in the midst of a stroke and know to get off the highway and get yourself and your child to safety is amazing, especially when you’ve lost feeling in half of your body.”

Nathaniel Jr. is the youngest of five brothers and sisters and is a kindergartener at West Side Park Elementary School, a charter school in Newark, NJ.

His mother says Nathaniel is very smart and has great diction. She says listening to him speak, you would never guess he’s just five. She says he’s on a third grade level and can spell words and understand concepts average elementary school students cannot.

Blackman told the local media that she has yet to take Nathaniel to see his father in the hospital.

“I don’t think that it’s sunk in to him. He just thought his dad needed help. He’s not aware of the full severity of the situation. They are very close, and I don’t know the traumatic side effects it could have on him.

“I said to him, ‘Daddy might not be the same daddy you remember,’ and he said, ‘I hope my dad doesn’t end up in a wheelchair.’ It just melted my heart. He’s just so compassionate as a little guy.”

"Nate the great" is quite a remarkable young man, who probably handled the situation better than most adults. Good for him!

In a case of extreme overkill, a Charlotte woman had her son arrested for, wait for it..............., stealing her Pop-Tarts earlier this week.

According to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report, the mother called investigators on Monday to report her Pop-Tarts had been stolen from her home. She fingered her own son, who is a juvenile, as the culprit. 

If you can't trust your own mother, who in the world can you trust?

Neighbor Fred Patrick laughed when he first learned an arrest had been made over Pop-Tarts. He knows the young boy.

“He seems real nice to me. I mean, he is real respectful,” Patrick said

The report said that the boy was placed under juvenile arrest and was charged with larceny/misdemeanor.

Another neighbor, Tiffany Covington, said in her house, food is there for everyone.

Why is this something to brag about? Food being for everyone in the house should be a bygone conclusion, as long as they don't eat my Blue Diamond wasabi almonds. Anything but my almonds!

“It would be nice if they asked, but they don’t. They are kids,” she said.

The mom declined to comment unless you count the string of obscenities hurled at a local reporter. 

This next story is proof positive of 2 things.

#1. God don't like ugly.

#2. What you do in the dark will always come to light.

Especially if you hit the switch.

Two 20-year-old idiots in Fresno, Calif., are facing multiple charges after police say one of them pocket-dialed 911 while breaking into a car. The 911 operator listened in on Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart and heard things like "I just want to smoke weed so bad," police say. The phone was still on as the two realized they were being pulled over by police, who were able to find them thanks to tips from the dispatcher listening in on the conversation. "The phone really called 911?" asked one of the suspects. Audio of the unintended call was broadcast by a local TV station last week.

Some people are just plain dumb.


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