Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pray For Me?

Do you pray for me like I pray for you when you're down on your knees morning, noon, and night?

Or do you prey for me and then pray for yourself truly believing that your selfishness is right?

If you know that I'm going through, and there's something that you can do, and you don't pray for me it's like preying on me.

Whenever you join hands, decide to touch and agree. Do you focus on your problems, or do you remember me?

When I hold you up in prayer, do you remember that I am there.....
needing you to pray, pray for me.

Pray for me!

When you're sending ten thousand to flight on those dark and lonely nights, tell me did you recognize the pain in my eyes, or believe my deceptive lies?

Did you uncover my charade, and see deep beyond my masquerade, and not realize that I needed you to pray for me?

Will my name cross your mind, when you kneel before God next time?
My brother, my sister will you please pray for me?


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