Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1st World Problems

First world problems are problems that really aren't problems at all. They are actually frivolous, petty concerns that anyone in a 3rd world country would be happy to have.

Third World:
  1. the underdeveloped nations of the worldespecially those with widespread poverty.
    These are countries like Ethiopia, where people don't have enough food, housing, safe drinking water, adequate medical care, indoor plumbing, or transportation. Not to mentions many of the things that most Americans take for granted like education, air conditioning, and  television. 
    These people have real problems. In fact their problems are often a matter of life and death.
    The United States on the other hand is what I would call a 1st world country. The majority of us have the things that people in 3rd world countries can only imagine in abundance. But we still believe that we have problems.
    We are all guilty of having 1st world problems. I know I am.
    GettIng frustrated because you have to rearrange everything in your refrigerator to squeeze in even more food......Is a 1st world problem.
    Complaining about the price of gas, even though you can afford to fill up......is a 1st world problem.
    Agonizing over what pair of shoes to wear with which outfit.....is a 1st world problem.
    Having a hard time finding a program to watch even though you have over a thousand different channels.......is a 1st world problem.
    Getting upset with your spouse for working long hours for excellent pay........is a 1st world problem.
    Last but not least. Actually figuring out what 1st world problems are while stretching out on your king-sized bed, and typing on your IPhone......is definitely a 1st world problem.


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