Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brawl On The Bus

Each morning millions of Americans allow their children to ride the school bus. That first school bus ride is like a right of passage for some children because it often represents their first school experience. As parents watching our kids board that big yellow bus every morning, we pray for traveling mercy as our children go on their way, hoping that the bus driver, who acts as our children's temporary guardian is up to the task and challenge that faces them. I am sure that most of them are. But there is always that one.

In Polk County, Florida a fight between two Florida teenagers landed their bus driver behind bars. 

Investigators said a school bus driver took the two girls, 13 and 16 years old, and a bus full of students to her house so the teenagers could fight.

“When we first learned of this we thought, you know, this is so bizarre. It’s got to be true because people can’t make it up,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Witnesses said it started when the two girls were arguing on the bus.

“And all of a sudden the school bus driver says, ‘This is going to be handled today. They need to fight’,” said Judd.

According to reports, the bus driver, 29-year-old Patrice Sanders, passed several bus stops to take the students to her house so the girls could fight in her front yard.

“And you know what I want to say to Patrice, come on girl, what are you thinking? How in the world could you allow and promote and encourage children to fight?” said Judd.

When I saw Sherriff Judd make this comment on the news, "come on girl" with his country accent, to me his tone sounded reminded me of the Jim Crow south. Disparaging, and almost patronizing in tone. But Saunders should have never put herself in that position.

After the girls stopped fighting they got back on the bus and started fighting again. Then the students said the bus driver told them “what happens on the bus, stays on the bus”.

“Can you imagine that? Can you imagine all of those iPhones, all of those clips, and she thinks it’s going to stay on the bus,” said Judd.

Neither of the girls suffered any serious injuries during the fights. But they will forever be traumatized by the school bus driver from hell. Patrice Sanders, a woman with a twisted sense of justice, who has not only betrayed the parents who entrusted her with their precious cargo, but she has also given them pause. I know that she has certainly caused me to think twice.


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