Thursday, May 30, 2013

Judge Freak

There are some things that have nothing to do with race, class, party affiliation, or socio-economic status. One of these things is the fact that some men just can't keep it in their pants. They risk it all for foolish moments of pleasure, and for some, the results of their severe lapse in judgement ends up playing out in public for all the world to see.

In Ann Arbor Michigan Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree told his side of the story for the first time publicly Tuesday in a case that could cost him his job. His animated testimony in an Ann Arbor courtroom included sordid details about his sexual relationship with Geniene La’Shay Mott, a complaining witness in a nonpayment of child support case before him. McCree said he talked to Mott in his courtroom and the two later met for lunch, hit it off and carried on a relationship that was both “passionate” and “volatile” for at least four months in 2012.

“It went from a summer romance to an absolutely fallout,” he recalled at his judicial misconduct trial being held at the Washtenaw County Circuit Courthouse. At the time, McCree said, he was lonely and things weren’t as good as he would have liked in his marriage.

“I was going through a difficult point in my life,” he said. 
“It’s no secret I recently lost my dear sister and my mother.” 

McCree, who has been suspended from his job without pay, failed to recuse himself from the case his mistress was involved with, discussed the case with her and oversaw a hearing in August where the father of Mott’s child was the defendant, according to a 20-page complaint filed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission in March.

"It was an absolute pure oversight,” he testified. “I should have recused myself from that case and transferred it to another judge in a more timely manner. I did not.”

Yeah, ok, an oversight that happened to benefit his "side piece".

He testified that his failure to do so did not affect his decisions in the case. McCree said he was not keeping the case to “help out or hurt anyone,” and he treated the father of Mott’s child the same way he treated other defendants.

Under cross-examination, Margaret Rynier, associate examiner with the Judicial Tenure Commission, asked if after the night of June 21 the first night McCree and Mott had sex  it dawned on him to get rid of the case. “No,” he replied, “It wasn’t on my mind.” 
“What was on your mind?” she asked. His response: “a woman of two dozen years my junior.” 

McCree spoke loud and clearly, often using his hands, used inflection in his voice as he read text messages exchanged with Mott and spelled out names for the court reporter when mentioning them. When the local media asked about a nearly nude photo that he sent via cell phone Mccree had this to say. 

"I've got no shame in my game,"

The picture shows a very fit, bare-torso McCree snapping a cell-phone photo in what appears to be a bathroom mirror.

"Hot dog, yep that's me," McCree said when showed a printout of the photo.

The photo was reportedly discovered on the unnamed recipient's cell phone by her husband who found the judge's behavior "inappropriate."

McCree, who is married, disagrees and later admitted to sending the photo to other woman.Side Bar: If I see 1 more middle aged man taking a Bishop Eddie Long bathroom mirror cell phone pic.........

The Judicial Tenure Commission also has accused McCree of sending inappropriate or derogatory messages referencing people before him.

“C’mon, U’r talking about the ‘docket from hell, ‘filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes ... and then you walk in,” was a message sent to Mott from McCree’s phone, according to the JTC’s complaint. That was a private conversation to tell her she was a “star amongst the commoner,” he said adding he doesn’t think of the people before him that way.
“I have a rather colorful vocabulary,” he said. “I do, in private, use many colloquialisms that many people of color would use amongst themselves but may not use in mixed company or outside of private conversations.”

Don't be fooled this is how he truly sees the majority of those who come before him. He sees them as lower class sub-humans unworthy of respect. The very language that he uses to describe those who come before him is quite telling.
"Commoners"?! So what does that make him, royalty? No. That makes him a bourgeois, elitist, jerk.  

Before he took the stand Tuesday, LaVerne McCree, his wife of 25 years, testified about her husband’s affair. She said she first learned of it at the end of October, when she was putting groceries away. The home phone rang, she said, and her husband answered. She picked up and listened to the conversation.
She then confronted her husband, who admitted to the affair.

Soon after, LaVerne McCree learned that Mott told her husband she was pregnant and found out that her husband had filed for divorce, but he didn’t intend to follow through with it, she testified. 

They had thought Mott would get an abortion if McCree provided a proof of service that he was getting divorced, she said.


On Monday, Mott testified that she is pregnant but provided few other details about her pregnancy and never revealed the baby’s father.
McCree could face censure, suspension or removal from the bench. The hearing resumed on Wednesday.

Let me paraphrase this story because even though I've studied the details I am still amazed at the level of stupidity.

A married circuit court judge in Michigan who may I add, specializes in sexual harassment cases, had an affair with a girl 24 years his junior. Whom he met while he presided over a child support case that she was involved in. The young girl is now pregnant, and no one knows who the father is.  In addition to this he sent half nude cell phone pics to other women, and thought that it was ok.
It's not hard to guess which head he was thinking with.


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