Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 Ways To Make Her Happy To Come Home

Being married is an adventure. At least it should be. Sharing each others lives and satisfying each others needs can be difficult at times but those of us who are truly committed, stick with it, get better, and we become pretty good at it. I am not on expert on marriage, or an expert when it comes to women. To be quite honest they always have been and always will be a mystery to me. So rather than trying to unravel and decipher the proclivities of an entire gender, I decided that it was best for me to put my effort into the women that I married. Given the fact that she has not taken the kids and run away, or absconded with my vast fortune, I guess that I must be doing something right.    

Although women are different there are some things that are universal, and can go a long way when it comes to maintaining a successful marriage.   
But when there are children, work, activities, and individual personal issues involved it can be easy to lose focus every now and then. 
Here are 6 simple things that can help make her happy to come home.

1. Greet her with a kiss and or hug as soon as she come home. This shows her how happy you are to see her and how much you missed her.

2. Ask her how her day was, and actually LISTEN to the answer. Asking just for the sake of asking and not paying attention to the answer is worse than not asking at all.

3. If she comes in with a few bags, help her with them immediately. This should go without saying. But we don't always think about the details.

4. Always tell her how beautiful, pretty, cute, and gorgeous she looks. You knowing it, and her knowing that you know it is not the same as letting her know it. If you don't, somebody else will!

5. Help her with the kids. By saying "help her", kind of gives the connotation that the kids are primarily her responsibility. 
This simply should not be. Take the lead when it comes to the children sometimes. Cook dinner, serve the food. Read the kids a bed time story, clean up. Details!

6. If she says that she's tired, believe her. She won't always be tired. If she is, repeat steps 1-5. 
If that doesn't need more help than I can offer. Professional help.


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