Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Some African-American Dislike President Obama

There are some things that I will never understand. But I can accept them, and I can live with that. I accept the fact that the average Republican will continue to vote against his own best interests. I accept the fact that racism in America, although very real, is being used as a tool for "class warfare", and I accept the fact that as Americans we all have the right to agree or disagree. But it is extremely hard for me to accept or understand why so many African-Americans vehemently oppose President Obama. When I use the phrase vehemently oppose I am referring to disdain boarding on hate.
They oppose the man and not his policies, and they are prone to making hyper-critical critiques. Some supported by Internet fringe websites, and others supported by his perceived neglect of Black America. Perhaps the most dangerous thing about the internet is that vast amounts of false information is just a key stroke away, and much of it is nothing more than propaganda used to validate fear, and stoke insecurity. 
If you believe that that The Affordable Health Care Act will destroy America, then there is a contingent of like minded people who will give you unending dubious affirmation. If you believe that President Obama is Muslin then their is a contingent of people who will tell you that he unequivocally is. If you believe that he hasn't done enough for Black people and never will, then you can always find an unhappy African-American somewhere to point out the fact that he didn't swoop down with a red cape, 40 acres and a mule in tow and save us.

So why do some African-Americans dislike Barack Obama the man, as opposed to his policies? There are a myriad of reasons. Bur I believe that some in the Black community resent the presidents confidence and audaciousness. His strength, and his self assuredness. These attributes were once thought to be offensive to white America, and there are those of us who have taken on this characteristic slight toward each other. Sort of like a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Having to adopt the attitudes and habits of the oppressor to get along, and survive. Although this is no longer necessary, because the oppressor is now in the minority and fading fast, old habits die hard. 

Others are just jealous of this young upstart with the unusual ethic name who came out of nowhere and became the most powerful man in the world. The most powerful black man in the world. Not Jesse Jackson, Tavist Smiley, Cornel West, or even Al Sharpton. Not somebody who has spent decades establishing themselves in the trenches for civil rights. But America elected a young progressive, measured, intelligent, forward thinking politician the likes of which this country has never seen. A man who against all odd's has made, and continues to make history.


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