Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Are You Your Child's Parent Or Friend?

It is a phenomenon that I have never understood. A new way of parenting that has seemed to become the preferred method for a new breed of parent. The parent who refuses to be a parent. These people raise their children based on the premise that they should be best buddies with their kids. As far as i'm concerned this idea is rediculous because the philosophy that goes along with it usually allows for things like limitless self expression, and living without boundaries. Things that I have always considered detrimental to a child's development. There are parents who allow their teenage children to do everything and anything, including but not limited to, having sexual relationship's in their homes, and smoking pot in their presence. I've even heard stories about parents who smoke pot with their children.
These "progressive" parents claim that this unconventional way of child rearing is their way of being an integral part of their children's lives. But the question is. How is the failure to set boundaries, standards, and impart discipline, progressive? 

Progressive: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform. 

Progression, by the very nature of this definition has a positive connotation. But there is absolutely nothing positive about allowing your children to make decisions that they are not equipped to make while we as parents stand by and take the lazy approach to parenting. Making the answer to every desire yes, and treating our offspring as if they are our equals. This approach teaches them absolutely nothing. I have absolutely, positively no desire to befriend my children. I am a father, a daddy, a role model, a confidant, a disciplinarian, a provider, and a protector. In one way or another I always will be. To call myself their friend, their buddy, or their pal deminishes my role and is a insult to who I am. After all, a dog can be a friend. I am their father.


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