Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She's Suing Her Parents?! (The MEAN Teen)

As parents most of us want our children to have a better life than they had. If is by far the number one goal of parenting. We want to raise our children to be better than we are, and we want them to have all of the advantages that we never had because we love them. The problem is, often times those advantages translate to things, and giving them material things becomes a way for us to show that we love them.
The problem is. Are we spoiling our children? I'll be the first to admitt that I rarely if ever say no, and although my children are well behaved, straight A students, we had to teach them the concept of gratefulness. Whatever they need is provided in abundance, and whatever they want is often just a birthday or a holiday away. But that could all change in an instant if we don't appreciate our blessing's. None of us are entitled to anything. Everything is by the grace of God. But this lesson is lost on some children.

Rachel Canning, of New Jersey is suing her parents for immediate financial assistance and for help with college tuition after she says she was kicked out of the house and cut off financially. Canning, 18, who is currently living with a friend, wants a judge to declare that because she has not been emancipated from her parents, she is still dependent on them and in need of their financial support.

However, her parents say they did not abandon her. Rather, they say she voluntarily moved out after refusing to follow their rules.

"We love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It's killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home. We're not draconian and now we're getting hauled into court," father Sean Canning told the outlet. "She's demanding that we pay her bills but she doesn't want to live at home and she's saying 'I don't want to live under your rules.'"

The teen of mean, who reportedly wants to become a biomedical engineer has been accepted to several colleges so far. The University of Vermont, where she has been offered a $20,000 scholarship, is her first choice.

In a strange and somewhat disturbing twist, John Inglesino, the father of Rachel’s best friend, is funding the lawsuit. He is reported as saying that he wants to make sure the teen is able to attend the university of her choice. It is not known why Mr. Inglesino has such a vested interest in Rachel's future, or why he felt the need to interfere in this families issue. But Rachel’s father says his daughter is being misled.

“I know Rachel is a good kid, but an incredibly rebellious teen, and she’s getting some terrible information,” Sean Canning told the local media.

Social media users have been vocal about the teen's case, and many didn't hesitate to call her "spoiled." 

Spoiled rotten indeed!


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