Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jesus Would Stone Who?!

James David Manning, a Harlem pastor who is known for posting so called homophobic messages on a message board outside of his church, admonished gays for being outright bullies after his sign was vandalized. Apparently a gay rights activist posted "God is gay" on the sign. Pastor Manning has in the past used the sign to display messages such as “Jesus would stone homos” and “Harlem is a homo-free zone.”

Manning lashed out at the vandal by saying “Gay people are just outright bullies,” he said. “I expected them to act in a very violent way.”

The vandal climbed over a fence outside the church at about 12:24 a.m. Saturday, cops said. He was caught on a security camera pulling letters off the sign and replacing them with his own message, police said.

Investigators were at the church for seven hours on Saturday, dusting the sign for fingerprints and checking surveillance footage, Manning said. “I pray they’ll be able to find the people who did it,” he said. “We have the right of freedom of speech.”

While I don't totally agree with his method or his message, Pastor Manning definitely has a valid point in reference to some in the gay community being outright bullies. These people have turned a battle for gay rights into fights that they pick with any and everyone who dares to disagree. It's almost as if they've become hammers, and those who have a difference of opinion have become the proverbial nails. Each and every who expresses the slightest bit of disdain is labeled homophobic even if they have no fear of homosexuality. In the process they have managed to become the very same people that they despise. Bitter, critical people who are extremely intolerant of others.

As for Pastor Manning's comment about Jesus stoning someone. His ascertion is woefully inaccurate. Whether you are Jew or Gentile, Christian, Catholic, gay or straight, Jesus still loves you. He cares for you and he would not stone anyone.


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