Friday, March 28, 2014

He Didn't Know His Wife Is A Man?!

I don't believe him. I don't care how "pretty" he, she, it, shim is. After 19 years of marriage how could this guy not know that his wife is a dude. I won't say used to be. If you're born a man it doesn't matter what they cut off or tuck in, guess what.........YOU ARE STILL A MAN!

But that's a topic for another blog. 

Any self respecting REAL heterosexual man knows what a real woman feels like inside and out because there is nothing like the magnificence and splendor of a soft, feminine, delicate flower. But then again maybe that's just my woman. Apparently some of us are either too oblivious, or to blind to see reality. 
The man in question is Belgian and is known only as Jan, he once thought of his "wife" as beautiful and feminine.
But once his "wife's" cousin who was visiting from Indonesia revealed this secret, it all became crystal clear that this perceived feminity was a fasade. 

“I thought she was an attractive woman, and she was all woman  she had no male traits. She was 27 years old at the time, so I asked her if she wanted children. I was glad when she said she didn’t as I was 44 and already had two of my own,” he said.

He said that now he understands why his wife always needed to lubricate herself in the bedroom............and she always said that she was taking birth control pills.

He went on to explain that he should have realized that she was a man early on because she was no good at ironing. As everyone know, if you're not good at ironing you cannot possibly be a woman.

Further evidence that his mind is backwards and confused. In reality Jan didn't fall in love with he, she, it, shim. He fell in love with the idea that it represented even if it was false.


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