Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stripped, Violated, & Disrespected

david golson lawsuitThe following narrative, although humiliating, degrading and unjust speaks to a much larger issue. The global, and blatant marginalization of African-Americans. Many immigrants come to America with a westernized ideal of what it means to be an American in pursuit of the American dream, and being an African-American or anything like an African-American is not a part of that ideal. It is, in fact the opposite of what they want to be. False imagery, propaganda, media spin, and decades old stereo types have been presented to many immigrants as fact. So they come to America having already been predisposed to false notions, with a predjudice disposition built into their psyche. So when they encounter African-American's there is little if and respect, and a vehement disregard for their humanity in some cases. The following story, and footage is a prime example of what this thought process is like.

A man who allegedly tried to steal a candy bar at a Brooklyn 7-Eleven in October 2012 is suing the food chain and landlords of its Flatbush location, claiming he suffered “emotional distress” stemming from the incident.

Video footage shows store clerks restraining David Golson, who had allegedly stolen a Snickers bar. They eventually strip him to his boxers. He can be heard denying the stealing accusations, repeatedly yelling, “I don’t have nothin’!” The man filming the video seems to disagree with the clerks’ methods, saying, “You are attacking him.”

The lawsuit claims that Golson sustained a ”violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault by … three employees, who beat, stripped, bit and restrained plaintiff, accusing him of stealing goods while he screamed that he was innocent.”

It also charges that their level of aggression was not in line with what he reportedly stole, saying, “employees intentionally, brutally and violently assaulted plaintiff in a manner completely disproportionate to what they were accusing, him of: stealing a candy bar.”M

“Despite his repeated requests to be released and his claims of innocence, defendants through its employees pulled, hit, bit and stripped plaintiff of almost all of his clothes with the exception of his underpants, shoes and socks,” the suit continues.

Video from the incident quickly went viral and made its way to media outlets including the New York Daily News, Huffington Post and ABC NewsGolson claims he “suffered bruising, bite marks and was caused physical pain” from the event. His suit adds that the video has caused further harm:

“The media attention resulting from the extensive coverage of the incident and the widespread dissemination of images showing plaintiff stripped almost naked have caused plaintiff to suffer severe humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress from which he may never recover.”

All of the money in the world could not restore this mans dignity, or assuage his shame.


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