Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FREEZE!! Now Rap For Your Life!!

This story is reminiscent of the mental torture inflicted upon many African-American's during the Jim Crow era. Their lives often depended on how well they followed the dubious orders of authority. Some had to literally sing for there supper. While others had to dance like puppets on a sadistic string just to stay alive. In 2013, things have changed somewhat. But not much at all. Gone are the days when dancing and singing were forced on some Black people by fear an intimidation. These days.....

The New York Police Department allegedly forced Quinshon Shingles to rap in order to avoid arrest, and now the 27-year-old aspiring rapper is filing a lawsuit.

Shingles, whose rap moniker is “Sauce Da Boss,” said NYPD Officer David Grieco and Detective Joseph Patton unlawfully entered his cousin’s home and handcuffed him.

Once they learned that he was a rapper, they told him to spit a few “hot” lyrics. If the lyrics were good enough, officers allegedly told Shingles, they wouldn’t take him to jail. But if they didn’t pass muster, they were taking him in.

“$30,000 in pocket that’s loose change. I throw a billion in the sky like Bruce Wayne,” Quinshon Shingles rapped.

Those lyrics set Shingles free, but the experience made him lose his “artistic creativity.”

“I felt like the old days, slavery. Like dance for the master, dance and sing for the master. It just messed me up inside,” Shingles said.

“This is about me being able to tell my story so this won’t happen to another kid. This is outrageous. This is very disrespectful,” Shingles said.

Shingles and two friends were handcuffed for 90 minutes while cops performed their search, said the suit, which seeks unspecified damages. They apparently wanted to question a visitor to the apartment, but that man was not charged.

Shingles’ cousin Tyriek Fortune was arrested on a previous charge.


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