Friday, November 2, 2012

Are Your Children Taking Over?

It never fails. Everywhere I go I see well intentioned, well meaning parents asking, and requesting that their children be obedient during a tantrum, or an act of rebellion. This does and always has annoyed me to no end. When you ask or request anything it gives the implication that there is a choice. A child's choices should be limited, and a parent's job is to guide their children. not the other way around. Your children are not your equal, and have no business dictating their agenda to you. Most children today are given way too many choices. Choices that they are not equipped to make. Many parents unknowingly relinquish their authority in an attempt to be fair and even-handed. Which would be admirable if life was fair and even handed. But this is far from the truth. Giving children control is not an effective way of parenting because the lines become blurred, and little if any authority is established. As they grow into adulthood they are going to expect the world to mirror a false reality. There are enough delusional adults as it is. Your children do not need to be in that number.
The authorities have frightened a whole generation of parents into believing that disciplining their children is a crime. But discipline is not a crime, discipline is love. You love your children enough to teach them that for every action there will not always be a positive reaction. If not, they will be punished by an indifferent judicial system with no love what so ever. The ability to make effective choices comes with time, age, and maturity. Children are a blessing which must be handled with care. Letting them call the shots does not show that you care. It shows that you are desperate to show them that you care. Raise a child right, and years later they won't go wrong. But raise a child wrong and they may never be right.


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