Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will They Blame Sandy?

A few days ago Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast, flooding much of New York City, and washing away the shore line in Baltimore, and parts of New Jersey, leaving devastation in her wake. As a result millions are without power, and some families have lost everything. Almost as soon as this storm hit there was talk of the possible political ramifications given the fact that the Presidential election was only a week away. President Obama offered immediate government assistance to the Governor's of New Jersey and New York in the wake of this tragedy, and has been criticized by former FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) director Michael Brown of all people. Brown had the nerve to say that he believes the President offered government assistance too soon. This is the same Michael Brown who over saw the relief effort after one on the worst natural disasters on record, Hurricane Katrina, and failed miserably, costing many their lives. Brown went on to say that President Obama's quick reaction was a calculated political move.
It is an unbelievable allegation. Making such an accusatory statement is the result of nothing more than a fault finding fishing expedition. New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie praised President Obama during a Fox News interview when asked about the President's response to Super Storm Sandy. Cristie spoke highly of the President for his quick response in offering full government assistance in the face of this disaster. Governor Cristie, who was the Republican National Convention's key note speaker accused the President of not having leadership ability during his speech. But it is now apparent that he has had a change of heart. Our President has once again proven that he is not only Commander and Chief, but a born leader who puts the American people above campaign rhetoric. Governor Romney on the other hand has managed to firmly wedge his foot in his month. About a year ago in a speech during the Republic primary he said that all states should be responsible for their own disaster relief, and should not get government assistance from FEMA. If he were President in the face of such a tragedy would not be inclined to help the very people he was elected to lead. His most recent faux pas, misspeak, or just flat out lie is insisting that Chrysler has decided to open an automotive plant in China, to manufacture its Jeep brand SUV. He made a couple of commercial's and repeated this lie so many times that the CEO of Chrysler was forced to make a statement refuting this false assertion.
I've been hearing repeated concerns about Governor Romney's ability to conduct a far reaching campaign because of this disaster, and concerns about voter's possible inability to go to the poll's and cast their ballot's.
I smell a set up. The wheels are already in motion, and I have a prediction...........Once President Obama wins, and he will win, the GOP is going to insist that he was reelected because of the gratitude of those who received government assistance in the aftermath of Sandy. They then will go on to say that voter turn out was lower than usual because of the devastation from Sandy. I'm sure they'll be many more excuses, none of which will be valid but, the truth means absolutely noting to The Republican Party anyway!


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