Friday, November 16, 2012

The Vanishing Party?

Last week President Obama was re-elected for a second term, despite the ancient Republican strategy of stoking the fearful fire of their mostly white constituency. The G.O.P took an inept, indecisive, candidate in Mitt Romney and deemed him good enough to win. His actual competency was a mere after thought. They supported and promoted his campaign by repeatly obfuscating the
truth and circumventing reality. Romney catered only to his base and brushed of all other groups as if they were intolerable neusances in his 47% column, and as a result African-Americans, Hispanics, and women re-elected The President at the tail end of a recession, and a high rate of unemployment. The G.O.P's total indifference to the truth, and anyone who is non white cost them the election despite getting 97% of the white vote. Any sane reasonable group of people would regroup, rethink, and then abandon a losing game plan. But, not The Republican Party, they have insisted on doubling down, instead of acknowledging the fact that the party needs to under go a metamorphosis. In the days following his defeat, Mitt Romney has claimed that the President made promises to the African-American community in order to secure there votes. He does not accept any personal responsibility for losing the election.
Rush Limbaugh, wind bag, drug addict, spin doctor, radio host, de-facto leader of the Republican Party and mouth piece for Conservatives everywhere, has insisted that the party should stay its course, and recruit more voting age conservatives. The problem is, voting age Republican/Conservatives are a dying breed. The obvious reality, at least obvious to those of us who are not geriatric white men, is the fact that the face of America is changing. Caucasians no longer make up the majority of people who live in the United States. Therefore it is virtually impossible to win an election by catering to just one demographic. The party will undoubtedly continue on its path to self destruction. The fact of the matter is that The Republican Party is not as much a party as it is an ideology. It is based on classism, perception and greed. The leaders of the party are the wealthiest among us whose belief in benevolence is nonexistent. Their only interest is staying rich, and being capitalist's. They believe that everyone should help themselves despite certain disadvantages or circumstances. For decades The GOP has utilized racial stereotypes in order to scare white America into following their lead. Subtle, suggestive methods, and slogans like "We must take our country back", and "We miss the good old days", are nothing but code used to create a phantom threat to a non-inclusive American way of life. This is just a smoke screen to pit Black and White Americans, many of whom have the same issues, concerns, and fears, against each other. The Republican Party is only concerned with the elite, and they use many white Americans to obtain political power. The irony is the fact that when social programs are cut as a result of the Conservative need to help everyone pull themselves up by their boot straps, they harm the very constituents who support them. They have mastered the art of getting their demographic to vote against their own interests, and it has always worked. But as a new generation emerges, the ideology that once managed to sway a majority, now seems old and antiquated, because people of color have become so mainstream that they are no longer a mystery, or stereotypical perception. Minorities are now the majority.


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