Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 Reasons Why Romney Lost

I would say that I hate to toot my own horn but, I'd be lying. As a matter of fact I'm going to pat myself on the back. I'll try not to break my arm!
I called the election, and I knew that the President would be re-elected for 3 reasons. All in reference to the faulty strategy of the Romney campaign.

1. He alienated woman, Hispanics, and African- Americans.
Mitt Romney is anti-abortion. Which means he does not believe that women have the right to choose. In addition he did little or nothing to distance himself from those In the GOP who coined phrases like "legitimate rape", or those who believe that women some how have the ability stop themselves from conceiving after being raped. He alienated the Hispanic population by not presenting a viable plan for immigration reform, and taking their vote for granted. The Hispanic demographic is the fastest growing demographic in the country. In a recent census 12.3% of respondents identified themselves as Hispanic, up from 9.0 in the previous census. To ignore this group was a huge mistake. Another huge mistake was his failure to reach out to African- American voters. He gave one speech at an NAACP event, got booed and then pretty much washed his hands of us and our votes. It was automatically assumed that President Obama was going to get the majority of the Black vote. This may have been true but, there should have at least been some effort put into wooing us.
2. He failed to run a campaign based on the issues.
The Romney campaign's chief weapon was defamation of character. Instead of presenting a detailed plan to move America forward, Romney chose to criticize the President using accusations that were not substantive or accurate. Romney continually insisted during the 2nd debate that it took the President 2 weeks to call the murder of a U.S. Ambassador, terrorism. This was simply not true. Both the President and the moderator of the debate quickly rebuffed Governor Romney's claim. The President called this heinous execution an act of terrorism the very next day.
Paul Ryan made multiple references to an automobile manufacturing plant being shut down by The President. When in reality the plant was slated to be shut down during the Bush administration.
3. Pathological lying.
Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan repeated the same lies time and time again. For months they claimed that The President took $716,000,000,000 out of Medicare in order fund Universal Healthcare (Obama Care). But the fact is, President Obama cut $716,000,000,000 in wasteful spending and closed a gap in the Medicare budget to give senior citizens more benefits.
Just last week the Romney campaign released a false narrative followed by a commercial. The subject of the commercial which followed was The Chrysler Automotive Corporation's plan to halt production of it's Jeep brand in America in favor of resuming all operations in China due to the state of the U.S. economy. The story spun so out of control that Chrysler C.E.O Sergio Marchionne had to make a public statement refuting this claim, and confirming that the story was false.
If I continued I could easily elaborate on each one of these reasons and then come up with 33 more. But the fact is, Governor Romney was never The G.O.P's Mr. Right. He was their Mr. Right Now. Everyone else was either too to the right of fringe or way too crazy to be palatable. So they decided to choose the least radical of the bunch. A Mormon who was all for a woman's right to choose as Governor of Massachusetts, then suddenly became, Pro-life once he became the Republican nominee. A candidate who vowed to repeal Obama Care if he became President, but then says that he would maintain certain component's of it. Mitt Romney is a living breathing enigma who was in way over his head, and is probably relieved that this is finally over and done with. I know I am.


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