Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Is Why She Won't Call You

1. You still live with your mother and father.
This wouldn't be so bad if you were 22 and still trying to find yourself. But if you're 32, chances are your already too lost be found.
Stop putting your name on the Orange Juice and bringing girls home when your mother is at choir rehearsal, and your father is working late.
One day rehearsal will get cancelled, and your father will get off early. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than getting caught "heavy petting" on your mother's couch.
2. Too much baggage.
If you have 3 or 4 babies mother's and you don't get along with any of them, that says a lot. It says that you are not, and have not been handling your business. As if having that many baby mama's isn't bad enough. Having that many who hate you, sends a message that you are not the easiest dude to deal with. Most women do not want to be on Maury dealing with your mess.
3. No ambition.
Being in your mid thirties and being perfectly content to work the fries does not exactly reek of ambition. Contentment and complacency are not conducive to progress. Have a dream and act on it. Have a plan and execute it. No woman wants a man who is going nowhere.
4. You keep calling.
Desperation doesn't equal respect. Nobody wants to be stalked. She is probably playing your sad, pitiful messages back for all of her friends to hear, and they will laugh. Trust me. You must have enough self esteem to believe that you will find someone else if she never answers the phone. You must believe that there is a grown woman out there somewhere who doesn't mind you sneaking her out through the basement. Just not the one that you keep calling!
Keep hope alive son, keep hope alive!


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