Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Black Love Is Important?

If you were to write a list of each and every show on TV you would be hard pressed to find positive relationships involving African-American's, and no programming celebrating Black love. While it is very important for our children to see loving relationships in our homes, in a media driven society in which our youth are constantly bombarded with negative messages and imagery, it is equally important that our examples are reinforced. Especially given the fact that the majority of our children probably watch TV more than they watch us.

Love does not begin with penetration and end with ejaculation. Love does not mean planting your seed inside of any woman who spreads her legs for you. Love is not an open hand slap when your frustrations become too much to bare. Love is making her yours in the eyes of God, and the world, giving her your last name, and no longer playing childish games. Love means loving her even when she is not easy to love and still being by her side when she is.
Love does not begin when you spread your legs and let him in, and end after shallow minutes of pleasure. Love does not mean that every man who peaks your interest becomes the next one in your bed. Love should never hurt, harm, or injure. His love should never be something that you have to share with another woman. Love is not short lived infatuation. Love is does not mean baring his child with no firm promise for tomorrow. Love is a man committing to you and you only in the eyes of God. Love is him giving you his last name, and reciprocating genuine feelings, not using you for his personal gain.
Love is a beautiful thing when you recognize it, understand it, and appreciate it. Without these elements it is nothing more than a word.
Black love is important because it nourishes our souls, enhances our lives, and creates levity in our hearts.


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