Monday, September 24, 2012

I Write, Therefore I Am

I write 7 rings around 7 moon's, and give my gift to planet earth.
I form art in analysis, and implant rhythmic seeds in your cerebellum.
Because I love it so much I never cease, and I string words with my eyes closed, constantly like I inhale and exhale.
My mind springs with the brand new, and brims the reflection of old, and I flow in waves like mountain springs and faucet water, fast.
When I get weary I move until my form forms my original in my mind, and then I make it matter.
Me being just a human being, who is being true to how he is meant to exist, sometimes makes me want to jump back and give myself a kiss, just like James.
Men known by many other names are just as true, in triumph, and all respect is due.
But I write 7 rings around 7 moon's.


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