Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Things That Really Annoy Me

#1. Twenty something year-olds who insist on playing profanity laced rap music at the gas station for the world to hear.
Obviously they don't care who hears it but it is so unfair to those of us who are actually adults with good sense. It especially annoys me when I have my children with me because I do not choose to expose them to such language but they are being forced to hear it anyway. Besides that, what many in the younger generation don't realize is that someone is always watching. The person at the pump next to them may be the same man or woman that will interview them for a job, or entrance into a University.
#2. People who don't use their turn signals.
Turn signals were first put into cars in 1938, yet some people still refuse to use them, and it really isn't that complicated. Left turn push the lever down, right turn push the lever up. There is nothing worse that sitting at a stop sign waiting for the driver coming from your left to pass in front of you so that you can turn, only to find out that they are not passing in front of you because they are also making a turn. You could have turned 5 seconds ago but, you didn't know that because they just didn't bother to use their turn signal.
#3. Customer service associates who call me by my first name.
It never fails, each and every time I get a call from a customer service associate offering a product or service, they address me by my first name. I absolutely, positively hate that. We didn't grow up in Bushwick together, we never played in the sand box together, and we never played Atari at my house back in the day. This is business. So stop calling me by my first name!
#4. People who have tattoo's on their necks and or hands.
I once saw a girl who had a tattoo on her neck that said "pink chocolate."I don't know what that means but, I do know what I think it means and if it is what I think it is.......that's just wrong on so many different levels, and for so many different reasons. Another time I saw a guy who had a picture of a 38 revolver tattooed on the back of his hand. WHY?! What is the point? I used to love seeing people like these two when I went on job interviews because that eliminated some of the competition.
#5. Friends who only call when their husband, wife, or significant other is acting up.
You can go a whole month without hearing from these people, and then as soon as their wife or husband gets fed up and threatens to leave, they want to call and cry on your shoulder, which wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't the only time they called.
#6. The constantly rising price of Time Warner Cable.
Every 2 or 3 months our cable bill goes up $10-$20, and when we call customer service its always the same old story. The promotion, or campaign that was applied to our service has ended, and we are now being charged "regular price" for Showtime, Cinemax, phone, or internet service. The question that I always ask is, why can't my bill just stay the same? They can never answer this question but, I know that this tactic is all about making a buck, and taking a buck from hard working individuals like us. If they want more money from us the least they could do is stop showing the same 3 movies on 10 different HBO channels!
#7. I never hear politicians, whether they are Republican or Democrat talk about helping the poor and indigent in this country. I only hear about efforts to strengthen the middle class. You would almost think that the poor don't exist. Yet there are homeless and hungry people everywhere.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you on numbers 1,2,3, 5 and 6.

    1. I guess 5 out of 7 isn't bad. I appreciate your reply.