Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fight Him Already!

I've been a boxing fan my whole life. There is something about the primal nature of the sport. It is the ultimate challenge, where manhood is tested, fortitude is measured, and it often comes down to heart. I have seen many a great champion come and go and what makes them great champions is the fact that they took on all comers. From Muhammad Ali, to Iron Mike Tyson, to Sugar Ray Leonard. These former champions of the sport all gave 100% each and every time they stepped into the ring, and they knew that to be the best they would have to beat the best. Floyd Mayweather is arguably the best fighter in the world, but he will not be a great fighter until he faces Manny Pacquiao in the ring.
Mayweather wants random drug testing, and Pacquiao has agreed. Mayweather wanted 55% of the purse and Pacquiao agreed. So it seems as if the only thing stopping the fight of the century from happening is fear. Floyd knows that Manny will give him the fight of his life, and he is afraid to look possible failure in the face, and defeat it. The sad thing is, I believe he can beat Pacquiao. But it doesn't matter what I believe if he doesn't believe it himself.
At first I thought that this was just a grand scheme to build anticipation and increase viewership but, the more time passes, the more I am starting to believe that it isn't. It is genuine self sabotage on the part of Mayweather, and he will never live up to his full potential as long as he refuses to take care of business.


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