Friday, September 7, 2012

Listening To That Voice

We've all heard that voice in our heads. That confirmation that validates a feeling that we have deep inside. Even though we know right from wrong there are times when we are pulled in two different directions because, our flesh wants what it wants. Do you listen? Even when it doesn't feel good to listen. Do you listen? Even though you're not being told what you want to hear. That voice that we hear guiding us in the right direction is not just your conscience, it is the Lord protecting you. On those days when you're headed home and you feel the urge to go the long way even though it doesn't make since, and those times when you feel an urgent need to avoid certain situation are not just coincidental. It's not your minds ability to be clairvoyant. Your mind wants to do it your way because your way makes more since to you. Our Lord and savior thinks in the super natural which often doesn't make since to us but his way of thinking is always right. Even when we make since, are we always right? No.
As I've gotten older, and have suffered through some trials and tribulations, I have learned to listen. It doesn't always feel good but I know that it's for my good, and I've found out that whenever I listen, the reason always comes to light. It is really all a part of surrendering to God's will and not brushing him off by saying "something told me." Give credit where credit is due and give God the glory.


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