Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Real Race Hustler's Are........

One of the oldest psychological tricks in the book is to accuse someone of something that you are already doing. This not only creates a diversion, but it can also, when given the right circumstances, exploit the fear and insecurity of a certain group of people. Given the economic and racial climate in this country this time is as good as any to apply such skulduggery. I have heard the phrase "race hustler" frequently used in a venomous tone to describe those in our community who stand up for us. This inaccurate, dangerous, and outright false accusation is often used to disparage the efforts a the few who dare to challenge the status quo on our behalf. The irony is, the true race hustlers are the conservatives and Tea Party Republicans, who repeat the same false narrative to instill paranoia in their followers. The one that stands out in particular is the assertion that President Obama has altered The Public Assistance program, and has made it possible for all welfare recipients to receive free money without working. It is no secret that in the minds of the ignorant and narrow minded that welfare has become synonymous with African-American's. So the subliminal message has been sent. The message is, there is a Black President who only helps Black people, because we are the face of welfare even though we do not represent the majority of welfare recipients. How many times have we heard them say "we want our country back." My question always has been and always will be, from who? These people are being fooled into voting against their own interests and no one has taken their country. They have been victimized by race hustler within their own ranks.


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