Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out Of Touch and Running Out Of Time

We have all been watching the Mitt Romney Show for months now, and as much as I would love to categorize his unending series of gaffs as a sitcom, it has just as many elements of tragedy.
He has become his party's worst nightmare. Although they know that he is mediocre at best, they still hoped that he would be conservative both in his ideas, and his sound bites. But unfortunately he is neither. Instead he has become the male version of Sarah Palin, an out of control knit-whit who has no idea when to shut up. That is both comedy, and the tragedy.
When asked in a recent interview earlier this week what he believed constitutes being middle class. Romney stated that those who make a salary of at least $250,000 a year are the middle class. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the range for middle class income is $36000-$56000 per year. I guess having a net worth of $500 million makes $250,000 a year seem middle class. Talk about being out of touch. The salary of the average U.S. citizen doesn't come close to that figure.
In a recent meeting with millionaire contributors Romney was quoted as saying, 47% of the people in the U.S. do not pay taxes, have a since of entitlement, and are looking for government hand outs. He then went on to say that these are not the people that he is concerned with. The ironic thing is that the majority of those who benefit from "entitlement programs" are Caucasian American's, and they make up a significant portion of that 47%. Those who do not pay taxes are the elderly, or the unemployed. Some of these people are his voting base. So he is essentially not concerned with his own constituents no matter what color they are. His remarks, wreak of classism, and speak to a deep disdain for the poor and underprivileged in America. Given the fact that the upcoming Presidential election is in November, Mitt Romney is quickly running out of time to prove that he is a viable candidate who is capable of holding the highest office in the land. in fact he is proving to be quite the opposite.



  1. I have to give the Romneys credit: Mittens was an adept liar; Ann is crude/crass (I saw her using her middle finger after the Hofstra Debate--when she realized that the camera was on her, she then started scratching her nose with the middle finger--never saw that before); Tagg Romney said that he felt like taking a "swing" at the President for calling his father a liar--Lord have mercy--if he had done that--I would have loved to have been a Secret Service Agent for just a minute--just ONE minute. So, let's give them the "idiots" award--they are truly deserving. Another thing, God proved that he could open doors that no man can close and close doors that no man can open. My prayer now is that the President will not get the "big head" and that he will keep his hands clean so that God can continue to protect him and his family.

  2. Well said Ms. Bee. On point as always! To me the most unbelievable part is the fact that Romney had no idea that he would lose. He was only prepared to win, as if America was just going to overlook his incompetence.

  3. I suppose that when you are white, male and rich, it might not occur to you that you could lose at anything. That arrogance is what caused the downfall of the Roman Empire, as well as the Egyptian Empire.

  4. Very true! But the Egyptian's were black, contrary to the images portrayed in Hollywood.