Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Did You Expect In 4 Years?

In discussions with some of my friends and associates who voted for President Obama, both black and white, they have often said that they are disappointed in him, and some are not sure if they will vote for him again. The consensus is that they expected more. Some African-Americans gave me the impression that they thought having a Black President was suddenly going to solve their problems and undo decades of being disenfranchised. Most Caucasian people that I know, on the other hand, seem to believe that since President Obama got the prevailedge of their vote, he should be some kind of superhero with the power to move heaven and earth.
I don't agree with either point of view. It isn't logical to expect President Obama to clean up a fiscal disaster in 4 years that took 8 years to create. I know that everyone is anxious for the change that we were promised & slowly but surely it is changing.
What did you expect in 4 years?
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