Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 More Things That Really Annoy Me

People who speak to you one day but, say nothing the next day. Either you like me or you don't. Either you want to be friendly, or you're not. If you can't speak every day, don't speak to me at all.
Server's in restaurants who are not good at serving and still expect a tip. It shouldn't take 15-20 minutes to bring my son a straw, and how hard is it to remember that I wanted onion rings instead of fries?
Smart cars. They are obnoxious, little conversation pieces.
The fact that Kim Kardashian thinks that what she does is really considered a career.
The fact that some of you who are reading this probably think that what she does is considered having a career.
Gas prices going up and down even though this country reportedly has millions of barrels in reserve. $3.85 a gallon, really?! When I got my license, gas was just 80 cents a gallon. You could get gas, go see a movie, buy lunch, and still have enough money left to buy fat laces for your shell top Adidas. With $30!
Calling customer service and not being able to get a human on the phone. Sometimes I think the object of the game is to keep a me on hold just long enough to frustrate me and make me hang up. I guess that is why they sound so shocked when they say hello 25 minutes later, and I'm still there.


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  1. I have to agree with you on everything you have written. However, as for as Kim Kardashian is concerned, somebody is paying her to be frivolous and her "fans" are eating it up--so regardless of our thoughts--she does have something going on--is it a career? Hmmmm--not from my perspective, but it works for her and at least she's not out castigating the President. (ThanK God for small mercies.)