Friday, May 1, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (5-2-2015)

When I heard this story I thought that it was some sort freaky sex thing. A man allowing his wife to stuff meat in her pants!.......Yeah, I know, I know! I couldn't resist.

A man and woman have been arrested in central Florida after police say they stole more than $300 worth of meat from a grocery store.

Deputies said that 48-year-old Doris Rowe and 54-year-old Kenneth Edwards drove 26 miles to a Winn-Dixie store in DeLand where a store manager saw Rowe stuffing meat products and other items into her pants.

I wonder if they stuffed some A-1 Steak sauce in there? 

Deputies say the manager stopped Rowe and she hit the manager in the neck, dropping pork ribs, two packs of detergent and three water filters. Rowe fled the store and got into Edwards' truck. Deputies apprehended them at a traffic stop. Both were charged with grand theft and robbery.

Deputies found ribeye steaks, ground beef, bacon, pork ribs and a gallon of bleach in the car valued at $361.00.

And today in "crazy, but maybe not so crazy after all news".

Police think this shoplifting suspect might be getting ahead of herself. But so far, neither she nor her accomplice have been caught
Security cameras at a Florida shopping mall caught the moment a pair of suspected shoplifters allegedly walked out of the store with $1,478 in stolen goods. But they didn't catch them! One of the women's shirts-has the words "Won't Be Caught", printed in block letters on the front.........

I guess she left her "won't Get a Good Wig" t- shirt home!

Hillsborough County deputies say the women entered Ulta Beauty Supply in Citrus Park around 3:45 p.m. on March 15 with a bag concealed in one of their purses. Once inside, they pulled out the bag, loaded it up with perfume and cologne, then left, driving away in a bright blue Hyundai. Fox Tampa Bay reports that they made off with expensive designer brands such as Chanel, Polo, Mont Blanc, Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors.

Police are are asking the public to help identify the suspects

I love hanging out with my son! We watch sports together, eat bad foods together, and we laugh together. But we don't steal together, and we don't steal apart!
For one reason and on reason only, 


Rogaine, razors and pregnancy strips are just some of the more than $72,000 worth of health and beauty items an Oregon "father" and son are accused of stealing from stores in several states across the Northwest.

Police in Beaverton on Friday announced the arrest of 56-year-old Robert Stephen Ellwood and his 28-year-old son, Robert William Ellwood, both of Hermiston.

The father and dumb duo targeted a number of retail stores, including Safeway and Albertsons, during an eight-week shoplifting spree in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, according to police.

"They had been stealing thousands of dollars of health and beauty aids," Beaverton police said in a press release.


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