Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Already bought my first slave."

A picture of two young, clueless girls waving Confederate flags has angered and upset students and parents at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, after the image was posted on Instagram and has gone viral.

The picture was reportedly taken by a student at the school and shows the teen girls waving the flags while at the Gettysburg National Battlefield during a school trip that took place a few weeks ago. The person who posted the photo captioned it: "South will rise." But apparently they hadn't counted on anger rising as well.

Several people commented on the photo, which has since been removed from the social media site. One person replied, "Already bought my first slave."

The identity of the student who posted the photo has not been revealed because of his age, but the school confirmed that it is addressing the issue -- though a specific action plan has not been made public.


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