Monday, May 11, 2015

George Zimmerman Involved In Another Shooting!

If you're anything like me, meaning, you have a brain, common sense, and a knack for seeing the inevitable, it should come as no surprise that this emboldened moron has been involved in another shooting. Which emboldened moron? You ask. The one, the only, George "The New O. J. Zimmerman" of course. A man who got away with murdering a child in the face of overwhelming evidence, but, to my delight cannot manage to stay below the radar. New O.J. will eventually get himself convicted or killed. Either or is fine. Until then, as I've said before I'll continue to enjoy his slow unraveling.
Zimmerman  was involved in a shooting in Lake Mary, Florida, on Monday, police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said.
Zimmerman apparently suffered a minor gunshot wound,
The affiliate spoke with one witness, Ricardo Berrare, who also said Zimmerman's injuries didn't look serious. But that is most likely because brain damage cannot be seen from the outside.
"He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn't being helped or nothing," Berrare said.
The shooting is under investigation, but it appeared to be some type of road rage incident.
Police said there were no fatalities in the shooting and said the department would not release additional information until a briefing planned for Monday afternoon.
An employee at a nearby business, Kenneth Cornell, said he was exiting his car after lunch when a man drove up and started yelling about the shooting.
The man shouted to Cornell: "I shot George Zimmerman, call 911. I don't have a phone."

Cornell said the man didn't know whether Zimmerman was hurt. He called 911.
According to Cornell, the man told him that he and Zimmerman have had three disputes. Of course this time, Zimmerman waved a gun and the man shot at him, according to Cornell.
Police arrived minutes after he called 911, Cornell said.
Police have not officially verified Cornell's account..

This may be just my opinion, but anybody who has a gun, and no phone is dangerous! Its a question of priorities and intent. With that being said, the whole world knows that Zimmerman is a shooter. So if you come in contact with a known shooter/murderer you have a reason to fear for your life. If you fear for your life, and you have a gun, what else are you suppose to do but shoot? Especially if you happen to be a shooter yourself. 



  1. Is the Lord working on George Zimmerman, or what? His time is coming. He is a very good example to all of us--God will bring us to an open shame-- giving us an opportunity to repent. If we harden our hearts, God lowers the boom. What is it that Psalm 37: 1 & 2 says?: "Fret not thyself because of evildoers; neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity for they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb."