Thursday, April 30, 2015

She Said, Kill All White People

Here's a dose of good ole African-American honesty. I absolutely cannot stand stupid black people!! People like this woman/moron/psycho!

A nutty Georgia woman was taken into custody after allegedly writing a Facebook post that reportedly incited people to kill white police officers.

Police say that Ebony Monique Dickens, under the Facebook name of Tiffany Milan, posted the statement to Facebook on Monday evening, saying in part, “All Black ppl should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting NOW…Death to all white cops nationwide.”

According to the news station, the Atlanta Police Department alerted police in East Point, Ga., once it was determined that the message came from that area and it was traced back to Dickens.

Dickens has been charged with one count of dissemination of information to facilitate terrorist threats and is in custody as she awaits her first court appearance.

The post also drew the attention of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, who are investigating the case, according to the station.


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